Thursday, March 15, 2007

WiFi Rip Off

The NCAA is charging $30 per day for wireless at the arena. So I won't be posting updates like I was at the Missouri Valley Tournament. But I will but posting a ful game post game update on the blog. Sorry, but this whole trip is on my dime - well, expect for what Travis is letting me save money on :).

Should be fun tomorrow.


Kevin said...

what's a ripe off? i think it's something you do with toilet paper after a tough bout with fruit poisoning

Jackson said...

Wait a minute....the mighty Big Sports 590 isn't paying for your trip to cover the Jays. Guess the clock is ticking on the "Big Show." I've never heard of a station not reimbursing expenses for a show they were behind long term.

Michael Carnes said...

Perrault you are an think the NCAA is going to GIVE you wifi access??? Those greedy bass turds charge for EVERYTHING...because they are the NCAA.


Bugaha said...

Damn Jackson, I hope you're right. The sooner Matt's gone the better. He shut the 590 message board down because he's a pussy and can't handle criticism. Too bad Matt, I'm not going away.