Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Love American Idol For The Right Reasons.....

She can't sing but DAMN.....
See you in St. Louis :)

Big Show for Wednesday

-Summit Kills it...literally
-Big 12 vs. MVC debate...again
-Celtics broadcaster is sexist
-Closing the Civic?
-Beer Gardens capped for CWS?
-Trent Green, a Dolphin?
-Nebraska vs. Iowa St.

3pm - Gary Parrish, CBS Sportsline
5pm- Greg McDermott - HC of Iowa ST.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

SIIIIICCCCKKK! Shaun Livingston breaks his knee!

This is a link cause its the best quality that I could on it.'s version are grainy...this needs to be seen in FULL def!


Big Show for Tuesday

-Did a trainer get Callahan his job?
-Why was Ostergard fired?
-Shatel's Column on Pederson's Locked doors
-How will you remember Nate Funk?
-Sheffield won't help in Steriod investigation
-IFL player dies after head-on hit

3pm - Doak Ostergard - fired trainer from NU
3:15 - Nick Porter, Sr Bluejay Guard
3:30 - Nate Funk, SR Bluejay Guard
3:45 - Anthony Tolliver, SR Bluejay Guard
4:30 - Jerry Palm,
5pm - Steve Ryan,

Monday's Big Show

Sorry I didn't post the schedule and topics on here yesterday. Travel issues with my girlfriend screwed up my day.

As you know we talked to Head Coach of Creighton Dana Altman and Mike DeCoursey of the Sporting News but I'll post Tuesdays show in a few hours.

I apologize for yesterday's lack of info.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Roller Coaster Continues....

31 and 19 for the Big Aussie vs. Missouri. What if he could do that every night? That's my question for Nebraska now. Next year - with better perimeter scorers and defenders on the way, could Aleks Maric go off every night as teams are forced out of the necessary double team?

I say yes, if he wants it. I was glad to read this week that Aleks has no intention of going pro after the season. Maric could get paid $200k/yr+ to go play in Europe or in Australia but if he wants the NBA dough - he better be back in Lincoln next year. He has the body for the League but does he have the heart? Maric likes to act as if he's playing a role in a Shakespeare play sometimes with his flopping and arm flailing. It can cause a ref to question a call and not whistle a foul when he is actually hit. He needs to get mentally tougher next year - in addition to physically.

Yet, as Nebraska sits at 16-11, the NIT is very much in the picture and many teams have used an NIT run to set up a great season the next year. Coach Doc Sadler knows that his team is only as good as Aleks is on a particular night. That's why they are so up and down....tough to tie yourself to a player that isn't always available for a ride.

The Huskers have Iowa St. coming in on Wednesday. You have no idea which team will show up. The one that beat Tech and Missouri or the one that got killed by KU twice and lost to Baylor. But this is how this team is going to go from here on out. They will win a game or two that they should lose....and vice versa.

I just hope the fans are there to see it. Wednesday night, I hope there are at least 10,000 fans there to watch the game. Should be a good one....two first year coaches trying to further install their systems - setting up for next year.

PS - Keep a close on who the new AD will be for Arkansas. Frank Broyles will be out soon and if the new AD is close with Doc - I'd start to worry a little. Stan Heath is most likely gone after the year - and the new AD will want to put his stamp on the program. Some have called Arkansas Doc's dream job....if that is true, and the fact that his family is still there....Woo Pig Sooie might his new calling card....He had a heck a junior college run in Arkansas and almost didn't go to UTEP because he loved it there so much.

Somewhere, Sarah Connor Is Getting Ready...

Sunday, February 25, 2007

White Out Worked!

90% at least wore white for Wichita!!!
I was so pumped to walk into the Qwest Center and see all the Creighton fans decked in white.
It was a 3 month long process to convince the University to do the "White Out For Wichita". Some thought that the fans would respond. Others felt like the fans loved their blue too much and wanted a "Blue Out".
I'm really happy that things worked out and it was a nice promotion for all. Big Sports 590 was very proud to be pushing this idea and I personally want to thank Mike West and Rob Anderson for their help in pushing the White Out. I think it was a very nice way to send off the 4 seniors. I hope it becomes an annual tradition for the Wichita St. Game.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Big Show for Friday

-Officials are horrible this year and we know why
-NHL Fight night last night
-Pippen is in the red
-Baseball Odds
-Did Landis NOT cheat?

