Saturday, March 3, 2007

Game 2 - Halftime thoughts

Jays up 39-34 at Half

Torid pace from St. Louis. Both these teams can ready to play. So far, Missouri St. has to like their chances going into the 2nd half. The Jays have played really well on Offense - so they have to like the way the 1st went as well.

Here are the big stats - A-Train with 2 fouls. Nate with 17. And only 6 points from a non-senior! They need to get Miles going and the need to keep track of Blake Ahearn who will shoot from anywhere on the court. The Jays need to make him put the ball on the floor. First 28 points of the game were scored by Jays Seniors.

There are a LOT of Jays fans here but they are stuck in one corner of the gym. They can be very loud but MSU will be going away from them in 2nd half.

MSU shot 55% in the first half to the Jays 41%. I'm really impressed with Nate Funk and the game he brought today. The 3 headed monster of A-Train, Porter, and Funk scored 33 of 39 points in the first half. Jays outrebounded MSU 16-10. Yet, Blake Ahearn scored 15 of MSU's 34. Jays were 5-13 from 3 (some misses were UGLY) to 3-5 for Missouri St. Expect more 3's from them in the 2nd.

But here we go - Bench scoring -16-0!!! for MSU! The Jays need SOMEBODY to score when the come in!! This is where last night's game is huge though. CU should have better legs for the 2nd half....we'll see what happens.

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