Thursday, November 29, 2007

If God Were A Packer Fan

Our Favre,

Who art in Lambeau,

Hallowed be thine arm.

The bowl will come,

It will be won.

In Dallas as it is in Lambeau

And give us this Thursday,

Our weekly win.

And give us many touchdown passes.

But do not let others pass against us.

Lead us not into frustration,

But deliver us to the valley of the sun.

For thine is the MVP, the best of the NFC,

and the glory of the Cheeseheads,

now and forever.

Go get 'em!!!


Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Does Bo Have His Pick?

Tonight LSU granted Michigan permission to talk to Les Miles about their head coaching job.

The timing of the announcement is why I find this interesting. If the thoughts of most people in the media and around the state are true - LSU Defensive Coordinator Bo Pelini is the leading candidate for the Nebraska job. In fact, the Omaha World Herald speculated that the announcement of a new coach could have come as early as today and the feeling was that Pelini was the guy. Is Nebraska going after Bo hard and is LSU worried about losing him now that Michigan is after Les Miles? We are going to find out now in a hurry as bluffs are about to be called.

LSU fans are going to go crazy if the Tigers lay an egg vs. Tennessee in Atlanta. Their Head Coach and DC might be headed elsewhere and distractions seem to be everywhere. Does LSU want Bo to take over for Les? If so, he's got some serious leverage on Nebraska and maybe he has his pick of jobs. Could LSU's announcement screw up Nebraska's search? Maybe. It for sure gives Bo a chance to look at both situations and see if he would be a possibility at each. For $$, it could gives him a chance to pit Nebraska and LSU up against each other.

If Nebraska was trying to take their time with Bo and look around (as they should), they might have to crap or get off the pot now that LSU might be open in a matter of days. This is a development that I really like because I do not believe that Bo Pelini should be the guy at Nebraska. I want a proven Head Coach to come to Lincoln and maybe Tom Osborne is now crossing Bo off his list. However, he could now be pushing for him to accept an offer before Les Miles meets with Michigan to avoid a bidding war.

Les Miles to Michigan is expected. Bo Pelini to replace him would make sense but not guaranteed. Would LSU fans accept him as their Head Coach? Does Nebraska's interest help him become more popular with the LSU fans as a potential replacement? Does Bo want Nebraska over LSU? Does he have a better shot at NU than LSU? We will find out very soon.

Crazy times in Nebraska and a new story every hour it seems...... I still want Paul Johnson, Jim Grobe or Brian Kelly over Pelini. I'd like Turner Gill over Pelini as well. He's No. 5 on my list....but only Tom Osborne's list matters. Not mine.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

17th Biggest Game Still?

"I didn't have my guys ready to be aggressive, and the ballgame was over." Yup, you are right Slingblade. And you lost because you failed to understand the importance of the Nebraska-Creighton game. Maybe he'll answer my questions seriously next year when I ask about this rivalry.

Yesterday was a good day - Callahan fired, Bluejays beat down the Huskers in Basketball, Missouri beat Kansas.

Now to the game:

The Jays have practiced enough. They have been yelled at, run, worked out enough. They need to play games. 3 games is 3 weeks isn't enough. This is not football but this is the schedule that they chose to play and they are 3-0. The Jays will be 4-0 after Thursday night's cupcake game but then it's to Philly for Drexel and Cinn. for Xavier. After that - it's back home for St. Joe's. Why did Nebraska come back? They are in better game shape then the Jays after playing more games and they picked up their pressure and defensive effort as well. They had the energy in the 2nd - the Jays were tired.

Give the players for Nebraska credit for responding to their coach who obviously had a lot to say at halftime and challenged his team. But the team lost because of their coach. He should have apologized in the post game for not having his team ready to play. The Jays were ready and Dana out coached Doc completely. The Qwest Center is the Jays home and Dana doesn't lose in the November at home....25-0.

CU forced 17 turnovers in the first half but they committed 11 of their own in the 2nd. That's not a good sign. Last year Nebraska shot 67% in the game and Ryan Andeson was 7 of 8 from the field. This year - NU shot 33% and Ryan Anderson 2 of 6 for 4 points. What a difference playing on the road makes.

