Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Big Show for Wednesday

Big Topics:
-Husker players scared of KU
-Jays vs. Bradley
-Super Bowl Party Guy - which one are you?
-Getting Herpes from Wrestling!!
-Fitzy's take on the Pats loss to Indy
-How I feel about Peyto Manning

4 pm - Live From Miami Dan Beyer from FSN
4:45 - Al Vacanti - Sport 4 Kids auction
5:pm - Eric Buescher, Bradley Braves Assistant Coach

5:45 - Giveaway of Nebraska player autographed Cartoon

Tuesday, January 30, 2007


I originally posted this directly to the blog. But after thinking about and waking up and realizing that I probably shouldn't have it on here since the blog is linked from (i like my job a lot and I don't want be dragged into my bosses office) -here is the link to what I'm talking about below:

THE FUNNIEST THING OF 2007!!!!! I cried watching this but if you're under 18 don't watch!! Be REAAALLLY careful - Not Kid, work, or Wife friendly!!!! Every Patriot fan should watch this!

Enjoy :).

Monday, January 29, 2007

Stop The Madness!

So Nebraska almost beat Texas at home. Then Nebraska gets killed by Kansas in the next home game....I'm not even going to list the final score but as I type- its a 28 point lead for KU at the 9 minute mark of the second half. Does that mean the Valley is bad or CU isn't a good basketball team because NU beat the Jays who are in 1st of the MVC? Absolutely not and that illustrates a big difference with basketball and football.

You can't compare wins in November with those same teams in Jan/Feb. College Basketball is all about how you finish - not who you beat early. Just ask Missouri St. about that.

The Bluejays have developed behind their 3 seniors. Nebraska peaked in game 2. Talent wins out in the long some ways, that's why the NCAA tourney is so loved. 9 times out of 10 - Kansas beats Bucknell....but it is the 1 that everyone loves to see happen. I don't care to argue about "what if the Jays played NU now?". It doesn't matter. These two programs are in very different positions. But they are in the exact position I thought they would be - CU headed for the dance most likely - NU hoping for a prayer at the Big 12 tourney.

There are a lot pissed of Nebraska fans who thought they had a team that was going to compete this year. At 1-5, Nebraska will be lucky to win 5 conference games. We knew the year was going to go like this going into the season - it was the start that surprised everyone. This game vs. KU was a bit of an embarrassment but they are going to have games like this until Doc gets some players.

I can't say anything negative about Doc except that I think he overworked the team and they appear to be out of gas. They couldn't even come out with energy for national tv vs a Top 10 team. Nebraska is who we thought they were.....I'm not crowning them anything and the Big 12 will not let them off the hook.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Big Show for Monday

I'm really excited for the show Monday so here's an early look:

Big Topics:
-Shawn Watson is the New O Cord for NU
-Jays beat Indy St.
-Huskers lose to K St.
-Is Tom Osborne more welcome at CU than NU?
-Tiger Woods vs. Roger Federer - who's streak is better?

2:30 - Gary Barnett - Former Head Coach of Colorado
3pm - Dana Altman - Head Coach of the Jays
5:00 - Big Show Big 5 at 5

Friday, January 26, 2007

Something I Wanted To Share

Below is something off of I wanted to post this because I think it is something that needs to be further understood about me and how I feel about CU. I hope this helps to clear up some things....Pregame Tomorrow at 11:30 am live from Jobber's.

Post 1:
For Matt P.« Thread Started on Today at 10:44pm

I was reading through that long argument about CU/NU Matt P. our fans, etc....Well I went back and looked at the last 12 years of CU basketball (I think that is about when Dana started). Anyway, in that time they have TWO NCAA WINS! They have 6 losses and 5 years of NO NCAA...I'm not comparing them to NU by any means, but why do people around here for some reason think CU is so great? The farthest they have gone in Dana's time here is the 2nd round of the NCAA....I personally don't think that is so great?

Post 2:
Also, yes attendance is great and you have a nice facility, but most of the MVC teams DO have good attendance because for one thing a lot of them don't have football to compete again so basketball season is our football season around here. Fan base does not mean they are good. Hell the Backstreet Boys were selling out every arena they were going to along with Milli Vanilli (spelling?) but does that make them good?

My reply:

You have pointed out what many people who cover the team talk about - when does the team go to the next level? The Jays under Dana have won regular season crowns, mvc tourney crowns and upset large teams like Florida in the dance. They have sent players into the NBA and they have sent players overseas to play professionally. But I think a lot of people want to see the team go to the level of a Gonzaga. The potential is there.

The Jays have a tremendous home court record and an awesome fan base that loves Dana dearly. Dana is paid, by all accounts, better than some Big 12 schools (like Doc) pay their coaches. Dana has built this beast that is Creighton basketball. Yet, this year, with 3 seniors - they have been up and down. Tomorrow, they have a game they must win. They lost to Indy St. already at their place and need to even it up. They are in 1st place in the 4th best conf according to RPI. They must win out at home if they are going to win the MVC.

Why I think Dana is so great is that he helped build the MVC to what it is today with Doug Elgin. You will not hear Doug talk without bringing up Dana and his ideas for the conference. He is the Dean for a reason. The MVC is being talked about from coast to coast. 10 years ago, many couldn't tell you where one school was located.

Yes, the Dean hasn't had a run like George Mason or Wichita...yet. But ask anyone who knows basketball - and they will tell you that Dana Altman does it the right way and could be doing like at a very large school if he wanted to. The man loves Nebraska - he loves Creighton and he stays when so many have left (Bruce Webber, Matt Painter etc.). Everyone in this state should love that about Dana.

I love Dana for his passion. His dedication to the student athlete. His desire to be the best and demand the best from his players. The respect he commands. His honesty and up front way of speaking to the media. His availability to media members who cover his team. I love the way his team plays without blue chip athletes. I love the fact that the kids he recruits are going to be something even if basketball doesn't work out.

