Thursday, May 31, 2007

A-Rod is A-Cheat

M.V.P. Highest paid player in the game. Greatest hitting short stop ever. Those were the names given to A-Rod in Texas. Since moving to New York...the names are far more negative.


Cheap shot artist.

and Now, Bush league Adulterer.

A-Rod was caught in Toronto with a woman not his wife by the New York Post. Not that going to strip clubs with a woman you have been seen with in Dallas, Vegas, and other cities with is considered cheating on your wife...but it's close. We can, at the very least, assume that they are more than friends...kinda like I can assume that gravity will keep my ass on this couch. A-Rod's going to New York brought thoughts of winning a championship - their first since 2000...He had as many championships rings as the Devil Rays when he went to the Big Apple. He still has that number today. ZERO.

This year, it has been a train wreck for Mr. April and Co. and the coming series with Boston could be the death nail for the season.

So what do you with A-Rod after his latest controversy? He ran past the 3rd baseman for Toronto and yelled "Mine!" causing him to pull off the ball. The Yankees were up by 2 at the time...they won by 5. Did the A-Rod play cause them to win? No, they were leading before he did that. It was unnecessary - just his hit on Dustin Pedroia of the Red Sox (see video below) a few weeks either. You couple that with is purse-slap of Bronson Arroyo and you've got = Bush-Rod.

Do you suspend him? No. But he lost a lot of respect in the locker room by doing that. You heard it from Torre and Damon after the game - almost confused as to why it happened. Embarrassed for him might be the best way to describe the Yankee reaction.

This guy is NOT a Yankee. I've said it before. If you look at the Yankees who captivated the city with their play, their grace and their personalities - A-Rod doesn't come close to being a "Yankee". Jeter, O'Neil, Mattingly, Boras, Rivera. Those are the names that pop in my head when I think of the New York Yankees. Not A-Rod. He will never be among those warriors.

A-Rod will opt out of his contract after this disaster of a year in over for him in New York. Let's hope and pray the Red Sox aren't stupid enough to sign him.

Bo Knows Tecmo!

Maybe the most RIDICULOUS run I've ever seen on Tecmo Bowl. And that is saying something! If you liked our retro video game remote - you are going to LOVE this!

Nice Kick :)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Hardee's Hot Seat

This week: KC Chief Head Coach Herm Edwards!!

Email your questions to and if we pick your question of Coach -you will win free lunch from Hardees!

Tune in tomorrow to find out when Coach will be on and who wins the free lunch from Hardees!!!

A-Rod's Cheap Shot at the Red Sox....again!

Big Show for Wednesday

- Celtics get screwed!
- Oden to Portland, Nice for Nike
- NFL hits back to Portis
- A-Rod throws another cheap shot
- Giambi tests positive for Greenies
- Trent Green is still a Chief and not happy about it
- Mike Sweeney wants to catch again

3 pm - Darin Erstad - White Sox 1st baseman
3:30 - Mike Florio
5 pm - Jeff Goodman
5:30 - Baker Steinkuhler first 5-star recruit from Lincoln

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Curse Continues.....

Len Bias. Reggie Lewis. Larry Legend Leaving. Tim Duncan is a Spur. Picks 3 and 6 ten years ago. Rick Pitino. Dancers at the "New Garden" and now.....The 5th Pick in the 2007 NBA Draft.
5th! Cinco? What, did I just hear that bald guy right? 5th! I thought it was a joke when Brian was doing that stupid draft lottery fake thing and he kept getting 4th and 5th. I'm absolutely in shock. And I'm not alone....did you see that guy in Boston on ESPN? That's how I feel.

Or this guy:

As a Celtics fan....this may be the closest I have come to wanting to jump off of a bridge.

I know you are feeling my pain.

Tanner in Omaha

The NBA has to fix this. There is NO reason for Portland to be No.1 and the Hawks getting No. 3! Portland had 32 wins last year. The Celtics and Grizzlies had 24 and 22 wins. The Hawks had 30 wins. The worst team should get the No. 1 pick. Screw this ping pong ball BullSh$t! Seattle getting the 2nd pick might be the only justice that there was in this year's "lottery".