I'll break down each individual performance below but the crowd yesterday was AMAZING in the first half but REALLY QUIET in the 2nd. I was happy to see the crowd come back to life once NU got within 12 but the game really was never in doubt. 9 points is nice after being down by 27 but it's still 3 possessions. If NU fans feel good about that then the football team has turned all NU fans into people who look for moral victories in every loss. A loss is a loss - period. Nebraska isn't the better team.....and they sure as hell don't have the better coach. They do however have a bright future with a few of their players as I'll explain below:

Aleks Maric: I thinks it's obvious that Doc doesn't want to play him. But he has to play him because he's huge but he doesn't fit Doc's style. He's a liability on defense and he slows down the offense. He played 26 minutes but 9 points and 8 boards? I really thought Doc would replay the style from last year and really bang it into Aleks - didn't happen and I was wrong about NU's ability to use him.

Jay-R Strowbridge - Isn't a Big 12 player. Soft with the ball and not very athletic. 21 minutes and 2 assists? Not point guard type numbers

Ade Dugunduro - Very nice player. He got a bit windy but he plays great D and is really quick off the dribble. The game was too quick for him as he turned the ball over 5 times and that caused him to sit for a while in the 2nd half.

Cookie Miller - He's a midget but boy is he quick. He is going to have trouble in the Big 12 but against the Jays he was able to get into the paint and hit some circus shots. Good on ball defender and a tough game to handle.

Ryan Anderson - I didn't think he was that great last year and he's playing like it this year. Has a shot but he's a set shooter - in NU's running style, he won't play that much. Fouled way too much.

Sek Henry - Seems like the type of player Doc wants to play. Nice quickness and game on offense. Had a hard time handling the press though 3 turnovers in 17 minutes.

Steve Harley - The Juco AA didn't disappoint. He has a tremendously quick release off the dribble. Loves to go to his right and then stick a fade away. He's a player no doubt about it.

Shang Ping - I said before and I'll say it again - he's horrible. Dirty player in the post and no game at all. He's a body - that's it.

Paul Verlander - roll player at best

Chris Balham - barely played


Chad Millard - The game got too quick for him against NU. I love him at the top of the press but on defense, he was over matched. 1-5 shooting - 2 points? That's not good enough production out a game who should have 10 at least a night. Has to set his feet when he shoots the 3.

Dane Watts - Having a GREAT start to the season but he did play poorly in the 2nd half. 3 turnovers and Dana wasn't happy at all with him. 14 points and 1 monster dunk for the senior.

Josh Dotzler - Josh is going to play a lot this year but when the game goes to a track meet - he won't. Cavel Witter was the key to holding the lead in the 2nd because he could play the fast pace style.

Pierce Hibma - Hit a few big 3's in the first half but he still shouldn't starting. He's a key role player but not someone who should be matched up with the other team's best for the first 4 minutes of each half.

Nick Bahe - reread what I just wrote about Pierce.

Cavel Witter - Game Ball goes to him. He was HUGE in the 2nd half. Extremely quick and great at handling the press even though he did turn it over 5 times. 14 points - 10 in the 2nd half was huge including 6 points in under 2 minutes at a key stretch.

P'Allen Stinnet - He played like the talented freshmen that he is. Coach didn't like him yelling at the refs and picked up 4 fouls - a few in bad moments. However, his posterizing on Shang Ping was the highlight on the night. P finally got the dunk that Dane was asking for and it was a "WOW" moment.

Booker Woodfox - Finally nailed a 3, 2 actually. I think he's going to be a big factor this year once he gets his confidence back.

Kenny Lawson - His line 7 points, 2 rebs, 1 blk, 1 steal in 8 minutes! That's production off the bench in limited playing time. He has a huge upside.

Casey Harriman - just a quick look at him but he's a nice option

Kenton Walker - Again, limited time but a really nice block on Maric in 3 minutes.

Kaleb Korver - ? Didn't play. Interesting. I thought he'd come in the 2nd to try to hit a few 3's as the Jays were ice cold from behind the arc. I'll ask Dana about this this week.

1-1 Dana vs. Slingblade. Next year will be a war in Lincoln and Doc now understands this rivalry.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Is This It For Bill?

With 10 to play in the 4th Qtr - Nebraska trails CU 51-35. They have given up nearly 500 yards of offense already to the Buffs - another game that the D was barely even there. 5-7 and another missed bowl for Callahan and staff.

It looks like Bill will be fired at some point tomorrow. Tune to Big Sports 590 for complete coverage of the Tom Osburne press conference and reaction to the whatever news comes out of Lincoln tomorrow. We will have special programming whenever TO speaks with your phone calls as well.

