Thursday, April 30, 2009

It's Matt and Miller on KXNO Des Moines

After 3 weeks of rumors and questions, today Ken Miller and I made it official.  We have teamed up to form the "Matt and Miller Show" every weekday afternoon from 4 to 7 pm  on KXNO in Des Moines.  Some quick things:   

1.  Yes, I'm very excited about the new opportunity and it should be really interesting to get to know Ken along the way.  Ken is very knowledgeable and I think we play off each other well.  We don't know each other well so it's going to be fun to start fresh. 

2.  Everything happens for a reason and stepping into a show that had a talented previous co-host will be challenging but I'm my own man.  I'm not concerned about being type-casted.   I think people will learn quickly that I have my own thoughts.

3.  Brian, The Producer of the Big Show, did not come with me from Omaha.  There wasn't a spot for him on the new show.  While i hope to work with Brian again someday, the timing was right for that to happen. 

4.  I can't wait to get back on the air.  It's been 30 days since my last show...I'll be rusty but I'm ready to go.  

I know some of you have been pre-judging me and saying I'm going to be like this or like that.  I'm gonna ask that you give the show a chance before you make up your mind.  If after a couple of weeks, you don't like the show - change the station and go somewhere else for your sports information.  However, please have an open mind tomorrow when the show gets off the ground.  It's going to be a little shaky at first because you have 2 guys who don't know each other very well.  It will be an adjustment for everyone.  We will be much better in 1 month from now than tomorrow. 

Quickly, I just want to say something about how I ended up here in Des Moines.  I did not want to leave Omaha but I feel very blessed to get a job in the PM drive slot so fast after my time in Omaha ended.  However, for those of you who think my show on Big Sports 590 failed in Omaha to draw an audience - the latest ratings book came out and The Big Show was 3rd in our key demo (which is Men 25-54).  Now, Z-92 was 1 and 1620 was No. 2 but having a Top 3 show in your core demo does not get you fired in radio.  The decision to end the show had nothing to do with the success of the show or about my abilities....but rather Journal's desire to stop paying me.  I can only control what comes out of the speakers and the product- not the sales on the station.  Journal Broadcast Group in Omaha is in real trouble money-wise because they can not sell their product any longer.  

So, with that, I hope you will tune on 1460 Am in Des Moines or tomorrow at 4 pm as my 4th job in radio starts anew.  "The Matt and Miller Show" will debut and I hope you can be around in a few years to say "I remember their first show".  

Lastly, Bluejay fans - I've entered into serious talks to take a certain Jays website to the next level with information, interviews, post game reaction podcasts, and premium message boards.  It's about time the Jays got a website that serves their needs completely with consistent information.  Let's be honest - the Omaha World Herald doesn't do enough.  Big Sports 590 is going to pathetically try and serve Jays' fans but will fail with the pre/post games shows next year without an afternoon show.  This website should be launching in the next month so be on the look out - I think you will really like it.    

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

At Long Last

In terms of secrets....this might be one of the worst kept ones ever....where is Matt going next?  Tomorrow - at long last - I can finally talk about it publicly.  I will write a lot more on here tomorrow and eventually - this blog will morph with my new job's website.  

Thanks for all the emails and's been hard to keep my mouth shut for as long as I had but I'm really excited about the new opportunity and I think you will too once you hear about it. 

Stay tuned for just 24 more hours...and then I can talk.  Also, I might have some fun news out of Omaha about my old show to share as well so check back tomorrow around 4.  

Love Bill...but TEMPLE! Killin' me...

Bill went to UMass too...we play football Bill too!

Uh Oh. I Hope This Isn't The Norm

So whenever I move to a new place, I'm always concerned about the politics of the city. I'm not a radical or anything but my views on life are reflective of a lot people my age. We try to accept everyone and don't get caught up in the hate speech of the baby boomers.

In Iowa, this gay marriage issue is causing people to lose their minds. It's like they are being forced into a world that they can't exist. I am proud of Iowa and proud that the state was at the forefront of the gay marriage issue. My home state of Massachusetts is also involved with this debate.