Atlanta now gets to keep their pick and not send it to Phoenix. Seattle gets Kevin Durant to run with a team that soon will be playing their games in Oklahoma City. Atlanta gets left out to the Big 2 conversation.

But for Boston, this is awful. This is Tim Wakefield giving up a homer to Brett Boone type of crap. Total kick in the nuts. So much for watching the next Celtic superstar take the team out of the gutter. We have to now trust Danny Ainge and his joke of a coach to take us back...please. That's not happening without supreme talent.
I can't believe this....horrible night.


Monday, May 21, 2007

Was Ty Done Right By CU?

In a recent interview with, Ty Morrison - the former No. 1 JUCO player in the country and Bluejay tells a tale of being forced to play with a disease that wasn't caught til long after the affects of Graves Disease made playing basketball impossible. He also contends that he was forced to play basketball with a serious medical condition against doctor's advice. Morrison goes on the record for the first time in the article dated May 15th and raises some serious questions about the Bluejay coaching staff's handling of his situation. However, sources inside the Bluejay program are strongly contending that Ty Morrison isn't painting a proper picture of the situation that lead to him leaving the program after Christmas break last year.

The first issue brought up is - when was the Graves Disease first diagnosed? According to the article:

In September, after repeated complains to coaches and others at Creighton, Morrison said he was admitted to a local hospital, where he underwent a battery of tests.

"I had blood work done, they checked out my heart, and at the end of September they finally diagnosed me. I had it so long without being detected that I was in the last stages so I was having all the symptoms. I lost a lot of weight, had no energy, was always tired, had tremors, shaking, and couldn't think right.

According to sources close to the program, the actual time that Ty was brought to the hospital was in mid August when the Creighton doctors did the blood work and discovered the disease. He was then placed on medication that Morrison was told would take a month to take affect. Ty was then sent home over the Labor Day holiday, according to sources, for a 10 day period to rest and get his mind right as he battled the illness. When he came back, the CU doctors cleared him to play for the year and continued to closely watch his situation.

Again the time frame of how long Ty suffered is being disputed by sources close to situation as Ty told the website that he went a long time without being diagnosed. Sources acknowledge that he was sick but he didn't go as long as he claims without treatment:

"I went with the Graves Disease so long that it affected my heart so I had high blood pressure. My resting pulse was almost 200. So something major could have happened to me over the summer. I had to say it but I was literally facing death. I was working out of the summer and I was always throwing up, just sick as a dog. The doctors said, 'you could have easily passed out, had a heart attack, anything could have happened."

The major point of contention is did Coach Altman go against doctors orders and tell Ty that he had to play or he'd lose his scholarship? This fact is causing a lot of anger from inside the program because they dispute the following statement by Morrison:

"The doctors are like, 'you need to redshirt, no question about it. You need to redshirt and get healthy. There's no way you're going to be even 70 percent out there.' So I asked for a redshirt and the coaches were totally against it. They didn't want it at all. So that was the whole sad part about it. I felt like I was forced to play with it and also being threatened like, 'if you don't perform up to your ability, we're going to have to go elsewhere with [your scholarship] next year.'"

Again, according to sources, Ty NEVER asked to Redshirt and the coaches never threatened his scholarship. Instead, he told Steve Pivovar of the Omaha World Herald that he wanted to Redshirt after a bad practice one day out of the blue. The coaches then asked Ty about his public statement and he told them that he was just upset about what was happening to him.

Ty allegedly was tested every 2 weeks for his thyroid condition and the doctors never told Morrison that he should have been Redshirted. On my show, Coach Altman admitted that Morrison wasn't brought to CU to Redshirt - he was there to play and when the doctors said he was good to go - the team wanted Ty to work through his disease and have a great senior campaign.

Morrison disagrees with this:

"So when I got back to school after Christmas break, before the first practice, the coaching staff brought me into their office and they told me again, 'if you don't step it up, we're going to go elsewhere (with the scholarship),'" Morrison said. "I think they basically thought the whole time that I was making excuses, that [the condition] wasn't that serious, that it was the normal adjustment I was going through from junior college to Division I.