You wanted to know why Dana is so great...well, there you have it. It's not just about wins in the Dance...the whole body of work comes into play. But yes, it is time for his teams to start winning games in the Dance on a consistent basis.

I am a Dana Altman fan. I will never hide from that fact. That is why I like covering the Jays...not because I'm a fan of the team but because I have the utmost admiration for their coach

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Big Show for Thursday

Live at the Midlands International Auto Show at the Qwest Center

Big Topics:
-Jays win over MSU
-Huskers nearly beat Texas
-Can Nebraska be a basketball state?
-Sean Salisbury...a racist?
-Reggie Bush about to lose his Heisman?
-Peyton's thumb
-A Super Bowl Survey that's a riot

We are currently working a few additions to the show but because I'm playing poker today before the show - this list is incomplete as of 11 am

5 pm -QB Zac Taylor and TE Matt Herian live for an hour taking phone calls.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

College Hoops Hot Bed = Nebraska?

Tonight, I believe we saw the future. I had a thought about this when I moved here - How cool would it be in the Huskers were good at the same time as the Jays? After tonight, I think we'll see that come into focus very soon.

Nebraska is going to become a great basketball state I tell you. It will happen no matter how good Nebraska gets in Football. On the road, the Creighton Bluejays needed a win desperately after a heart breaker against their hated rival, SIU, last time out. Nebraska, at home, wanted to prove to the Big 12 that playing in the Devaney this year will be nothing like last year. Both teams accomplished their goals tonight and their fans appreciated their heart and effort on the floor respectively.

The Bluejays, in Springfield tonight, were lead by their 3 Senior leaders - Nate Funk (21 points 4 assists), Anthony Tolliver (13 points 8 rebs), and Nick Porter (18 points 6 rebs). Each one at some point of the game vs. Missouri State, took over and put the team on their shoulders. Playing in the town he grew up in, AT had never won at MSU until tonight. He was a MAN tonight and was a big part in the 66-62 victory. The Jays are now 7-3 in the Valley and race is on the for Regular Season Crown.

Nebraska took on a Texas team at the Devaney Center that was more talented at nearly every position. However, through hard work and great first half 3 point shooting (Marcus Perry ended up 5 of 9 from 3), the Huskers had a shot with 2 seconds to play to win the game. Jamel White's floater rolled off the rim and the Longhorns escaped Lincoln with a 62-61 win. The loss drops Nebraska to 1-3 in the Big 12. Yet, this will be a game that the whole conference takes notice of.

All everything Kevin Durant had 26 points and 15 rebounds to pace Texas but it was the outside shooting of AJ Abrams (4-9 from 3) and Justin Mason (2-5 from 3) that ultimately did NU in. (Have you ever seen a game with more 3's taken? 47 combined!) Nebraska forced 17 turnovers but only scored 12 points off of them. It was a nip and tuck game all night that came down to just one final possesion. Nebraska didn't get it done but they should be ashamed of nothing. They played their asses off and just lost to a more talented team that made one more play at the end. (I just wish more than 10,661 people showed up to watch. Come on Nebraska fans! Give the team some support. I'm not saying you have to be the Jays but it should be close to 13k.)

Many college basketball fans, including myself, had imagined a state where basketball is talked about year round. For thousands of Nebraskans, the sport of choice is football. Yet tonight, in Omaha and Lincoln, all the talk is about 2 basketball games that went right down to the wire. Sure, Creighton fans are happy and Nebraska fans are not but this was about more than wins and losses tonight. This was about competing at a high level vs. a conference rival. Doc Sadler and Dana Altman have both of their programs on the watch list for national writers and pundits. I think the best is yet to come.

I can't wait til Nebraska vs. Creighton next year.....Think Steve Pederson will take Rass's offer for a home and home each year? I hope so! Tonight the ball of choice for the state was a basketball.

PS - Remember Zac Taylor and Matt Herian from 5 pm to 6 pm tomorrow taking calls on the show.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Big Show For Tuesday

Live at Phones Plus - 132nd and Maple in Omaha!!!

Topics Today:
-Parcells out, Did T.O. win?
-McNabb vs. Garcia - let the fight begin
-Pats vs. Colts - Best non Super Bowl Playoff game ever?
-Pivovar takes a shot at talk show hosts in today's OWH
-Can Nebraska beat Texas?
-Jays are desperate for a W tomorrow

2:30 pm - Replay, Anthony Tolliver Bluejay Center
3 pm - Dana Altman - Coach of the Jays
4 pm - Barry Hinson - Head Coach of Missouri St.
5Pm - Joba Chamberlain LIVE on location for 30 minutes taking calls
-Yes, he's a Yankee but we'll let it slide for now

Monday, January 22, 2007

Big Show for Monday

Big Topics:
- AFC Choke job by NE
- NFC win by Bears
- Jays blow game vs. SIU
- Huskers kill Colorado
- Parcells quits the Cowboys
- Utley gets an 85 million dollar wedding gift

5:00 - Big Show Big 5 at 5
5:30 - Anthony Tolliver - Jays Center

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Am I Wrong Jim?

"For all of those who said Manning would never play in the Super Bowl - YOU WERE WRONG!" - Jim Nantz, Colt Fan

For the record - I never said Manning wouldn't go to the Super Bowl. I said he'd never WIN it! Last time I checked Jim, Manning hasn't won anything that matters YET!

I'd love to write a full blog on here about how much of an asshole Jim Nantz is (first the MVC bashing and showing how little basketball he watches and now cheering for the Colts outright during the game), but it would be perceived as sour grapes. But Mr. Golf Announcer today was totally unprofessional. He practically was gloating after the interception by Brady to end the game.