Here is an article that I came across today that really freaked me out. Why it was printed in the Des Moines Register is beyond me but this is hate speech. The word "recruited" especially scares me. I just wish people who actually are religious would actually follow what their religion teaches....I'm not religious but I often feel more Christian than the most devout. Here's a great clip and while I'm sorry that this family lost their son...being gay doesn't destroy society.

"For those still uncertain about homosexual "marriage," please understand that the more accepting we are of homosexuality as a society, the more likely it is that your family, and society in general, will suffer the pain that ultimately results. Homosexuality took the life of our son."

EDIT - This is great!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Well, Don't Lean Over Then!

This is really funny.  You can tell that Lindsay Soto of Versus was told to "COVER UP!" during this interview in her ear....pretty funny actually.  I feel bad for women cause guys never have to deal with this type of thing.....but funny none the least

Monday, April 20, 2009

4-20 Giggle

Love KG!! :)

Sorry I've Been Away

So I apologize for the lack of content on this blog of late.  I haven't been able to write because I have been in the middle of closing a deal for a new job and then I went to LA for the weekend (check out the sunset last night in Laguna!).  I still can't talk about the new opportunity but I'm really excited about it.  I also am working on some new things that will interest Bluejay basketball fans.  

Quickly, great day today for me.  1st - It's Patriots Day.  Awesome holiday to celebrate the amazing acts of our forefathers.  I'm reading "Burr" by Gore Vidal right now. Great book!  2nd. It's 420 :).  Always a fun day for us liberals.  3rd.  Red Sox beat the O's for a sweep.  Celtics have a huge playoff game vs. Chicago, and the Bruins go for a 3-0 lead on hated Montreal.  4th - The Boston Marathon was today!  Record finish for the women.  

I'm sitting in Orange County where it's 92 degrees waiting on my flight back to Omaha....can't beat this day eventhough I won't get to see much of the fun.  Happy Patriots/420 day! 

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Good Day Today

There will be news coming out about me this week.  I can't talk about it until I'm given the OK which I have not yet.  Stay tuned and I'll write more about the new situation when I can.  

Monday, April 13, 2009

So Long Harry and Predictions

Sports lost a truly amazing voice today when Harry Kalas - voice of the Phillies and NFL films died at the age of 73.   There are few voices who leave a mark on the entire sports world but Harry certainly did.  So long Harry - we will miss you.  

Gotta get to the predictions for the MLB post season 

AL- Division

Boston vs. Cleveland
Tampa vs. Angels 

NL - Division

New York vs. LA
Philly vs. Chicago 

Boston vs. Tampa 

Chicago vs. New York 

World Series
Tampa Bay vs. Chicago 

WS Champ - Tampa Bay  - I know, crazy right?  but Harry's son Todd is the voice of the Rays.  Only fitting after the Phillies title last year

Friday, April 10, 2009

New Golf Fans Need To Act Like Golf Fans

A fan screamed "It's in the hole!" 

The line was heard after Tiger Woods struck his tee shot at the par 3, 16th hole at Augusta National yesterday during the 1st round of The Masters.

"Oh, not at Augusta!" immediately followed from CBS/ESPN broadcaster Peter Oosterhuis.

I thought the exact same thing.

Golf is not baseball.  Golf is not football.  Golf is not basketball.  Golf is a game where men and women wear a uniform of slacks and collard shirts.  Golf is a game where dress shoes are spiked and the person with the greatest power to penalize your performance is yourself.  

Clean is the word I like to use when I talk about Golf.  It is the one game that I have always known that I would play for my entire life and The Masters is the most amazing event I've ever been to.  From Hogan's Bridge to Founders Circle to Amen Corner - the course is near heaven on earth.  

People often have asked me why do I get upset when Tiger Woods wins.  He's the best player in my lifetime.  Tiger has grown the game in a way that nobody thought an African American could worldwide.  There are more millionaires on tour now than ever before because of Tiger.   All this is true but it's the growth of the game that has concerned me.  Who is now coming to golf because of Tiger?  

The reason is why I get annoyed when Tiger wins is because it brings out THAT GUY - the one who yelled "It's in the hole" yesterday.  He's the guy who loves Tiger - not golf.  He thinks he is cheering at a sporting event.  No big deal right?  Well, it is.  Walking Augusta National last year was one of the greatest sports experiences of my life.  The beauty of the course and the elevation changes aren't done justice on TV.  You have to see it to believe it.  Every angle, every green, every fairway - just so clean.  Golf is different and those who don't get it either need to learn that's it's different or get out.  

