Sunday, March 4, 2007

50-36 7:46 to go....

Well that was an interesting stretch.

Foul trouble. Falker and Green have 4. Miles has 4.

Nick Porter told the crowd to get up and then he took it to the rim and got fouled. SIU is getting frustrated and I'll admit - rightfully so. Nick Porter got the 4th on Falker with a offensive wrap around move...bad call. Jays will take it.

This is where Dana goes into the prevent Offense....Hold the ball and make them foul. The Jays are 2 fouls away from the double bonus. With the way the game is being called - I'd say this is shaping up exactly how Coach hoped.

SIU has been WAY off this off - only 2 FG's!!! They were 12-14 the last time they played in the 2nd. Still time for the Dogs....

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