2:30 - Jeff Goodman
3 o'clock hr - Rich Eisen NFL Network
4 pm -Fitzy from - Remember DJ
5pm - Mark Turgeon, Coach of Wichita


Also - Tickets every hour to Jays vs. Shockers AND
UNO's home playoff game next weekend

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Goodbye DJ - You Were One of a Kind

The picture of Dennis Johnson to the left was the last time I saw him alive. It was Spring Training, 2004 - before the Red Sox won the World Series and captivated New England. The picture was taken by a Boston Globe Photog....I never thought I'd be writing about his death at the age of 52. I am a bit in shock tonight.

Dennis Johnson, "DJ", as C's fans loved to call him - was a one of a kind player. I wish I could write a proper statement of his talents but that's why we have Bill Simmons. All I can write is my personal connections with him, however small they actually were.

I was 12 years old and was just learning the game of golf - sometimes illegally finding places to practice in my hometown of Andover MA. Dennis Johnson was playing in a Celebrity Golf Tournament at the Andover Country Club, which happens to be the same golf course that I was sneaking on daily at that time to learn the game. On this particular day, there would be no stealing of golf but a chance of a lifetime.

I walked onto the course and quickly noticed a sign that listed the players that were smacking it around that day. Dennis Johnson was the only name that I remember and the only player that I cared about there for that tournament. I loved the Celtics. Bird, Kevin, The Chief, Ainge and DJ - the Real Fab Five to me. '84 and '86 Champs....beating the hero's growing up. The Patriots sucked. The Red Sox crushed us. The Bruins couldn't get out of their own way...but the Celtics could do it. The could bring the Garden to life and take down anyone. And DJ was a big part of the reason why. We all loved him - as fans do - for he did on the court.

I was camped out on the 6th tee waiting for him when his group came by after about 20 minutes. He was bigger than I thought he would be but very relaxed. He could tell I was a nervous wreck, more nervous than I would be just a few months later when I kissed my first girl. DJ grabbed my lid, a green Oakland A's hat, off my head and signed it without me asking him to do it. I was shocked and kept the hat for 10 years tucked away for safe keeping. I have a younger brother, who I gave it to years later after I grew out of the "autograph" phase of my life. It still sits in his room today.

As luck would have it, Dennis Johnson was hired to coach the Florida Flames in the NBDL in year 2 of the league. I was the play by play voice of the Huntsville Flight for 4 seasons and often got the chance to interview the man that I idolized. He never knew how much I respected him other than the one time I told him that I was from Boston and grew up a C's fan. He simply smiled at that statement, he had heard it a hundred times over but was too kind to do anything else. It was a joy to get the chance to talk to him at league functions and events but I never really saw him as a coach. I saw him as the player who laid the ball in after Bird stole it on the inbounds play in the playoffs. I still hear Johnny's call in my head.

DJ died today at the age of 52 at practice. As someone said on the show - a fitting place for a basketball legend to leave us. Yet, even with the proper place, it came way too soon.

I'm sorry if this doesn't convey how I'm feeling tonight. Writing is not my strong suit. I'm a speaker and that's why I am glad that I was on the air today as the story broke. Yet, I wanted to write something more about DJ tonight. It felt right to do it.

We will miss you DJ. Go Celtics.

Grown Man Cries like Chick.. So Funny

Big Show For Thursday

-The Huskers were going to win 5 straight right?
-How many Big 12 teams into the Dance?
-Is this the Cubs year?
-Gotta feel good for Stephen Ames
-Barry Stevens, ISU star dead
-Drake, a winning season!?
-Manny is still Manny

3 pm - Jim Hendry, GM of the Chicago Cubs
4:30 - Look Around the Big 12 (4 writers)
5 pm - Michael Lazarus, basketball writer

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I'm Glad I'm Not The Only One Checkin out Her Rack

Big Show for Wednesday

-Jays vs. Redbirds - Loss!
-Jays choking away NCAA bid
-Huskers want to win 5 straight?
-NFL Combine for Zac Taylor
-Barry Bonds says he's clean
-Morrison doesn't have HIV?
-Cheerleading Hall of Fame?
-Brady sells NY condo