I got depressed. I think any other kid would get depressed. I was very sick and I myself wanted to redshirt and the doctors wanted me to redshirt. They wanted me to take the medicines, let the medicines get into my system and then I'd go at it hard the next year."

Again, the sources disagree with the tone of this conversation but they did confirm that the coaches wanted the meds to be allowed to take their affect. They wanted him on the court and they felt like he could have been affective after a few months on the medication. However, there were rumors that Morrison was emotionally unstable and possibly even a danger to himself which caused him to be sent home to Phoenix to be with his family.

It's a nasty He Said He Said fight right now but CU hasn't commented publicly about the Morrison article. I feel like they will be forced to in the near future.

Morrison ended the article with the statement:

"I've always said I'm not going to bash the Creighton coaching staff and that's not my intent. Nothing against the Creighton situation or their coaches, but I use that as motivation. This is the first time I've gotten the truth off my chest -- the way I feel about what happened. And you know what they say, the truth sets you free."

I'll guess we'll wait and see if he says the same thing tomorrow on the show if can run him down.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

See You Out Friday!

2nd Annual Big Sports 590 Fairways and Greens Golf Tourney will be played today (Friday) at Bayhills in Plattsmouth to benefit D.R.E.A.M.

PeteyMac will be doing the show live from Bayhills as I'm on the course playing with Coach Dana Altman and Coach Brian Fish. Let's see how good they are at golf :).

If you want to come and donate money or get involved in the silent auction - please do so. We are trying to raise as much money for Steve Warren's D.R.E.A.M. Foundation. Lot's of great autographed Husker gear available.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Big Show for Wednesday

- Jays Beat Huskers
- The Future of Mike Anderson
- Ball Park news
- Knights leave Omaha
- NBA Suspensions
- New Husker Qb Recruit

3 pm - Mike Roth HC Parkway W. H.S. Gabbert's Coach
4 pm - Pat Venditte CU Pitcher
5 pm - Bryan Munson

Chasing: Yankee Joba Chamberlain and New Recruit Blaine Gabbert

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Big Show For Tuesday

- Jays back out of Vegas tourney
- Jays vs. Huskers
- Bigger game for whom tonight?
- Spurs are now dirty
- Dirk should give the MVP back
- T.O. hammers Parcells
- Hester goes Offense

In Studio -4 to 5: CSTV's Matthew Meyers and Evan Markfield
5 pm - Bruce Rasmussen CU AD

Monday, May 14, 2007

Big Sports 590 Golf Tourney

So we still have spaces available in the Big Sports 590 Golf tourney to benefit D.R.E.A.M.!!!! This Friday at Bayhills in Plattsmouth!

Here are players that are confirmed:

Tommy Frazier - NU QB
Dana Altman - Jays Coach
Brian Fish - Jays Asst.
Steve Warren - Former Husker
DeJuan Groce - Current Saint

To Play - $59 per player for lunch, dinner and golf on Friday! Noon Tee Off - Captains Choice Best Ball - pin prizes and a HUGE silent auction for D.R.E.A.M.!

To PLay - go to and download the entry form and get your checks into us by Wednesday at 5 pm. See you there!!

No Sin City For Bluejays

One of the things that Bluejay fans had been looking forward to for the 2007-2008 season was an early match up potentially with North Carolina, BYU and the rest of the exempt tournament field in Las Vegas. We learned today that the Bluejays have backed out of their commitment to play in the 8 team field for this season.

Sources close to the Bluejay basketball program have confirmed to me that the Jays were scheduled to play North Carolina then BYU at the Thanksgiving tournament but have pulled out. Creighton's 2007-08 non conference schedule currently has St. Joe's, Xavier, Drexel, and Depaul on it. To the coaches, that could be a tough start to the year for a young team. You couple that with the loss of Juco Ty Morrison and the injury to Point Guard Josh Dotzler and Creighton's coaches were concerned about a potential blow to their team's early season confidence. The possibility of a long losing streak to start the season with only 1 senior starter returning wasn't something that Creighton was prepared to entertain.

