Saturday, May 31, 2008

Beat LA! Beat LA!

It's been 21 years since the Boston Celtics were last in the NBA Finals. That year, 1987, Larry Bird and his version of the C's would play in their last NBA Championship Finals together and lose 4 games to 2 to the Lakers. 10 times L.A. and Boston have met in the Finals - Lakers have won only twice - but they won the last time.......and we remember.

21 years ago - I heard the chant of "Beat L.A., Beat L.A." ripping through the rafters of the Boston Garden. Listening to the Celtics players, led by a Californian, former Laker fan in Paul Pierce chant that in the locker following the Game 6 win in Detriot last night was exactly what every C's fan wanted to hear. We've waited a long time to hear it. What does this series mean to us C's fans? Paul said it best after the game "It means everything to Boston fans. To me, that's what pretty much got me started in basketball." Kevin Garrett, who finally gets to play in the NBA finals added "It's about to get crazy". I would agree.

21 years have past since the Boston Celtics had a shot a number 17. Nobody would have thought it would have taken this long after the C's won 3 titles in the 80's. The Celtics once went a decade where they won 9 titles in 10 years. But like the Red Sox and their 86 year drought, and the Patriots and their 41 year absence of a title - if the Celtics win this series it will be well worth the wait. This team was put together the "restore the order" in the NBA...and they have a shot to do so.
21 years since the Lakers and Celtics clashed in the NBA finals. This is the 11th time these two powers have met for the golden ball - by far the most in NBA history. The Lakers, with their Hollywood stars in the front row, stage lit basketball court, the purple and gold flash, and Hall of Fame Coach are easy to like and also very easy to hate. The Celtics have their history, the banners, Red, The Big 3 Part I, and now the Big 3 Part 2. David Stern has to be in heaven right now because the greatest basketball rivarly in the league is about to go at it again.

Let's not wait another 21 years for this to happen again. I can't wait to see the old grey T-Shirts that say "Beat Ln the front come out of hiding. I can't wait to hear the Garden crowd scream it during Games 1 and 2. Somewhere, Red is smiling and wishing good fortune to the boys of the shamrock. I was 10 years old the last time I saw the Green and White vs. Purple and Gold. I feel that old right now thinking about this series.

On a sidenote - I'm going to look this up but has there been a better year for any city in the HISTORY of sports in America? Let's just start with last fall: The Red Sox sweep the Rockies to win the World Series (yes I was there. See picture above :) ). The Patriots complete just the 2nd undefeated regular season in NFL History and make it to the Super Bowl. The Bruins make the Stanley Cup playoffs as the 8 seed in the East and push the No. 1 seed (hated!) Canadiens to overtime in Game 7 on the road, Boston College won the NCAA Hockey Championship, and now the Celtics are in the NBA Finals. Throw in 2 No-hitters and you've got a hell of a sports year....can anyone top that? If you can, please let me know cause I feel pretty lucky.

Friday, May 30, 2008

From The UK

Got this from a company in the the read that blog, I have no idea...but it's kinda fun...and funny

Saturday, May 17, 2008

May 2008

The month of May is one of my favorites here in Omaha. Once the weather changes, it seems like everyone's collective mood improves. For folks like me who live downtown, it means roof top parties, street festivals, runs in Congra Park, and outdoor cafe lounging.

However, after May comes the craziest month of the year. While November through March is considered our busy seasons....June is just flat out ridiculous. I thought I give you a head's up at of what we have in store for you as Omaha because the center of college sports most popular spring Championship.

Friday June 6th - 3rd Annual Big Sports 590 Fairways and Greens Golf Tournament brought to you by Kidwell. Proceeds to benefit D.R.E.A.M. Omaha. For more information including registration forms log onto

Every Friday at Farrells (except for the 20th)- 9th and Dodge join the Big Show throughout the month of June at Farrells for great drink specials and their great patio and firepit.

Wednesday June 11th - Iowa St comes to Omaha for their traveling festival. Join the Big Show live from 2 to 6 at Oakview Mall to meet your favorite Iowa St. coach, fun activities for the kids, food and drinks as well

June 16th through 20th, 23rd - 25th - Live on Radio Row outside Rosenblatt. It's the Drive to the Title brought to you by Jeep and Chrysler

We won't be in studio very much so I hope if you see us out, you'll come by and say hi! And don't forget about the US Olympic Swim Trials at the Qwest beginning on the 29th!!!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Don't forget to wish your Mom a Happy Mom's Day tomorrow.....I'm happy to report that the surprise-homecoming was just that... my mom was very happy to see me and my siblings didn't spoil the suprise.

On a quick side note - I took my little sister Maggie shopping this afternoon. I'm 31 - I have zero kids...I have no clue about this stuff but kids clothes are CHEAP! I bought her 3 outfits complete with shoes for $120 at Kids Gap. Now, I'm the borderline metro of the show so that's normally less money than what I pay for a single pair of JEANS!

The problem, as my mother quickly pointed out, is that she will be grown out of them in less than 6 months or wreck them...then you have to buy more. That's a very good point since most of my jeans last me 2 years or so....Like I said before, I'm 31 going on 24 :).

**update** My sister promply wore one of her new dresses to a birthday party and ruined it with red marker. Yup, my mother was right again....

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

There's A New No. 1 In Town!!

I can't talk about numbers on line as it's against the laws of radio to do so and my company could get sued if I did. But I can tell you that "The Big Show with Matt Perrault" is now Number 1 in the Omaha market for sports and Number 1 overall in the key male demographic!!!!

I just want to say thank you to everyone who has spread the word about the show and for listening every day. It took 3 years to do it but we climbed the mountain and now it's time to try to stay there. A lot of hard work goes into the show and Brian Delehant doesn't get enough credit for putting up with my ass everyday. The new additions to the show (Huskers Monday panel, Travis Justice etc) have really helped spring board us up and hopefully we will just keep on growing....

Big Sports 590 had a tremendous ratings book as well and our station continues to be one of the fastest growing stations in the Midwest. Thank you to everyone and let's keep it going!!