3pm - Kevin McKenna, Bluejay Asst. Coach
4 pm - Greg Doyle CBS Sportsline Basketball writer
5 pm- Jimmy Motz - Former Jay Player

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Jays Shirt For Sale for White Out


Big Show for Tuesday

-Jays play for the Tourney Lives tonight
-KU vs. Kst - Jayhawks win 23rd straight at Bramlage
-Bob Knight doesn't like Kevin Durant's status
-Wisconsin vs. Ohio St - First 1 vs. 2 in Big Ten History
-Barry Bonds - will you pay attention this year?
-Why hasn't a Freshman won a big award yet?
-Tom Brady vs. Baby's Momma gettin' ugly
-Dallas Clark booted from HS game in Iowa

2 4 Pack ticket giveaway for Jays vs. Wichita

3Pm - Jerry Palm,
5 pm - Dayton Moore, GM of Kansas City Royals
5:30 - replay of Porter Moser

Pregame live from Ill. St @ 6:30 pm
Tip off Jays vs. RedBirds @ 7:05 pm

I Love College - Go Gators!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Big Show for Monday

Sorry to be late with this - been a crazy day

2:30 - Porter Moser - Ill. St. Coach
3:15 - Rick Majerus - Former Coach ESPN
3:30 - Bruce Rasmussen - AD of CU
4:30 - Doug Elgin - Commish of The Valley
5pm - Big Show Big 5 at 5

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Are the Jays In The Tourney Right Now?

I say Yes - for now. And here is why:

The loss to Drexel last night hurts for knocks them down to a 10 seed in my opinion from a 7/8 that they were before the game. But with the Valley Tourney to come - the Jays need to win their last 2 regular season games and then 1 game at the Valley tourney and they are in. Not the best seed - but in none the less.

However, if they don't beat Wichita and Ill. St. - they won't be in and they will have to win Arch Madness.

Here's a look at their numbers:

Worst RPI Loss Non Confernce: @ Fresno St @ 108
Worst RPI Loss Conference: @ Indiana St. @ 140

Those Loses aren't horrible but they aren't pretty either. The losses to SIU by 5 points and the loss to Drexel aren't horrible but they should have won those games. All 3 of those losses came as the team couldn't convert down the stretch. Both home games exposed the lack of depth the Jays have at the post position.

Best RPI win Non-Conference: Xavier @48
Best RPI win Conference: @ Missouri St. @ 41

The Jays don't have a SIGNATURE win...but they have a lot wins against teams they will be put up against for at large bids. They have a solid resume' - not a spectular one. But they can't afford to stumble down the stretch. The Jays are in RIGHT NOW - but in 2 weeks, they very easily could play themselves out.

Record vs. Top 25 RPI: 0-2
Record vs. 26 - 50 RPI: 5-0!!

Like I said before, the 5-0 record against teams they are fighting against for an at large bid should help. But they need to finish strong!

Last 10 - 7-3

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Valley Trying to Look Ok...

Bradley wins. The Valley is currently 5-4 on BracketBuster Weekend. Up to the Jays to go over .500 Prediction - 80-75 CU.

More to come on Nebraska vs. a word....Ouch.

Doug Elgin's Nightmare?

Uh Oh...The Valley might be getting Bracket-Exposed.....Winthrop beat Missouri St. App. St over Wichita....Miami OH got past Indiana St. Sure, Evansville beat Samford and SIU looking good vs. Butler...but get ready for a Valley Bash fest if Creighton and Bradley lose. 1-3 so far is not good!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Big Show for Friday

-Is BracketBuster still worth it?
-OWH finally gets on Dingerville story
-Huskers running back issues all of sudden
-Bracket Buster tix giveaway
-Pippen wants to play again
-Wood hurts himself again!
-Gordon's car fails inspection

2:30 - Mike DeCoursey - Sporting News Basketball writer
3:30 - Jim Buzinski,
4 pm - David Kolowski, Author of new Husker book
5 pm - Brian Fish, Bluejay asst. coach

Thursday, February 15, 2007

WackJob Father Attacks Kid

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Big Show for Thursday

-Jays vs. Drexel
-NCAA pulls back clock rule
-Valley and the Tourney
-Tim Hartaway is a homophob
-Nascar cheating

2:45 - Dana Altman, Coach of the Jays
3:15 - Drexel Coach Bruiser Flint
4:30 - Look Around the Big 12 (4 writers)
5Pm - Mark McCarter Sporting News Nascar writer
5:30 - Brian Fish - Asst. Coach of the Jays (might be moved to tomorrow)

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

What Is Going On?