The Masters is something special and it's sad that 1 fan can cause such a disappointing moment but I really hope that the new fans learn to love the game - not the player.  If you don't understand the etiquette - educate yourself.  If you don't know all the players - read about them.  Tiger Woods is 7 strokes back going into the weekend of the 2009 Masters.  His largest come-from-behind win of at the Masters was in 2005 where he came back from 6 strokes after 36 holes.  He is basically dead in the water but the tournament is setting up to be AWESOME.  Real golf fans will be watching every stroke.  

One final note - if you need someone to cheer about Anthony Kim.  11!! birdies today and 3 bogies.  He shot a 65 after a 75 yesterday.  10 strokes better!  The 11 birdies is the most EVER in a single round at The Masters.  If he just par'd those 3 holes he bogied - he would have shot a 62!  Course record.  

Sick Shot

This made me smile:

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Read Of The Day

From Today's New York Times - something that Omaha people should remember - and Iowa people need to keep in mind.  Great read

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

For Brian the Producer

So Brian loves to say that he has never seen a single minute of Star Wars.  We would fight about this on the air because I just don't get how you wouldn't watch one of the greatest movies of our time...Star Wars is a right of passage for teenage males.  You have to see's too good not too.

But I wonder if the movie was like this video - would he watch?  :)

New Video For Em

This is damn funny.  I've always been a big Em fan....he goes after everyone including Tony Romo and Sarah Palin is this video and song:

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bitch Slapped in Lincoln

15-0.  15 to NOTHING!  ON THE ROAD!  Against Nebraska. My goodness....that is amazing for Ed's Bluejay boys considering where they were a few weeks ago.  

I saw Coach at the airport before I flew to St. Louis for Arch Madness as the baseball team was getting ready to fly out to South Carolina for the Coastal Carolina Tournament.  Coach was down...really down.  The team was 1-8 at the time and coach said "Matt, We just aren't playing our brand of ball.  I don't know what's up but we are just plugging along.  Hopefully we'll get it together".  Well, the team wouldn't turn the corner for a few more games but they for sure have now -  winning 7 of their last 8 and are now playing Jays' baseball.  Tonight, it was very sweet for Jays' fans considering that the Huskers did something similar last year to the Jays at Rosenblatt.

Tonight, Creighton gave Nebraska their worst beating in the rivalry since 1993 - and it was at Haymarket.  That was a 19-1 killing but tonight felt worse.  It's the first shut of Nebraska since 1977...that's 32 years ago!  They scored 8 runs in the 8th inning and 10 straight batters reached base at one point.

One has to ask - how much longer does Mike Anderson have in Lincoln?  Congrats to the Jays.     

Omaha Needs To See This Movie

My friend Sean (him on the right) is in a new independent movie that was shot in Omaha called "April Showers" that is about to hit theatres.  The movie is about the affects that a school shooting - yes Columbine - can have on a community.  The video below talks about how special Omaha really is and the overall experience of shooting the film in a place like Omaha....and I couldn't agree more with what they say.  This community is one of the most amazing places in the country.  You all should be very proud and go see this movie - looks really good.

Why Are People So Stupid?

So I was reading on line today and somebody wrote about making someone shut up by making them eat a teaspoon of cinnamon.  I have never heard this line before so I googled it....and WOW - there are a lot stupid people in the world willing to cause themselves some serious pain by eating the teaspoon of cinnamon.  I had no idea that it was that dangerous but check out the hot blonde nearly choke herself out:

By the way - the dude taping and laughing....class act.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Champion Crowned Tonight

I won't write a lot on here because I think tonight is pretty simple.  UNC is more talented. Period.  Michigan State will play an amazing game tonight but in the end - UNC wins by 10.  85-75 UNC 2nd title in 5 years and Tyler Hansborough has his "Tim Tebow" movement. 

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Prediction Time

PLAY BALL!!  Best saying in all of spring.  I did not do well last year but I love to look back in October and see how things went. 

