Sunday, March 4, 2007

17-10 11:46 to go in 1st

"We Want the Funk" being played by CU band..

Jays continue to rebound the ball well. At bleeding after getting hit in the face for the 2nd time by SIU. Manny forced to come in because of it. Not good for the Jays right now as the tempo is the Jays' right now. You just have the feel here that this isn't the same SIU team as earlier in the year. The Jays are peaking at the right time? Their defensive intensity is amazing right now. SIU hasn't scored since the 15:26 mark....4 mins!

Funk is starting to heat up. Nate, Nick, and AT are again leading the way but the subs are doing a great job with the press. SIU isn't handling the press very well in terms of setting up their offense.

Falker is getting frustrated and the shots are falling. The Jays are out Southerning - Southern!

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BLV said...

CU isn't showing any fear of the Salukis, and they might be one of the few teams in the country that truly understands SIU. I like that.

However, I hate dreadlocks. They look good under a helmet but positiviely foolish on the court.