So we enter Day No. 3 of the Marlon Lucky hospitalization and we don't know anything more on Wednesday night than we did on Monday afternoon. What is wrong with him and why is he still in the hospital?

I would like to know. I think everyone who follows Nebraska would like to know. There are few stories that I have heard, one in particular, that I tend to believe. But I will not speculate his condition due to the medical laws out there. Yet, the family statement has lead to more questions than answers. Define Illicit? What does that mean - illegal? Non- prescription?

Regardless, Nebraska all of a sudden has some serious issues with their running backs. Brandon Jackson is gone. Cody Glenn has a foot problem. Kenny Wilson was in the hospital for a knee condition and surgery. And now Lucky is in the hospital and his future at Nebraska is in doubt. The 2007 recruiting class has some nice backs but Callahan is not going to want to run with another true fresh. Especially since the team will have a 1 year player at Quarterback.

Jay Norvell has left for UCLA. John Blake has gone on to North Carolina. Many players have talked about relationships that they had with those 2 coaches. There a lot of questions out there right now for Nebraska and Spring practice will be watched very least, as closely as the media will be allowed to.

Big Show for Wednesday


-Jays beat UNI again at home
-Aleks Maric rips up K St. for 41
-More on CWS beer issue and loss of Dingerville
-Beyonce' on cover of SI Swimsuit?!
-Gonzaga players busted for Shrooms

2:45 - Kyle Korver, 76er coming to Omaha
Chasing.. Scott Frost -New Uni Asst. Coach
- Dana Altman, Coach of the Jays tomorrow
Replay of Kyle Korver during 5 oclock hour.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Big Show for Tuesday

- NU RB Marlon Lucky update
- Jays vs. UNI tonight at Qwest
- Huskers at home vs. K St.
- Schott out at SD
- Another OU player took money?
- Zumaya still playing with himself

3pm - Jerry Palm,
4pm - Mike Florio,
Chasing - Scott Frost, New UNI asst., Jack Diesing Jr. CWS

6:30 pm - McGough Law Bluejay Report live from Jobber's
8 pm - Jays vs. UNI tip

Monday, February 12, 2007

18 and Counting!!!!! we suck....Now I'm wondering if we will win another game at all? Not really worth it to me. Pitchers and Catchers report this week - nobody from the Boston fan base cares about the C's anymore anyways.....

Big Show for Monday

- 8 Straight losses to SIU for Jays
- NU suspends Jamel White
- Huskers lose to A+M
- Coach Gilmore says I'm gone then I'm back
- NCAA cracking down on CWS parties
- Drew Brees hurt at Pro Bowl
- Andy Reid takes leave of absence
- Gonzaga players are stoners
- Duke loses 4th straight game
- Black Wednesday is upon us and
woman will never NOT want a diamond

-Chasing Dana Altman and Anthony Tolliver,
3pm - Steve Ryan
4pm - Ben Jacobsen, Head Coach of Northern Iowa
5pm - Jerry Kramer, Packer great raising $$
5:15 - Big Show Big at 5 (:15 today :))

Friday, February 9, 2007

WOW.....Triple Breaker....

Big Show for Friday

Big Topics:
-What is it with Southern?
-Sell out for Nebraska vs. Texas A+M?
-Tom Shatel's hosts a really cool group for Bracket
-Wade Phillips New Cowboy Coach
-Reggie Bush commits violation on Signing Day?
-Russell Crowe "Cheerleaders make men uncomfortable"

2:30 - Rodney Watson, SIU Asst. Coach
3pm - Tom Shatel OWH - Mock Bracket Selection
4pm - Dana Altman, Coach of the Jays
4:45- Paulie from Paulies' 25 ann. party
5pm - Billy Gillispie, Texas A+M Head Coach
5:30 - NFL Hall of Famer Willie Davis

sidenote: Celtics have lost 16 straight and counting.....