Congrats to the Colts - now go prove something. I like their chances with the way that Rex Grossman played today though. The Patriots for the first time, choked. Their D played like ass and like a basketball game - relaxed up by 18 and didn't handle the Colt run. Nice win for the Colts. They outplayed the Patriots and it was their day. Home Field is huge in the Championship round. The Patriots were exhausted at the end of the game and the home crowd kept the energy rolling for Indy.

I'm 2-12 now picking games involving the Pats in the playoffs.

Brady became human today. It finally all caught up to him. The interception vs. San Diego. The interception vs. Denver last year in the playoffs. And now the interception vs. Colts today. I love him for sure - he has 3 rings but he needs to go back to the kid who played in the Super Bowl in New Orleans vs. St. Louis. Stop trying to force things and be Superman all the time. Go back to being humble and taking what you can get. Dating Super models is great but I liked you better when you were that 6th round pick that came in to replace Bledsoe.

Bears vs. Colts.... I'll take the Bears obviously. Especially if Tommie Harris plays. Get ready for this story line - No Black coach had ever taken a team to the Super Bowl before this year. We have 2 this year - and they are friends no less. That might spare me from throwing up every time I hear a story about how touching it would be for Manning to win the Super Bowl.

Oh, and Jim Nantz is doing the Super Bowl Bears fans....enjoy that. I know I won't.

Hoping To Go 0-2 on the Day

Boy was I dead wrong about the Bears. Rex Grossman played like a JV QB (I don't care what Troy is saying about his game) as I thought but the Saints killed themselves. They are one year away it looks like. They gotta learn how to play in this game...the Eagles needed 4 chances to finally get to the big one....

Final - 39-14 Bears. Wow.

Lovie Smith becomes the first African American Head Coach to get to the Super Bowl. He's also the lowest paid - that will change in a hurry.

Now for the Real Game....Manning vs. Brady....and GOD I hope win win. I've got 22 years of anger to unleash on Chicago!

Boomer on CBS just picked the Pats...wearing a Bill Hoodie no less!!! That was F'ing hysterical! Marino took them too. Shannon took the Colts. Most of took the Colts for the record.

Just for the record...

So it's down somewhere....

Saints 31
Bear 17

Colts 31
Patriots 30 :) :) :)

I'm 1-12 picking Pats' games in the Playoffs.

Record Crowd Leaves Qwest Bitter

Last night, Washington Wizards scout Milt Barnes, who I previously have worked with while broadcasting in the NBADL, turned to me halfway through the 2nd half and said "Boy, they sure do get loud". I looked at him and smiled knowing that the Bluejay fans who I called out after the previous game vs. Bradley had done their job creating a great atmosphere. 17,459 fans at the Qwest Center on Saturday night - a new building record. That number bears repeating - 17,459 people in Omaha, Nebraska for Southern and Creighton. Not Duke vs. North Carolina but SIU vs. CU. No single crowd has ever been larger to watch a basketball game in history of the state. Just one reason why the 58-57 loss to SIU hurt everyone coming out of the building.

Referees often get blamed for losses by fans. Bad calls are part of the game and it's something that make sports so wonderfully human. However, it's not an easy thing to watch when at the end of a game - referees influence events and ultimately, in my opinion, the outcome. Miami in the NIT last year and now SIU this year. Both 1 point losses at home that make you feel like somebody went into your house and ripped off your television. You'll live without it - but you still feel violated.

Dane Watts fouled out setting a screen right in front of me. After a night of constant contact and physical play - SIU guard Tony Young ran straight into a solid screen by Dane. The contact caused him to fall backwards and caused the ref to blow his whistle. Not because the screen was illegal but because that's what he did upon seeing Young wilt. CU's starting power forward out with about 5 minutes to play. One down - one to go.

Anthony Tolliver had been banging all night with SIU Center Randal Falker. Strangely, at the 2:30 mark of the 2nd half, the fouls were AT 4 - Falker 1. AT tried to stop a driving guard from SIU from going down the baseline at the 2:18 mark and moved his feet to shut him off. There was slight contact - but not enough contact to warrant a whistle given the fact that the Dogs did the exact same thing all night to Nate Funk whenever he touched to ball. But this wasn't a guard at the top of the key, this was a Center moving to get position - a Preseason ALL Valley Center. He got to the spot first and didn't initiate the contact. The Ref under the basket didn't see it that way.

The call sent AT to the bench with his 5th foul. It never should have happened. The result was that for the first time since Jan. 22, 2005, Creighton had two players foul out in the same contest. Johnny Mathies and Anthony Tolliver were disqualified in that overtime loss to Illinois State

I truly believe that the game winning shot that Bryan Mullins of SIU hit would never have been taken or made with AT in the game. The shot was a low line drive off the glass from an angle in the paint that he couldn't have gotten to with a shot blocker in the post. Even Dane Watts in the game might have altered the ending. Both players were DQ'd on BS calls and Jays' fans have a right to be pissed.

Yes, the team played poorly in the first 5 minutes. Yes, the team didn't guard the 3 in the 1st half. Yes, the team was up by 7 with 5 minutes to play and blew it. Yes, they had dumb turnovers in key moments of the game. Yes, they had a 3 at the buzzer that hit the backboard and then the rim. But Yes, the refs were horrible in this game.

The end of the game for CU also warrants discussing. Nick Porter with 18 seconds left drove the lane and got fouled. He hit both free throws to put the Jays up by one. However, I would have held for the final shot at that moment. Nate had done a great job of getting to the basket with the drive and it would have been open again. Johnny Mathies often got the "Iso" call from Dana with the game on the line and I thought it could have been Wichita 2006 all over again. I'm not criticizing Nick unless Dana told his team to take the last shot and Nick didn't listen. The clock stopped with the foul and gave SIU enough time to get Mullins the open shot against Nick on the other end.

