Sunday, March 11, 2007


So what the hell did we learn today from the NCAA Selection Committee? Don't play in a Non-BCS conference. There was an all out attack on the Mid-Majors today and it wasn't just who was in and who was out.

Drexel got ripped off. There is no debating that. I feel so bad for Bruiser Flint because the only thing the Dragons did wrong was lose twice to ODU. Sure they lost to Rider and William and Mary but Texas Tech lost to Nebraska at home and they got in.

However, that isn't what the real joke was today. How about No. 24 Creighton as a 10 seed vs. No. 13 Nevada as a 7 seed! Right, that makes sense. How about Butler as a 5 seed vs. 12 seed ODU - that's a bracketbuster game - not a first round match up! Or BYU vs. Xavier? Can we get more Middies to knock each out of the BCS Invitational so we don't have to worry about another George Mason to the Final Four? "Hey, Committee - let's see how many of these annoying little guys we can get rid of before the 2nd weekend!"

It seems like the Committee was told to make sure that the little guy doesn't hurt the pocket books of the Big Guys. It is really, really sad to look at these stats:

3 years ago = 12 mid major at large bids
2 years ago = 9 mid major at large bids
last year = 8 mid major at large bids (Final Four George Mason)
this year = 6 mid major at large bids

The numbers don't lie...the more competitive the Mid-Majors have become - the smaller the number of teams are getting in! Looks like they don't want the new guys at the party any more. They were a cute story but once they started taking home the pretty girls - the upper class man started to throw their weight around.

Everyone who loves the mid-major should pull hard for the winner of Bulter/ODU, CU/Nevada and BYU/Xavier to knock out a BIG seed. The SIU bandwagon needs to be full as well but they will need company in order to prevent the Billy Packard "one team" brush off.

It was an all out assault on the Mid Major today. No to Drexel but yes to ARKANSAS!!Standford, and Illinois? That is ridiculous. I hope and pray a 16 seed beats a 1 this year....Just not Florida :)


truekcroyalfan said...

that is why i love your show, keep up the good work

OkayPlayer said...

looks like jerry palm is the one who knows what he's talking about.

tiffey said...

Looks like Jerry Palms knows what he is talking about huh Matt. Better stick with radio.

Alan said...

Thanks for speaking the truth. Unfortunately for the committee, there is starting to be more and more evidence to show their bias. Hopefully things change, but at some point, the mid-majors and non-BCS may just choose to opt out. Maybe Fox-Sports would be willing to think about an alternative??

aaron said...

Bitch, bitch, bitch, just because there were a certain number of mid majors that got in last year doesnt mean that is the going to be the number every year. I will give you Drexel, but how many more really deserved to get in. Texas Tech lost to Nebraska and so did Creighton. They also beat a number 3 seed twice, and a number 1 seed. To say that Creighton is better than Georgia Tech is even funnier as you said yesterday. Georgia Tech in one week beat UNC and BC. It's really too bad you cant be happy for the Jays, but constantly find reasons to bitch about something. As far as the Big 12 vs Mo Valley, lets see how many wins they both get then compare. Oh wait the BIG 12 got more teams in.

WSC said...

A high RPI apparently only protects BCS-league schools from being kept out of the tournament. This year the top four RPIs omitted from the tournament were Air Force (30), Missouri State (36), Bradley (38), and Drexel (39). Non-BCS schools, every one of them. Last year the top three RPIs to be left home were Missouri State (21), Hofstra (30), and Creighton (39). Again, all non-BCS schools. Two years ago, the top three RPIs to be left out were Miami (OH) (39), Wichita State (45), and Buffalo (46). Again, all non-BCS schools. A coincidence, I think not.

Brian in Lincoln said...

How did I know that would be your reaction Matt? Can you go a day without a stomp and cry session? Why do you think they call them Mid Majors anyways? If they consistently were good, then you would have a point, but the "one hit wonders" that they are about makes a person sick in hearing you bash the system because you did not get your prize....

What about Dukes seed? What about Air Force? What about Syracuse? It is not some conspiracy as you make it out to be.

If Creighton wins a game, which is a big if, they will not even hang with Memphis. Sorry to say, you are done with basketball coverage this year of the ALMIGHTY JAYS

WSC said...

I don't think that Duke's #6 seed in the NCAA tourney is that far off. Yeah they were a #7 seed in a tough ACC tournament comprised of 12 teams.

But in the NCAAs, they are in a field of 65 teams and are basically the #24, #25, #26, or #27 team in the tourney as the six seed.

aaron said...

Since when does anyone care about teams not in the same conference as you. I love how Creighton fan has to bitch and moan about Air Force, and Drexel. It makes no sense that there is such an outcry over teams not even in the same conference. I cheer for MY team and MY conference and nobody else. I dont care if Drexel didnt make it or anyone else not in my conference. CAN'T WAIT TILL BASKETBALL SEASON IS OVER!!!!!