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Big Show for Thursday

2:30 - Brian Fish - Bluejay assistant coach
3pm - Jerry Palm,
4:30 - Look Around the Big 12 (4 writers)
5 pm - Todd Brammelcamp - Iowa football writer

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

This would SUCK!!!

Couldn't imagine LOSING this way!!!! My GOD....edit - I think this game 2 years ago according to a emailer but regardless...crazy.

15 Straight L's And Counting....

Wow. Can we suck anymore? We are 2-21 since Pierce got hurt. Come to Poppa Kevin Durant!!! Heck, I'd take Oden too though :)

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Senior Comes Up Big vs. Tech

When you start playing basketball as a youngster, coaches will tell you to never save the ball under your own basket. What about on your own side line with 2 seconds to play up by 1? That's a question now for Texas Tech's Charles Burgess who saved a ball going out of bounds at the end of the game vs. Nebraska. Sr. Charles Richardson was in perfect position to get the ball and bury Texas Tech with a buzzer beating 3 pointer for the 61-59 win. Sometimes you have to be in the right place at the right time to make huge plays. Sometimes you need to force a shot clock violation to give yourself a chance to steal a game on the road.

Doc Sadler deserves a ton of praise for keeping his team focused and ready at halftime. The Huskers were down by 13 point at the break and could have easily mailed it in during the second half. But Nebraska came out with a fire - going directly inside to Aleks Maric, setting the tone with a big basket. Maric finished the game 11 points and 7 rebs but was a big factor in the 2nd half.

I picked Nebraska to finish 5-11 in the Big 12 after the loss to KU. Well, this team has shown a lot of heart, grit and determination by bouncing back to win back to back road games for first time since I was in college (1999). At 3-5 in the Big 12, Nebraska comes home to face a VERY good Texas A+M team. Hopefully, this win will get some people into the Devaney Center. THERE IS NO REASON FOR THAT GAME NOT TO SELL OUT.

Nebraska might not be the most talented team in the Big 12 - but credit Doc Sadler for keeping the team together after the KU disaster. Now they face Doc's mentor on Saturday. You better believe that Doc wants to beat a Top 10 team for first time in his career but it would be even sweeter if it came vs. Billy Gillispie.


Big Show For Tuesday

Big Topics:
-Bears need a new QB?
-Eli will win one? According to Peyton...
-Nebraska loses a recruit
-Jays vs. Evansville
-Huskers vs. Texas Tech
-Boxer arrested for ax incident
-Andy Reid might step down?

3pm - Steve Ryan
5pm - Dana Altman, Coach of the Jays
5:30- Steve Merfeld, Coach of Evansville

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Congrats To The Colts...

Can't believe I am about to write these words but...

Peyton Manning has won the Super Bowl.

I was wrong. Congrats to Indy. Still F'ing hate you. I still hate their kicker. Still dislike their QB. But they have the ring that will make Peyton Manning the most popular sports figure on the planet for the next 2 years. Rivarly is really on now - Brady with 3....Manning with 1. It's on now.....

Wow. Can't believe the Bears played that bad. Game was almost a copy of the AFC Championship game, right down to the end of 2nd beginning of 3rd quarter run that Colts went on. Rex Grossman let the whole city of Chicago down. Lovie Smith will take a lot of heat for not having Griese ready.

The Colts are Super Bowl champs....

Don't F with Funk Drake Students.....

Crazy night in Iowa last night. I will talk a lot about the game and the ending on the show on Monday. I haven't seen the tape yet so I will hold off commenting until Monday's show but right now - I think that both calls were correctly made and the refs need to never work a Valley game again. I know they were written up several times during the game by the Valley director of officiating who was at the game.

However, this morning's story is the quotes from the post game that I want to put out there. You will hear the full press conference audio on Monday's show but I think right away - these quotes need to be out there....VERY interesting:


Me: Coach can you comment on the last play on Anthony Tolliver, on the charge he drew?

