Sunday, March 4, 2007

11-10 Jays 15:12 to play in 1st

The losts contact search was hysterical after AT's first basket...Tatum found the contact lens

Watts with 5 points early is huge for the Jays. Hibma scored off the bench on a great pass by AT. Nate playing great defense but Shaw has hit a 3 already.....

The crowd for the Jays is really starting to make some noise. This is the start that both teams wanted - or rather the MVC wanted for the CBS audience. Southern wants this game low scoring - the Jays want it over 60 points. The pace right now is for that. Nate is having a tough time handling the pressure from Mullins but he just picked up his first.

Both teams are hot to start but the refs are letting the boys play like you want.

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