Nate's desperation 3 almost was a prayer answered. Yet, against those Dogs, you're going to need more than a prayer to beat them. Can the Jays win at Carbondale on Feb. 10? Doesn't matter because right now they need a win vs. a pissed of Missouri State team on Wednesday.

I think they Jays' fans have every right to be upset this morning and bitter about their 7th straight loss to their hated rival. The Jays have lost 10 games in their history at the Qwest - 4 to SIU alone. It's sad that we have to talk about the way the game was called - but that's exactly how Chris Lowery wants it. Pressure on everyone - including the refs.

Some positives:
SIU was 6-8 from 3 in the 1st half. 0-6 in the 2nd.
Nick Porter was 7-7 from the line with 8 boards
Jays out rebounded SIU 30-24
After 21 turnovers vs. BU - Jays only had 12

PS - this has left me with a bad feeling about the Patriots. I pray that I'm not back on here in a few hours crying about Refs and a Adam V kick.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Big Show for Friday

Big Topics Today:
-Jays win ugly over Bradley
-Jays' big game vs. SIU tomorrow night
-AT nominated for Senior Award - but not Nate?
-How bad do you hate SIU?
-Are you a Manning guy or Brady guy?
-Huskers vs. Colorado Tomorrow
-Is Doc Sadler trying to run off players?

Guests Today:
2 pmish ? - Dana Altman -Coach of the Jays live....was suppose to be recorded (pending)
3 pm - Tim Layden - SI NFL Senior Writer live from Chicago
4 pm - Doug Elgin - The Commish
5 pm - Robert Crow - Southern Ill.writer (Lowery won't talk to us)
5:30 pm - Replay - Dana Altman - HC of the Jays

Thursday, January 18, 2007

An Ugly 250

Head Coach Dana Altman tonight won his 250th game as the Bluejays' general. It's a really impressive number and I have all the respect in the world for him for doing at a school that he could have left behind a long time ago. Yet, I wonder how many times in the other 249 wins, the Jays turned the ball over 21 times and looked like rejects from an Old School 2 casting call during certain moments of the game?

The word of the night - Fortunate. Fortunate that Bradley missed many open 3's (5 for 23!). Fortunate the Will Franklin was off all night (4 for 16 FGs, 2 for 10 from 3). Fortunate that Bradley only scored 18 points off 21 Jays turnovers. Fortunate to have Nate Funk and Anthony Tolliver combine to shoot 13 for 22 from the field AND play amazing defense all night. Fortunate that Bradley can't rebound and allowed 21 second chance points to Creighton.

A win is a win is a win but this was UGLY again. Last time out, the Jays played sloppy basketball and lost by 3 to Wichita on the road. This time, at home, they won 65-54 but looked just as bad at times. Sure, they had Nate Funk hit some huge shots tonight and the A-Train had some killer rebounds and block shots. Highlights for sure. Yet, if this team is going to win the Valley - they can't allow a team that they dominated in the key areas to hang around because they don't take care of the basketball. Check this out:

FG % CU - 48 BU - 37
Reb CU - 42 BU - 27
3pt % CU - 37 BU - 21
2nd chance pt CU - 21 BU 12

If those things happen - you think, DAMN easy win right? That's my point! They should have killed Bradley tonight! Instead they are weak with the ball (Nick Porter = 4 turnovers) and allow teams to hang around because of it. SIU will eat the Jays for dinner Saturday playing that way. 18 points off turnovers - way too many and getting out scored 32-22 in the paint gave Bradley a chance to steal this one.

I love Josh Dotzler for trying to play but he's killing the Jays when he's in there right now. 3 turnovers in 13 minutes. The reason is because he's playing with one hand and can really only dribble to his right. It's too easy to play defense with him in there because it's 4 on 5. He doesn't scare anyone because they know he can't shoot. Again, I know he needs to play to get his legs back but his hand isn't 100% and until it is, I don't think he should play in key situations.

The Dogs come in Saturday....Jays have never beat them at the Qwest. It's going to be a wild night with hopefully a sell out crowd. CU better not play around with the basketball like they have the last 2 games if they want to win. They got some breaks tonight with Missouri St and Wichita losing. 6-2 - alone in first - for now.

PS - I talked to a scout from the Indiana Pacers tonight who said about Nate when asked if he can play in the NBA: "He's quicker than you think. He gets the ball and really does a great job finding his own shot. I'm really surprised that they don't run more plays for him - delayed screens, isolation plays etc. His shooting is going to really separate him on the next level. He's a bit undersized but his shooting will get him a lot attention. Yes, I do believe he can play on the next level."

Big Show for Thursday

Big Topics Today:
-Nebraska's horrible showing vs. OU
-Jays vs. Bradley tonight
-Tom Shatel says Valley is Best Conference
-Mike Vick smokes pot? NO!
-Bill Polian won't stop bitching about the Pats
-NU Recruit going to Ohio St?

3Pm - Ricardo Patton - Colorado Basketball Coach
4:30 - Look Around the Big 12 - 4 writers covering the league
5pm- Steve Ryan -
5:30 - McGough Law BlueJay Report live from Jobber's Canyon

Jays vs. Bradley - Tip off at 7 pm on Big Sports 590!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I Knew 2006 Would Show Up Eventually

I feel for Doc Sadler right now. After an impressive start, it looks like Nebraska is settling back into the team that caused Barry Collier to get out of college coaching.

Tonight in Norman, the Huskers completely fell apart and looked utterly sad. Oklahoma was playing without their starting center who was serving a 2 game suspension. The first time the Sooners played without 6'11 Longar Longar, they got drilled by Texas. Game 2- they crushed Nebraska 70-53.

