Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Red Sox v Royals Birthday Bash for Matt

On April 4th - Matt turns 30! As luck would have it - The Red Sox and Royals are playing in KC. So Big Sports 590 is giving you a chance to go see the best team in baseball play at Kauffman :). We'll leave from Omaha on Wednesday the 4th during the midday and come back that night.

For just $59 - you will receive one ticket to the game and seat on the Big Show Big Bus to KC. You'll be given food and drink on the way down and we'll bring you back to Omaha afterwards.

To Sign up - Call Best Fare for their Premium Sports Tour at 397-0662 or 1-800-56-Tours

We are LIMITED for seats on this trip!!! First come first serve!!!

We'll see you on the 4th!!


kevin said...

*send out the email to the guys*

How many seats on the bus?
and can we bring our own beer/liquor
Let me know.

Red Sox Fan said...

There are 47 seats total I believe. You won't need to worry about beer...that's all I can say legally. :) See you there.

Bugaha said...

Nice to see Kevin is your board pet here too.

kevin said...

you can't be all as up to date, informed, and as smart as me bugaha. you can try....but then you start looking like raef.

however you can still be a myopic fan living in the basement looking for a future....good luck with that man.

Bugaha said...

Myopic? You obviously haven't paid attention.

kevin said...

Paid attention to you?

no..I never pay attention to any of you losers on that board. same shit, different day...rinse, repeat. I heard the board was down, you must be crushed.

Bugaha said...

Oh, well how stupid of me to not realize you were just pulling stuff out of your ass.

As far as the board being down, I saw that coming months ago so it wasn't that much of a surprise. As long as I can come here to tell Matt how much he sucks, I'm fine.

Bugaha said...

BTW, speaking of crushed, that's what Matt's going to be when his boyfriend goes to Iowa City.