Coach Tom Davis: ”Um, We didn’t think it was a very good call. You’re obviously bias. I had pretty good look. Ya know, right in front of the bench. And I try to be as impartial as a I can when I look at those things. Um, but there were 6 or 7 straight calls down the stretch that all went Creighton’s way. Um, and that seemed a little unusual but that’s what good teams do – they find a way to themselves in that position so you have give them credit and go from there”.

Me: Tolliver played the last 3 minutes with 4 fouls – did you try to get him out the game?

Coach Tom Davis:
I thought we did get him out of the game 3 or 4 times to be honest but there were no calls. So nothing you can say, it’s a matter of judgement. I thought was key to the game for the last several minutes – how it was called and how it was officiated – sometimes you get a break – sometimes you don’t. Tonight we got nothing down the stretch.”

World Herald writer: Did the 9-3 team get the breaks and the 3-9 didn’t?

“Absolutely, not only 9-3 but the team that has been successful of the past several years contending for the championship and they are post season tournament bound and people know that and ya knowDrake’s not suppose to win. So, that’s human nature and that’s gonna happen. That’s why it’s harder to get yourself to that position, if you’re a contender then that levels the playing field a lot. So that’s what you have to work at”.

After a question about the drive to basket at the end – Me: “Was that a clean block in your mind (to Coach)?

Nick Grant of Drake:
That was goaltending. It was going down”

Coach: “I couldn’t tell – I think it had a shot at goaltending but it was almost one of those you gotta see on film. I wasn’t sure – I couldn’t begin to tell ya.”

Des Moines Register paper guy – “The TV Guys said it was a clean block”.

Coach: “ya, well, I’d like to see again for myself. Sometimes, ya know, guys get paid by certain people…..right? That’s been known to happen – so I’d look at it myself not that I would doubt their opinion. But I think that’s why Creighton is good and they do a lot of good things and they put themselves in position to beat ya….good team, well coached, good ball club.”

Dana Altman's press conference- response to Dr. Tom

OWH: On the charge, what’s goes through your mind before the call gets made – are you worried that it might be a block?

“Well, I think you try to make basketball plays. And Dane tried to take a charge the possession before and it was a very close call and Anthony, I thought Anthony was set. So, those block/charges are tough to call – there were a couple the other way early in the game that maybe I didn’t…..ya know they are a very tough, tough, tough call but I thought Anthony made the right call, right decision. He got himself there and like I said, the ability to go and get that last one was just a big time play.”

Me: Dana, Coach Davis just said there were 6 plays down the stretch that went your way – do you feel like the breaks went your way tonight?

Dana: “pause…No. I’m not exactly sure what he’s talking about. Pause…..So, I’ve got no idea…..pause…..I really don’t – I mean I think that’s ah, I mean, I don’t want to argue with Coach but I don’t agree with that”.

Me: Do you feel that Anthony was set on that charge?

Dana: “Without a doubt. No doubt in my mind”

Me: A Drake player said that he didn’t think Anthony’s bock was clean…do you think it was a clean block?

Dana: “Without a doubt….pause….so I mean everyone can see it they way they want to. I mean I think he went and got the ball. I know he didn’t hit him or anything. He just skied and got it. So,…again, everybody can debate those and I’m sure they’ll see it one way and we’ll see it another but I thought they were 2 very good basketball plays by a Senior who makes plays” ( Dana said make plays :)

Mitch Holthus and I talked about the two AT plays. From him - the Charge...yes, AT was set (no matter what that guy from Des Moines Register was saying to me in the press room about it. The guy actually was saying Mitch said it was block. He didn't. And he said "well, I'll quote you then if you think you're so right". Guy was jackass.). However, Mitch says the call should never have been made. Don't foul out AT and let the basket stand....a no call was the right call. Jays would have had the ball back with a chance to win it. No.2 - the block - it was not goaltending. Ball was at its' apex. His color guy thought AT was under the basket and that's why it wasn't a charge in his mind.


Me: How far from the basket were you on that charge?

AT: How far away? You know, I’m not exactly sure. I don’t really remember but I wasn’t too far away from it.

Me: Do you feel like you were far enough away to draw a charge?

