Sunday, March 4, 2007

Halftime - Jays lead 32-28

Where is Randal Falker?? He's been really left out of this game by Head Coach Chris Lowery. He played 9 minutes!! AT has only 1 foul - great sign for 2nd half.

HEY - It's the Jerry Pollard Show!! 4 straight calls to end the half. AT didn't like the charge. I thought they were trying to even up the calls. with the reach in on Miles..6-6 at halftime by the way.. Tatum din't like the travel. Not good when a ref stands out that much at the end of the half. He really started to get aggressive with his whistle.

Jays are getting shots: 13-26 50% but they are giving up too many baskets too - 45% shooting for SIU.

Nate has 12 points to lead the Jays but they need Porter and AT get going on offense. I like what Dana is doing with the bench - trying to stay fresh. I wonder if Lowery is holding onto Falker for the stretch run of the 2nd half. Or maybe he's just not into it again. Who knows - but that was odd.

Jays are doing a great job on the boards again. Outrebounding SIU 15-10 but they have more turnovers 6 to 3.

Only 8 foul shots in the whole half. Neither team should have issues with fouls in the 2nd. Southern is in the game thanks to 3's - 5 of 6! Matt Shaw again is hurting them with 2 for 2 from behind the line.

2nd - must match them on D. They must get Porter going and they need to get Nate more shots. AT is going to be hit all game. This is going to be a tough half but you gotta take it if you are the Jays...up by 4 with a half to go for the tourney title - and no foul trouble.

Tidbits - CU has not trailed in the 2nd half of their last 3 games. Jays are 16-4 when up at half. 22 of 32 points have been scored in the paint.

SIU was 8 for 11 in the last meeting in Carbondale....5-6 today...not a good sign.

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