Going into the game, I talked about getting the ball to Aleks Maric as much as possible and you could tell that Doc had told his team to do exactly that. However, Alek's first touch came after the game was nearly 3 minutes old, which infuriated the Husker Head Man. Maric was completely shut out of the game as Oklahoma's zone defense worked to perfection for most of the night. When they did get it inside to Aleks, the Sooners forced turnovers and turned them into easy points. Maric's line: 8 points on 3-5 fgs, 4 rebs, and 5 turnovers!

Defensively, Nebraska was asleep all night and allowed sharp shooter Michael Neal, among others, to bomb away at will. Neal finished with 2o points on 6 of 10 3 point shooting. On the glass, the Huskers were dominated 37-21, giving up numerous second and third chance opportunities for the Sooners. The Huskers couldn't find open shots and they couldn't get the rebounds when they missed. When Oklahoma missed, they ran down 11 offensive boards and scored 12 second chance points to 2 for Nebraska.

The effort in the 2nd half was pathetic, getting out scored 40 to 27. All the talk about great energy for all 40 minutes was a joke for at least tonight. Doc Sadler was left to walk up and down his bench and ask where his team from November went. This is conference play where teams know you inside and out and they remember your weaknesses. After 2 straight losses to NU, Oklahoma embarrassed Nebraska tonight.

The 31 year old Jeff Caple totally out coached the older Doc Sadler. Huskers are now 0-2 in the Big 12 and still only have 1 road win. They better beat a bad Colorado team (Thursday morning update - CU beat Iowa St last night) at home this weekend or things could really get ugly. They've got Texas waiting after that.

Big Show For Wednesday

Big Topics for Today:
-Triple OT for Ok St. vs. Texas
-Nebraska @ Oklahoma hoops tonight
-New Football Clock Rule is ripped
-American Idol is just mean
-Hef a Father?
-Ark QB to Transfer

4 pm - Bradley Head Coach Jim Les
5 pm - Iowa St. AD Jamie Pollard

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The WTF Moment of the Day

WHAT THE HELL is wrong with Bear fans!????

Jays don't play D on Perimeter - Lose to WSU

When the season began, many put an "L" next to the Bluejays game at Wichita. Winning in the Valley on the road was going to be tough and the Shockers run to the Sweet Sixteen last year left many Jays fans worried about the game. However, last night inside Koch Arena, CU blew a chance to get a big road win that could come back to haunt them.

The team was sloppy as they continued the tread of 2 steps forward - 1 step back this season. Last night was the step back - a 62-59 loss to their rival who had previous lost 6 of 8. Creighton could have stood alone atop the MVC but they committed 14 turnovers, many on important possessions late in the game. Allowing the Shox's Paul Wilson to shoot 3's at will on his way to a career high 25 points (18 in the first half) also killed their chances of stealing a road win.

Yet, even with the sloppy play and bad perimeter defense, CU was in the game and had a chance to win. Nate Funk who missed 2 of 3 big free throws with under a minute to play, had a 3 pointer blocked as time ran out. I felt like Nate forced the shot and somebody should have been set up - Nick Bahe anyone? - to take that 3. Everyone on the planet knew that Funk was going to shoot it - it was too easy of a play to stop. With 7 seconds left, I would have rather seen the Jays run something else rather than just dribble up to the line and jack it.

Creighton was streaky again in this game. Streaky with shooting. Streaky with their defense. Streaky with protecting the ball. And Streaky with their focus. Unfortunately, the last run the team made wasn't enough as time ran out.

Remember this loss to Wichita. Something tells me that in the race for the Valley Regular Season Crown - this one will really hurt. The Conference is too tight to blow games that you should have won. The Shox can say they have their swagger back all they want - but the Jays should be 6-1 in the MVC. They are not and now have Bradley and arch-rival SIU at home next.
It's a crucial stretch for the Jays . If they want to win the Valley and bid to the dance for sure - they must go 2-0 this week at home.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Big Show For Monday

Sorry this so late:

Hours 1 and 2 - NFL Playoffs
Hour 3 - Shocker Coach Scott Spinelli
Hour 4 - Big 5 at 5 and Travis in Wichita

Check back tonight for my comments on LT vs. Coach Bill

Sunday, January 14, 2007

All About Brady Magic!!!

It was January, 2002 and I was in a casino in Tupelo, Mississippi with my friend TJ. I was the only Patriot fan in the entire place and walked in to watch the Patriots play the Raiders in the playoffs, in a blizzard at Foxboro. I didn't give us much of a shot....until Charles Woodson hit Tom Brady causing what I thought was a fumble....and then, we learned the phrase "Tuck Rule". Adam V. wins the game with a kick through the snow. Patriots win the Super Bowl vs. the Greatest Show on Turf with another Adam kick after Tom lead the team into position. 1 of 3.

Tonight is January 14, 2007 and I'm in Philadelphia, Pa - again alone watching my team in the playoffs vs. San Diego (I was suppose to be in Omaha but couldn't fly to Detriot for my connection). My team was down by 8 points with about 6 minutes to play. Tom Brady again is trying to lead his team to victory when he gets picked off for the 3rd time. McCree for San Diego has the ball and tries to make a play. All of a sudden, Mr. Everything for the Pats over this run, Troy Brown comes up huge. Mr. WR, CB, Safety, Running Back poked the ball away and the Patriots somehow recover. New England score 6 and then 2. Game tied at 21.

Was there any question Tom Brady was going to lead his team to victory? A 30 yard FG for the Pats by rookie Stephen Gostkowski put them up by 3. Adam who? is the main question now. Yes, an Iowa kid had a shot with a 54 yard FG attempt fall short...but come on - Brady Magic wasn't going to allow that kick to go through.

Final - Pats 24 Chargers 21.

Amazing win. Amazing game. They weren't the best team on paper but they were on the field today thanks to their California born QB. Now, it's on to Indy and Peyton Manning....Brady in a Dome. Bill vs. Peyton. I like our chances...but will pick us to lose of course.

