Sunday, March 18, 2007

Big Boys Need To Go....

Disclaimer - I'm writing this as I watch KU vs. UK (other games are USC vs. Texas and Memphis vs. Nevada).

After Selection Sunday, I told you that there was a conspiracy involving the Committee and CBS. The President of CBS Sports said that they preferred to see the Big Boys in the Final Four and that Cinderella didn't help ratings. After the performance of the 2 top conference in terms of bids - I believe my opinion was confirmed.

The ACC got 7 teams in. After the first week - only No. 1 UNC is left. The Big 10 got 6. The only team left is No. 1 seed Ohio St. (who nearly got beat by Xavier). That is pathetic. The MVC got 2 teams in - they've got 1 left. The WAC got 2 teams in...and they might have 2 teams left in if Nevada can beat Memphis! Even Billy Packard had to admit that those 2 conferences were embarrassed this year.

The Big 10 was a bad conference this year. We knew it. The Committee knew it but CBS wanted Purdue, Illinois etc in the dance over the mid-major. Well, now the Mid-Major has teams like UNLV, Bulter and SIU in the Sweet Sixteen. When you give them a chance, they do damage. VCU beat Duke. Winthrop beat Notre Dame. Eventhough they lost to a major - Standford took a bid away from a Mid-Major and then got beat by 20.

Parity in college basketball has now become a major problem for CBS. They don't like it. If the BCS was like this - Fox would flip out. Too much money is at stake for the uncertainty of sports. After the first round- most games were decided by 9 points or more. The favorites won in the first round in boring fashion. Not good for ratings. In round 2 - the Mid-Major came to play and sent some big boys home - More bad news for CBS.

And now Texas and attention grabber Kevin Durant are losing by 13 to USC at the 5 minute mark of the first half. This is shaping up to give the folks over at CBS nightmares. I'll gladly turn out the light.


aaron said...

Matt, when are you going to "Get over it?" That's what you said in regard to the Creighton ticket fiasco. I don't know if you are right or wrong, but we are now going on a week and half and you are still bitching about it. Maybe you should take your own advice and GET OVER IT.

Bugaha said...

Matt's such a crybaby. Wahhh f*cking wahhh.