NL East - New York Mets
NL Central - Chicago Cubs
NL West - LA Dodgers
NL Wild Card - Philadelphia Phillies

Team to watch - St. Louis Cardinals 

AL East - Boston Red Sox
AL Central - Cleveland Indians
AL West - LA Angels 
AL Wildcard - Tampa Bay Rays

Team to watch - Kansas City Royals 

Next Sunday I will predict the playoffs and Champion

Reality Setting In

Tomorrow will be tough for because last week so crazy.  The news came out that I was done officially at Big Sports 590 and I was overwhelmed with emails, texts, and phone calls from friends, family, listeners, and people in the biz.  It was really amazing. 

However, the reality of the show being over has begun to set in and now I have to figure out what comes next.  I've got a lot of work to do in the coming weeks to find my next opportunity and I will be updating the blog in the meantime.  This space gives me the opportunity to talk to you guys and voice my thoughts.

Inside of one of the many emails that I received from a listener was a song.  It took me a back that someone would take the time to write something like this and I asked him I could share it.  He asked me to withhold his name but I thought since this was a first - I would let you read the lyrics.   It was written after I put out the quote "Don't cry because it's over, Smile because it happened:

Sometimes you may feel like a stranger, others I think you're a friend
    This forced separation surprised me, I bet it did you as well
    Should we be sad now that its over or smile that it happened
     It depends on you, your mood, or just how much this meant to you

    Im not good at goodbyes 
    I wish this didn't have to end
    We feel a litttle helpless now
    Maybe well meet again

    Theres times you will always remember, meaningful or just the fun
    The special connection to this place, 
 the emotions now start to come 
    Should we be sad now that its over or smile that it happened
     It depends on you, your mood, or just how much this meant to you

    Im not good at goodbyes 
    I wish this didn't have to end
    We feel a litttle helpless now
    Maybe well meet again

    Im not good at goodbyes
    How did it end up this way
    Its worse we have no control
    and theres so many things to say

    you tried to resist, and fight the change
    but the time has come to remember better days 

Friday, April 3, 2009

When Are You Old Enough?

I sit here 1 hour away from my 32nd birthday.  I remember back in my angry teen years when I used to think that I would never see 25 because that seemed ridiculous - 25, how do I ever get to THAT age?  I was your typical pissed off teenager who wanted to rule the world.  Well, I blew past that number and now, I'm wondering when do I consider myself a grown up?  I sure as hell don't live like it now.  Tomorrow night I will drink my weight in alcohol and can't wait to do it with some of the best people around.  I can because I have no responsibility to anyone but myself.  But I look around and realize....most 32 year olds don't do that.  And I'm 32 now. Some wish that they could....but most are content with a slower pace to life.  A domestic life. Hell, my brother is 29 and he is married with a kid and lives on a farm.  WAAAY more responsible than me....and I'm his big brother.  

You see, 32 is an age that people start to wonder about you.  Why aren't you married?  You don't have kids?  Don't you want kids?  Don't you want to be married?  Well, yeah I want all those things but I want them later....but is now later?  Can I keep putting them off? I used to think that I would wake up one day and realize that I was ready for those BIG life things and it would just be there for the taking.  If age has taught me anything, it's that timing is the most important thing in life.  It just hasn't been the right time for me to do those things that's all.  

Yet, I'm beginning to feel like Bill Maher.  Married friends don't really know how to deal with me....I'm SINGLE.  I don't have a girlfriend....and go out and party and sometimes hook up with girls that I'm not in a relationship with (although this has REALLY slowed down of late.  I think this is one area where age does come into play.  Not too many mid-20's girls want to hook up with the 30+ year old who is semi-good looking and quasi famous in Omaha.  I mean, I have no game - zero.  But I often just stumbled into a girl who for some reason liked me).  That is the stuff that USED to happen to them back in "their single days".  They look at you and smile and laugh with an uncomfortable giggle.  You are like some crazy cousin that they only can take at Christmas. It's weird but I look at them and think - god, you mean you can't go out and do whatever you want?  You mean you have go to her parents house for WHAT tomorrow?  I couldn't do it - at least not yet. 