I am now 1-11 picking the Patriots to lose in the playoffs with Brady. I look forward to being wrong again on Sunday! For the record, I was 1-3 this weekend on picks. Should be fun next weekend.

Go Patriots!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

1-1 on Day 1 on Divisional Playoffs

Let's talk about the positives first. If you scroll down - you'll see the predictions for the playoffs
I said Saints 27 Eagles 24....Final Score:

Saints 27
Eagles 24 :)

Great win for the city, the state, and the franchise. After rumors of the team going to LA in the future, the Saints are in their first NFC Championship game. I think they should be thanking their lucky beads for the win after the play-calling by Head Coach Sean Payton late in that game. The Eagles couldn't stop Deuce McAllister - so SOMEBODY explain to me why the Saints were passing so much late in the game? Then, an off-tackle counter pitch to Reggie Bush? Fumble happens and the season was almost lost....

The Birds seemingly ran out of gas on the ensuing drive but they were without Shawn Andrews, their starting Guard who hurt his neck in the 1st half. On 4th and 10, his replacement, Scott Young was called for a false start. What killed - the Eagles got the first down on the play! Didn't count though. Eagle Head Coach Andy Reid didn't have the balls to go for it on 4th and 15 and put the game into the hands of his D for some reason. Saints ran Deuce!!! AND WOW first downs! Amazing what happens when you do what is working. Ball Game - Saints win.

Congrats to Brian Westbrook on a great season....but the Saints are a team of destiny (regardless of the headline this morning in the Philly Enquire). Great game for Reggie Bush and Deuce running the ball...Awesome 1-2 punch that proved to be too much for Philly.

As for the 1st game today - I was wrong. Baltimore couldn't score and Adam V. was awesome for Indy. 5 for 5 on kicks, tying a playoff record, including one off the cross bar and one off the upright...the guy is just money in the postseason.

And now I am praying for a Patriots win. If we do, we are going to the Super Bowl - Peyton Manning in the AFC Championship game vs. Tom Brady - PLEASE!!! You know what I always say - No Manning will ever win a Super Bowl. RCA Dome won't matter....but I think SD will win though and host the AFC Championship game.

Let's go Pats tomorrow though!

Wave rolling....

Like I wrote below - it looks like a Blue Wave is heading towards the Valley. Big win last night at UNI. Nate with 24....5-1 in the valley....RPI up to 25. Wichita will tell us a lot...but they Jays have won 5 of 6 and seem to be clicking.

BTW - Congrats to Nick Bahe and the way he has been playing lately. Off the bench, he's becoming a really nice weapon for Coach Altman.

OT - Iowa St. is leading No. 6 Kansas at Halftime right now. Very interesting game. A win over KU would justify the Husker loss this week. Nebraska won't get to see OKie St. this weekend it looks like as their game was postponed. Very tough part of the NU schedule might they might catch a weather break if that game is played later in the year.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Don't Have the Time To Tell You How Funny....

From the - Jan 12th.....This will make the show on Monday I promise!! I can't write my full take on here cause I'm out of town but this is too good!!! So F'ing Funny and Wrong! at the same time....

Sek Henry, a freshman guard on the Nebraska men's basketball team, has started 14 games this season for the Cornhuskers, averaging 8.7 points. The Los Angeles native is third on the team with 40 assists and has averaged nearly 30 minutes per game in the Huskers' 11-4 start.

How many people actually call you by your full first name (Seketoure)?
By my full first name? Damn. Probably one or two people. Coach (Doc) Sadler and everybody else calls me "Sak," but my mom calls me "Sek." I prefer "Sek," but everybody calls me "Sak," so I just get used to it.

What's been your most embarrassing moment on the basketball court?
I think the most embarrassing thing that can happen on a court is air-balling a jump shot. I don't even like to miss shots. I remember I (air-balled a shot) this year; it was like a 10-footer. I was like, "Wow."

If you were the coach and Coach Sadler were on your team, what position would he play?
He's kind of fat and big, so I'm going to have to put him at center. He can't play the guard because he's too slow. I don't think I'd put him in the game, though. He'd be like a big penguin on the court.

You guys were on the road a lot in December. What did you do to keep the mood light?
The funniest part is one time we were in Miami, and we were inside a hat store, and me, Ryan (Anderson) and Mike (Smith) went in there. The (employee) went up to Ryan and was like, "Oh, OK. You're Asian. How are you doing?" The guy thought he was Asian because of the way he looked. That was real funny to me. People say that to me, too, because of my eyes. I got slanted eyes, so they call me "Blackinese" or something like that.

Life Without Matt...For One Day....

So I'm on vacation for the day - thanks to Petey Mac for doing the show for me well I'm back East. Sorry, I am coming back for the show on Monday. Don't ask about the computer said that round thing is a ya know - it fits :).

I wanted to get my NFL playoff picks up before the games tomorrow. Here's how I think they go:

Baltimore 17
Colts 14

Chargers 31
Patriots 28

Philly 24
Saints 27

Bears 21
Seahawks 31

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Big Show for Thursday

Big Topics for Thursdays:
-Husker Basketball fan coming back down to earth
-Barry Bonds gets caught again using drugs
-McGuire Highway might be no more in St. Louis
-More on BJax to the NFL?
-Carroll finally says no way to Dolphins

2:30 - Scott Wright-
4pm - Stacie Burns - Fox Sports Radio contestant for BD Dream Girl (scroll down for a pic of her) ---didn't happen, she stood us up, sorry
4:30 - Look Around the MVC (writers covering league)
5:00 - Gary Parrish -
5:20 - Ben Jacobsen - Head Coach of UNI

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

At Least the Band Knew....


BJax Out Early?