While you can fully understand what Dana Altman is trying to do with the early part of his schedule, it is a bit sad to not see the Jays match up with the best of the best. UNC vs. Creighton would have been a ton of fun to watch, even if it was a blow out. BYU vs. Creighton would have been the type of game that fans would have measured their program up against. Yes, the non-conference schedule is good - but it's not great. The Jays will once again rely on the strength of the Missouri Valley to get their RPI up to snuff for the NCAA folks if teams like St. Joe's and Xavier have an off year. With UNC, you had a lock in a Top 15 team on the schedule even if they lost.

The North Carolina game would have been game No. 4 of the year. With the new recruiting class and the returning players, the test would have been huge but I still would have wanted to see it. Unfortunately, the Jays fans won't be partying on the strip this year....maybe next year.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Big Show for Friday

Yes, it is Friday...

- Ricky busted for smoking up again
- Pimp for a Linebacker
- PacMan is a addicted to strip clubs
- NFL might add a 17th game
- Amanda Beard is going naked
- NBA Playoff - GS must win game
- Are the Spurs dirty?
- Road to Omaha update

2:30 - Mike Florio
4 pm - DeJuan Groce former Husker current Saint
Chasing: Kendall Rogers of

Stupid Boston Media

Every year the Red Sox get rolling, the media in Boston forget history. They forget that the Red Sox have choked away leads in the last month of the season. They forget that Boston has often been known to forget how to pitch, hit, and catch in September when the Yankees are charging.

No, they can't just appreciate what is going on....they have to go and write crap like this:

As a Sox fan, I believe in my team but I often get nervous that the media sets up the team for failure. If they win, the media can say "I told you so". If they lose, they get to rip the team apart for blowing it.

Remember, that article come September 1.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Hardee's Hot Seat

Want free lunch from Hardee's? Well, then email me at your question to ask of Jack Diesing Jr. of CWS Inc about a new stadium. If we pick your question, you'll win a free Buffalo Chicken Sandwhich and Chocolate Overload Shake from Hardee's. The Hardee's Hot Seat will be heard every Wednesday on the Big Show!

Let us know what you think of the new site....more stuff coming on it too!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Big Show For Tuesday

- Is Clemens dis'ing the Yankees
- Who had the better on-air flip out?
- Rainbow Coalition has gone too far
- MLB Draft on ESPN 2
- New ass promotion with Brewers
- Stadium debate continues
- Oden has a friend for an agent
- Barry Bonds poll
- Big Papi supports Barry

Andrew Shanle New Bear at some point during the show
3 pm - Alan Stein O Royals President

Monday, May 7, 2007

Sorry for the lack of posts on here

Hey People,

I'm sorry I haven't posted much on here lately....I've been really nuts. I will post more tomorrow....

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Big Show for Thursday

- Brady, a Yankee fan!?
- 3 Point line to be moved back
- Philly Reporter says she's sorry
- Run For the Roses in your life
- UFC vs. Boxing
- NBA Playoffs

3 pm - Jack Van Berg - Kentucky Derby winning trainer
4 pm - Greg Doyle CBS Sportsline
5 pm - Sean Devaney SI Basketball writer

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Big Show for Wednesday

- Mavs. vs. Warriors game 5
- New NBA study says whites get the calls
- Yankee rookie hurt in no hit bid
- Patriots changing their stripes
- UFC vs. Boxing
- Your dream golf 3-some

3:30 - Mike Reise Boston Globe
5:30 - Billy Bulter New KC Royal call up

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Big Show for Tuesday

- Sad news on Cardinal Pitcher's death
- New Bear TE has offensive rap
- Radio Station in San Antonio in hot water
- NFL Net's Rich Eisen in trouble with wife
- Chiefs continue to make news
- St. Louis to the MVC?

3 pm - Mike Florio
4:30 - Brandon Jackson New Packer Running Back
5 pm - Bruce Rasmussen Creighton AD
5:45 - Rick Majerus New St. Louis BB HC

Pretty Cool Video

My family is pretty artistic. I'm not. But my cousin just entered this video to a contest that Pappa Roach is conducting for their next music video. The winner gets to direct their next video and get it on MTV I believe. The woman in the video is my mother. The little girl is my sister. It's pretty good....check it out.