Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Nice Win By UMass Tonight!

Nice to see the Minutemen win a big game under Travis Ford! 89-87 in OT over Alabama in the NIT. First time I've watched a whole UMass game and been proud of the effort since the late 90's.....
Great to see the Mullins Center rockin' too. I remember seeing Marcus Camby kill Tim Duncan in the late 90's. Do they have a run to New York? We'll find out next as they have go to West Virginia. Good Start to the post season runs for Coach Ford.
On the complete opposite side....how the HELL did Oklahoma St. lose to Marist! At HOME 67-64! Man- have you seen a worse coaching job than what Sean Sutton did this year? 15-1 and then the bottom just fell out. His team just quit on him, plain and simple. A first round loss at home to a non-conference team in the NIT! Wow.....the Pokes can't be happy with Year 1 of the Son.


Sandman said...
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Sandman said...

This bamer boy knows a home field advantage when he sees one. Did you notice the fouls called when bama went up by 9.... Anyway, we sucked this year thank God its over.