After talking to Brandon's High School Coach on the show today, I really believe he is going out early. His Senior year could have been special but not special enough to make him stay in school. I really think he'll climb up the charts at the combine as the scouts learn more about him.

Jackson, to me, was the best player for Nebraska this year. Nearly a 1,000 yards splitting carries with 3 other backs and scored 8 TD's. It's the right call to go out for the following reasons if he does go:

1. The competition this year at RB coming out is weak. Next year its stacked.
2. The money is too great to stick around if he is going to be a 3rd or 4th rounder like I think he will be
3. Why fight for carries? Callahan has already shown that he favors Marlon Lucky
4. No need to risk injuries during another college year. Already had a shoulder and hand injury.
5. New QB that will want to throw the ball more than hand it off

We'll have to wait and see but I think he's gone.

Interview for Thursday!

We'll talk to Stacie Burns from Fox Sports Radio. She's is up for the Hooters Best Damn Dream Girls competition. You can vote for her on We'll be talking to her at 4 pm tomorrow during the show. Lucky me :)

Big Show for Wednesday

Big Topics will include:
-Jays big win last night vs. Drake
-Huskers game tonight vs. Iowa St.
-How good could Nebraska be in Year 1 of the Doc?
-Does Pete Carroll want to leave USC?, Jarrett going pro
-NFL Playoffs
-WVU fan pooping in the Ga Tech Band section
-High School Coach accused of punching players in the nuts

Guests today:
3pm - Greg McDermott, Coach of Iowa St.
4pm - Ben Jacobsen, Coach of UNI
4:30 - John Donovan, SI Baseball Writer on no HOF for Big Mac
5pm - Nick Porter, Bluejay Guard who has scored in double figures for 5 straight games

talk to you from 2 pm to 6 pm (remember I'm off on Friday)

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Big Wave Coming Towards the MVC?

The Jays hammered Drake tonight in front of a record crowd of over 16,000. Anthony Tolliver was a BEAST with 5 blocks and 6 assists! Oh and 18 points and 6 rebounds too. Nick Bahe hit 5 3's off the bench. Nick Porter was solid again. Nate Funk and Dane Watts played great as well. A 23 point beat down was the result after the Jays shot a record 66% FOR THE GAME! Still undefeated at home this year.

They shared the basketball wonderfully tonight and again looked like a team really starting to gell. Great ball movement all about this stat: 25 assists on 29 made baskets!

Now onto UNI and Wichita...Jays are tied for first place in the Valley and it's on the line Friday night. UNI lost tonight to Valley winless Ill. St. in OT. They are going to be pissed. It's a big opportunity to pick up another road win and send another message.

We'll see what happens but after the loss to Indiana St. I called this stretch the most important of the year - and I still feel that way.

A Movie I'd Go See....

Now that is a sequel all men would want to get green-lighted :)

Big Show for Tuesday

Here's the show today....

Big Topics will be Florida's National Championship and Big Mac not in the Hall of Fame

2:30 - Tom Diehart - College Football Writer for the Sporting News
3:00 - Bob Redman - Scout site
4:00 - Mike Florio - on for Romo ball issue
5:30 - Pregame show for the Jays live from Jobbers Caynon

Jays vs. Drake 7:05 tip on Big Sports 590 and Action 3 News with the post game afterwards

Monday, January 8, 2007


Nice Bowl Season for the Little 11 huh? First Michigan gets ROLLED by USC. Now, Florida RIPS Ohio St. 41-14! Thank god for Wisconsin and Penn St or they would have nothing to say back.

I am a pussy officially for not going with the Gators outright. I took them with the points but should have taken them out right. I can't say I'm a fan but I do like Florida the best of any college football team. Year 2 for Urban Meyer he gets a title....

Congrats to Florida!!! 2nd National Championship!

Basketball in 2006. Football in 2007. Baseball too maybe?

Without Ted Ginn Jr, The Buckeyes had no answer for the speed of the Gators. All about SEC baby....Best Conference in America....and remember Husker fan - the only team to beat Florida was Auburn...the same team that beat the Huskers by 3.

Big Show For Monday

Welcome to the place for everything related to the Big Show. Bookmark this site for daily updates on interviews and stories that we will be covering on the show.

Today : 3 pm - Nick Athon - on the Chiefs pathetic game vs. Indy
4 pm - Nick Bahe - Bluejay Guard who helped the Jays win vs. Evansville
5 pm - Big Show Big 5 at 5 recapping the biggest games of the weekend

Talk to you today 2pm to 6pm. Call in at 573-0590 or 877-244-0590

Unfair Recruiting....

Well, I have to admit....if I were a college kid and the cheerleaders did things like this...I'd go there too. Call this Bobby Petrino's going away present to all male college football fans....maybe you've heard of this girl and her "behavior". Something tells me she won't be a cheerleader for long....

Sunday, January 7, 2007

2 Nice Wins....

So Koy Detmer did was Romo couldn't do - hold a snap with the game on the line. Nice win for the Eagles....Now onto New Orleans. I just don't see how a team that nearly lost to New York, who was awful at the end of the year is going to walk into the Dome and beat the Saints. Coach of the Year Payton will have his team rev'd up and ready to go. But then again, Garcia and Co. continue to impress

As for the early game - REALLY nice to see my boys playing great defense in the 2nd half vs. the Jets. A big blow out win sends a nice message to the boys from San Diego that they better be ready. Time for the real genius to figure out a way to stop LT. Nobody could do it in the regular season but maybe they Pats can do in when it counts. Let's hope that Marty goes back to being Marty!

Saturday, January 6, 2007


Tony Romo - America's Dream QB just choked away the playoff game for the Cowboys. Romo dropped the snap on a 19 yard FG attempt by the Cowboys that would have beat the Seahawks....instead they lose 21-20. I picked the 'Boys to win...they should have. They had this game. We'll have to wait and see what happens to Tony Romo now.