Imagine this conversation:  Girl:  Honey we have to go to my mother's tomorrow.  Me: Why? Girl: Because she hasn't seen me in 3 days and she wants to show me pictures of my sister's new house.  Me: I can't.  Girl: Why not?  Me: Cause I have to watch the Final Four games and then I have to read about the Red Sox opening day roster.  Girl:  Can't you just DVR it?  Me: No cause I told Ross I would go to the bar and have a drink with him during the 2nd game.  Girl: No, you can't do that.  Me:  RIIIIGHHHT.  I have to work - read during the 1st game and then with Ross for the 2nd.  Sorry honey, tell your mom hi but I've got work to do and then I'm meeting Ross.  Girl:  Tomorrow is Saturday! You don't have the show ME:  Your point?

See why I can't be married?  My work is my life and my work is what guys do to get away from their wives and lives.  For me, I have to work when they play.  I have the PERFECT excuse every time - "it's my job honey".  Sports and sports radio is what I do.  Now, throw in the fact that I move every 4 years and show me a girl who is down with that lifestyle.  See why I'm single?  Even the girls that I meet that might be cool with the moving - aren't cool with the sports thing.  It's too much.    

But when do you officially become an adult?  What age are you really old enough to be considered mature?  I don't feel like I'm mature and being around married people REALLY makes me feel lacking in that department.  I feel the same as I did when I was 26 or 28.  I think the same way, do the same things....all with a bit less hair on my head but I'm still as active.  If I were turning 28 tomorrow would people question my behavior?  Sure, I might recover a little slower from an all night drunkfest the next morning but not much.  Is it true that you are only as old as you feel?  I think so because if you didn't tell me that I was 32....I wouldn't think that I was that old.  But is 32 old?  Isn't 32 the age where TV talking heads on ESPN start to question  your longevity and your production?  Isn't 32 when they start to wonder "how many good years" you have left?  Isn't 32 the age when they start looking around for the "younger" option?

My whole life is a victim of circumstance however.  My mother had me at 18.  By the time she was 32 she had a 14 year old and a 12 year old running around. ARE YOU F'ing KIDDING ME!  I can barely take care of my cat let alone a teenager.  She had 2!  Plus, I was a pissed off kid because my parents knew each other for grand total of 6 weeks before they got pregnant with me and without my existence there is no way in hell they would have known each other for longer than 6 months.  I think that's why I am the way that I am.  I'm lucky to be here so I better enjoy the hell out of it.  I am also living out the life that my mother never did.  My mom never lived outside of Massachusetts.  She never traveled.  The dreams she chased were so she could provide for her 2 children.  I chase a dream that is entirely self-absorbed because she could never do that and you know what - she wants me to.  She lives through me in a way...although she very much wants me back in Boston.

32 isn't old, I know, but it does get you to thinking about the purpose of life.  I was always taught that family is the most important thing to value.  Blood - that's what matters.  I haven't lived around my family for 10 years.  Virginia, Alabama and Nebraska and now, maybe a new state if I find a job in the coming weeks.  It's been a crazy ride for the past decade but I wouldn't change it for the world.  Yet, I'm trying to figure out what comes next.  Unemployment will do that to you...make you think about the next step in your process.  While I'm scared about what might happen to me, a big part of me is excited about the future.  This is why being unattached is better for me - I don't have to worry about someone else's happiness right now...only mine own.  And that is how I like it at the moment.  

In the great words of the band Cracker "Ha-ppy.  Ha-ppy Birthday to me.  Happy Birthday to me and to you."  I'm 32....and you know what....that's old enough for now.

My Old Company Continues To Circle The Drain....

The economy is killing a lot of companies and Journal Broadcast Group is in real trouble.  I really feel for the many friends I have at the company and the many managers who do a wonderful job for the company.  2009 is a tough year for included

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Iowa, Iowa St, Drake, and now CREIGHTON?

The DI basketball scene in the immediate area has been rocked with transfers and departures recently.  Iowa has lost 4 players including Jake Kelly who is going to Indiana St.  Iowa St. lost local product Wes Eikmeier among others and Drake lost Josh Parker as well.  For the most part - Creighton and Northern Iowa have been unaffected.  Until now.....Creighton may been next to go through some roster turmoil. 

Word is out that both Sr. Point Guard Cavel Witter and and Jr. Forward Kenton Walker are seeking their release from Creighton.  Let's take them one at a time.....and these are rumors.  I'm not a media member at the moment....I'm a just someone with access to information. 

