Friday, March 2, 2007

Day 2 - Game 1 - Halftime thoughts

32-20 Jays at Halftime

The Jays really came out lame in the first couple of minutes - just like Coach Fish was afraid of as he said on the air with us today. They were down by as much as 6 points and were 0-6 for 3 at one point. Indy ST. had a fire as Coach Waltman is going to out after this tourney unless they win it.

However, over the final 6:48 of the half, CU outscored Indy St. 15-2 to take a 32-20 lead into the break. The Sycamores started to look REEEAAALLY tired down the final few moments of the half. You have to wonder if their game last night, and the come back vs. The Redbirds has taken too much out of them?

Indy St is going to be in major foul trouble if this keeps up. Fouls for ISU: 12! Jays: 5

Some Ugly stats: Jays were 4-13 from 3. But Indy St. was 4-12. Jays 8-12 FTs. Indy 4-5

Good Stats: Nate 4-7 for 12 points. 28 of 32 points scored by guards. Miles tied a career high with 5 rebs. And AT - NO FOULS!

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