Sad way to end a season...What a fall from grace. From TO's favorite QB to dating Jessica Simpson and American Goat of a season.

PS - Both Jays and Nebraska had good wins tonight. Jays finally win a road game. Nebraska got a good RPI W tonight. I'm too into the NFL right now to write more.

Sad Performance in Indy....

What the hell was that this afternoon? The Chiefs defense played their asses off vs. Indy and they lost! Ty Law and Co. gave the Offense EVERY opportunity to win the team's first playoff game in what seems like forever (1993) but couldn't....23-8 but its was 9-0 at halftime! Trent Green should have been pulled from this game at halftime. He KILLED KC today! 3 picks and couldn't find anyone open down field. Larry Johnson was taken out of the game and KC needed a huge effort from their QB. They didn't get it all.

For only the 6th time in NFL playoff history, a team outgained an opponent by over 300 yards of total offense!

After Herm Edwards said that Damon Huard would play if things didn't go well - he didn't pull the trigger and instead was the same ole Herm. The Coach of the Jets last year was the same with KC this year - WAY too loyal to his veterans. Huard needed to play today.

The game in a nutshell was when KC had the ball with 1:30 to play in the first half and couldn't even keep the clock running long enough to make sure Indy couldn't score again. Indy got a 50 yard FG from Benedict Arnold as time ran out.

Chiefs fans, get used this type of performance in the playoffs with Herm Edwards as the Head Coach. As I said before, they didn't belong in the playoffs and the offense played like it. They didn't get a first down til late in the 3rd quarter! Larry Johnson and Co. had 44 yards rushing! They needed around 100 more yards from LJ to win this game.

Peyton Manning played like he always does when it's a big the choke artist that he is. Indy now waits to see who they play...Let's hope Coach Bill gets a shot in the AFC Championship game to show Manning up again in the playoffs.

Friday, January 5, 2007

Fun While It Lasted....

The 2006 - 2007 Bluejays are really, really in trouble. The sun - indeed, might be setting on the season......and its only January 4th!

Tomorrow night the Jays will play at Evansville. They are 0 for 5 on the road this year. 3 of the next 4 are away from Qwest Center including trips to UNI and Wichita St. At 8-5, the once promising Bluejay season suddenly is looking just like that I thought it could - just like the 2006 Iowa St. football team. AKA - Disappointment City.

The Jays have yet to shoot above 40% during the 5 road games. Evansville is always a tough road game for the Jays. Something tells me that its not going to be a happy trip back to Omaha for the Jays.

Tip off: 7:05 on Big Sports 590 and Action 3 News.

PS - Thanks to the City Weekly for the pub about the Blog. It's been up for only 3 weeks and I'm glad to see people are taking notice.

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

If Soon...When?

Callahan reiterated Monday that Nebraska is closing the gap. He also said "We weren't ready to be a Top 10 team just yet," which drew disagreement from Stewart Bradley, "That's not how we feel" Bradley said. "That's where our record puts us, I guess. But we're a couple of plays away from having a really different season - OWH

After the Cotton Bowl, Coach Bill Callahan accepted defeat in typical fashion. Gone was the emotional coach that we saw after the Oklahoma game. Callahan apologized for the way his team played, for the way he coached and for not having his team ready to play in the Big 12 Championship game. This time, it was almost as if he knew the outcome before the game was ever played and was content with a 3 point loss to an SEC team.

Callahan is telling everyone how close this team is to being great. That very well might be true but I want you to the dream for a second....dream to next year....At Wake Forest, USC, At Texas, heck Oklahoma you think this team is going to win 10 games next year? Well, that is what they are going to have to do in order to justify his comment: We're getting there," Callahan said. "And it won't be long, believe me". 5 wins to 8 wins to 9 wins to ?????. It's time to start to judge Callahan for real in 2007.
Yes, there is a lot of talent coming back but something about this staff really concerns me. The personality of Nebraska right now is undetermined under Callahan. At times, they play great but other times its like they are thinking too much and not reacting. Don't be fooled - this team was talented. This team had chances to be better than 9-5! After the Auburn game, I wanted to see more emotion out Callahan because they were shut out in the 2nd half AGAIN! I wanted to know that he thought the Huskers should have won that game given the way the Defense played. Instead he acted like he knew the end of the movie before the rest of us saw it.

Monday, January 1, 2007

Not enough time....

I simply don't have enough time to write everything I want to on here and I'm going crazy! Nebraska loses to Auburn in the Cotton Bowl 17-14. Callahan again taking major heat for stupid play calling and getting shut out in the 2nd half. My quick take - FIND A KICKER!

Creighton plays sloppy and beats Illinois St. 79-71 in front a crowd that was still hung over from New Year's. Anthony Tolliver played great though. He hit 11 for 11 from the field - hard to beat perfection. Funk played well again but the Jays committed 18 turnovers and allowed a Red Bird to hit 8 of 11 from 3. Jays simply can't guard the perimeter right now.

As I write this - Boise St. just tied the Fiesta Bowl with a F'ing Hook and Lateral play!! After giving up a pick 6 - the Broncos score with :07 secs to play. Oklahoma is playing for the BCS conference pride and the little guy simply won't go away....Amazing, Amazing game. I thought this Bowl Game would suck. It might be the best one of the year. Overtime in a BCS game - great stuff....

Big 12 is 3-4 in the Bowls so far....If OU loses, it will be bad year for the conference in Bowls again. What a long, crazy day of sports.....God, I love my job.

.....update - Boise St. ties the game with RB pass....they GO FOR TWO.....AND GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT A FU*$ING PLAY CALL!!!! STATUE OF LIBERTY!!??? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Greatest Bowl game I've ever watched....