1.  Cavel Witter - this should not shock people at all.  Cavel Witter has seen his time cut as he was forced to switch positions and it did not go well.  He was sloppy all year when he had the ball in his hands and looked lost at times inside the offense.  Witter was expected to switch full time to the 2 guard spot as Antonie Young will fill Josh Dotzler's starting spot at Point Guard and incoming Andrew Bock will be expected to back him up.  The rumor has Cavel asking to be moved back to Point Guard and be named the starter since he would be the oldest of the 3 options.  The rumor has the coaching staff saying no to the request and thus Witter wants out.

2.  Kenton Walker - this is SHOCKING if true.  And the reason is the treatment of P'Allen Stinnet.  P has always been a lightning rod for attention but there were huge rumors all year that P had received special treatment by the coaches for a variety of off the court issues.  This has angered Kenton to the point where he doesn't want to play with P anymore.  Take it for what it's worth but this was confirmed by 2 people close to the program tonight but not from someone directly associated with the team.  

If this turns out to be true - Creighton has 2 scholarships open and with Coach Brian Fish up for the North Florida job - all of a sudden there is reason to be concerned for next year if you are a Jays fan.  The lack of post depth could prove to be a huge problem if CU does lose Walker and can't replace him.  

Message Boards....

"Instead of chasing that paper. 
Just live your life (Oh!), 
Ay ay ay. 
You got no time for no haters. 
Just live your life (Oh!), 
Ay ay ay. 
No telling 
Where it'll take you. 
Just live your life (Oh!),
 "  TI featuring Rihanna 

A part of being a sports talk show host that I never got fully accustomed to is the message board faction.  A message board is a really cool thing when people use it right….but it’s like the line “Every tool is a weapon – if you hold it right”.   Being on the radio means you are in the public eye.  Someone who runs a radio station believes that you have the ability to argue and discuss topics in an intelligent and entertaining manner and thus, your voice becomes larger than the average sports fans.  There is a lot of animosity that comes from being on that stage.  Enter the message board.

The two main message boards for sports here in Nebraska, and, are both extremely good sources of information about the teams that they cover.  Breaking news, articles about the team, speculation on stories, and predictions from the media all get linked to threads on the boards.  However, when Rick Pitino called sports talk radio listeners “The Fellowship of the Miserable” while he was here in Omaha – I think message board fanatics fit the bill better. 

People often ask me why do I write on message boards – why bother to lower yourself to their level and give the rogue idiots the satisfaction that they got to you?  I never felt like I was making a mistake by answering people who write about me on message boards until recently.  I have always seen myself as the same as any sports fan with the love of competition, the love of my team, the love of what is going on inside the sports community – the hot topic of the day if you will.  But the experience of being let go from Big Sports 590 has changed me. Maybe I need to keep anyway from them the next job I go to.  Sad though - I love the interaction with diehard fans...but it seems like it was more trouble than it was worth.

I have read things over the past few days that have really saddened me.  The one insult that will always get to me is to call me a liar.  If you remember “Back to the Future”, Michael J. Fox’s character Marty couldn’t stand to be called “Chicken”.  He freaked out when you did, melt down and bow up….well, that’s what happens to me when you call me a liar.   I try very hard to be an honest person in life – both public and private.  Your character is what you have when nobody is watching.  So when people write that I’m lying about what happened to me – well, it hurts.  The hateful words directed at me are sad too but I grew a thick skin about personal comments about me a while ago.  If someone wants to hate me for my mind or for what I say on the air, that’s the job I choice.  Unfortunately, when someone is vulnerable, that’s when the vultures come out of their hiding. 

I will always say this – if you ever have a question…just ask.  Direct questions get direct answers from me.  Always

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Morning After....

Hi Guys,

I want to thank you for the experience yesterday because it was truly something I will never forget.  I've never left a job like that before.  Normally, I'm moving on to another job, bigger market, another opportunity and I can't stop thinking about what will come next.  This time, I can't stop thinking about what was and how much fun I had here.  

I am going to write a lot more on here tonight but I just wanted to put something up to say thank you.  I answered 350 emails last night.  If you wrote and I didn't write back - resend it because I either skipped  over it by mistake or it never got to me.  

Talk soon,