Keep it on Big Sports 590 for complete coverage of "The Meeting" tomorrow all day! Plus Creighton vs. Nebraska basketball!!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Why Winning In March Is So Important

December 1st, SIU will host Indiana on a game that will be played on ESPNU.

Over the past decade, Southern and Creighton have been battling in every area of the MVC - except one. March. The Saluki's have BY FAR been better in the NCAA tourney than the Jays have and they are now getting the reap the rewards with scheduling.

The biggest name school the Jays have coming to Omaha this year is.....Nebraska. And their name comes from football. The biggest basketball name.....Depaul. A game that CU should have won easily if it wasn't for the 20-6 start for the Blue Demons. That's not exactly an amazing "name" schedule. Now for RPI overall - the Jays' schedule will be fine as with road games at Drexel and Xavier combined with St. Joe and Depaul at home. Yet fans want that "name" to come into their gym. Nobody will come to Omaha yet. But they are now going to Carbondale.

Now, I'm not sure when the game was booked or even how it was booked but the Hoosiers are one of college basketball's elite. Getting them in a MVC gym is an impressive feat. The only reason I can see that IU would go there is that losing to SIU in their gym is no longer a story. It's a crazy place to play....but so is the Qwest Center.

People in the Valley know that but CU is still a little guy compared to what SIU has turned into. That is why Dana's return must now include wins in March. It's the next step for this program and the next hurdle to overcome. If the Jays want top opponents in Omaha - they must win in the Madness.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Break Up Sex

Lincoln NE: 38-10 at Halftime here in Lincoln over Kansas St. Pretty impressive for the Huskers. But here is what this is:

Break Up Sex.

We will all roll out of bed tomorrow morning it will all still be over. But for's one more time for fun so let's just lay back and enjoy the experience together.

K St isn't good but Nebraska should be more embarrassed that they decided to play today and not the previous 5 games. 5-6 looks likely....can they win one more? Do we really want to have to go through a bowl practice season with a huge ? over all our heads? 3 halfs of football left to find out.

Props to Joe Ganz who is stating a case to start next year no matter who is the Coach.

I should know to never change my first gut feeling....a month ago I picked NU over K St. This morning - I picked K St. by 10 to win. First game I will get wrong on the year straight up. 10-1 is still not bad....but I had a 2007 Patriots thing going....

***full write up on the Jays game will be up later tonight

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Jays Exhibit Signs of Life

The Jays opened the 2007-2008 season with a nice victory over EA Sports tonight in front of a paid attendence of over 13,000. The Qwest Center didn't feel like it will when Depaul comes into to town next Friday but Creighton fans got a chance to see future...which by the way - looks alot like the past. Running, gunning, pressing.....88-75 win. Nice start...but it's just a start.

Here are my impressions from the game:

Bahe – He has come to play. Hitting the 3. Running the floor. Being a leader. Starting spot is for sure deserving. He really impressed me with 10 points

P’Allen – well, he’s P’Allen. My Favorite Player this summer will be my fav this winter. Sets the attitude of the team. Cocky, sure of himself…2 touched 2 3’s taken. Him and Bahe are the soul of this team.

Watts – Nice first half on the boards as an undersized player. He’s quiet but he bangs and plays hard.

Dotzler – still too dribble happy. Needs to give the ball up more or he’s going to lose his playing time. Can't do the drive on the baseline thing anymore.....

Lawson – He has REALLY long arms. Needs to not put the ball on the floor…runs the floor well and has a nice upside.

Woodfox – seems a bit confused on where to be. Needs to play harder on defense because he’s undersized and will have his shot blocked a lot due to his height

Witter – didn’t see a lot of him in the 1st half but he seems to be able to fit into the system

Walker - out of shape as the injuries have obviously affected his conditioning. Seems a touch confused on where to be. Needs to be stronger with the ball but he has a HUGE base. You can see the potential.

Millard – LOVE his stroke. Has the ability to score a lot and be a really key member of this team. Gotta find his shot in the offense but plays good D and has the ability to alter shots. Will create MAJOR match up problems.

Hibma – well, he’s Pierce. Plays all out, gives up his body and will fight with anyone. Harriman – slow but has a WONDERFUL stroke. Could be a nice, catch and shoot guy for the Jays this year. Nice option off the bench

Korver – he will redshirt – WAY too thin

Dana - well, he's coaching like it's the Valley Tournament. So good to have him back!