AT: Most definitely. I feel like I was definitely in a good position – that’s why I stopped there instead of backing up so – I felt like I was in a good position to make him (Young) take a 10 footer or take a charge. So he kept coming so I tried to take a charge.

Me: That block – a drake player said it was goaltending – do you think you got it cleanly?

AT: It was definetly clean, but who knows if it was goaltending – it might have been. But its just one of those things where it’s a judgement call on the referees and they obviously didn’t think it was goaltending. I timed it just right – as soon as it left his fingers (Stewart) I felt that I got it right when it left his fingers – at the tip of the shot. So I tried to time it up right so that it won’t be goaltending. So, it worked out to our advantage that was good.

Again - I'll say more later but props to Pierce for a great game. He said after the game that he had played "Hundreds" of games at the Knapp Center. It showed. Feel free to tell me what you think about the quotes....and full sound on Monday's show. Enjoy the Super Bowl and I'll see you at Legend's from 4 to 6 pm with Big Sports 590.

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Jays Win - Drake Coach Says Refs Reason Why

Coming soon - text of post game comments by Dr. Tom Davis of Drake, Dana Altman, Pierce Hibma and Anthony my thoughts on the win.

Check back around noon on Sunday....

Friday, February 2, 2007

If I could write.....

If I wasn't a talk show host and could actually write to save my ass....I'd hope to write like this guy

Bill Simmons - by far the best writer in sports. And yes, He and I share of love of the Celtics and Kevin Durant. Lose C's Lose!

Big Show for Friday

Big Topics:
-Brett Favre is going back to Green Bay...Good Idea?
-Super Bowl Pick...Why I'm taking the Bears
-Big Weekend of college hoops
- Jays at Drake - another W is needed
- Huskers on road vs. Missouri - lost 11 straight there
-Andy Reid son uses heroine!
-Miami reporter apologizes to Nick Saban for leak

Big Show Big Picks on Prop Bets at 5:15

2:30 - Steve Alford Coach of Iowa Basketball
4 pm - Dan Beyer Fox Sports live from Miami - SB update
4:30 - Drake Forward Klayton Korver, Kyle's Bro
5 pm - Poker Pro TJ Cloutier, taking calls live on air
5:30 - Lee Sterling of Paramount Sports SB picks

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Lessons Learned....

Friends of mine often ask me why I bothered to go on message boards. My girlfriend screams at me to stop because she would read what people who write. They asked how I could handle people writing those awful things about me and having people start arguments that were off the wall. For the most part, I really had fun with it. But some where along the way - it turned negative. The promotional benefit got outweighed by faceless wannabes who are frustrated and bitter.

I have to admit that I am a bit fried right now and some of the reaction that I'm going through is because of that. My reputation is the most important thing to me. I try to see 90% of the things that appear on the net about me. Some have told me that it's unhealthy but I look at is as part of my job. All you have is your name.

The reason why I went on boards was to promote the show. To me, it was a great way to let people know what we were doing. As a new program to Omaha and someone not from here, I felt like I needed any exposure that I could get. All pub is good pub in my opinion. Yet, tonight it all bubbled over me for me. The inevitable caught up with me.

The show just had the best ratings book ever. I wish I could write on here and tell you guys how good we did but I can't legally. Arbitron doesn't allow you quote their numbers publicly on forums like this. Just know that the battle for Omaha is almost won for Big Sports 590. If you are under the age of 44, you already know which show in the afternoon has more juice. Our audience in Lincoln, Souix City, Des Moines etc grows every day....only a matter of time before we win Omaha completely - then it's onto the other markets.

So if the idea was to grow the show and it has grown - then why continue to go on boards? Well, I decided to keep doing what we were doing because it was working. But then I went too far. I did something that I said I wasn't going to do - I got into arguments with anonymous writers...they got to me. I allowed myself to get upset about certain things that were said and frustrated by ridiculous comments by people. Heck, it was 900 on 1...but I stood up to fight back....BIG MISTAKE. All it did was piss me off...arguing with wanna be talk show hosts was my fault. I forget how many people think what I do is simple.

I'm 29....only 2 years in Omaha. I learned my lesson. I will continue to update the blog for interviews and things that will be happening with the show. But as far as Husker and Jays message boards - I'm banning myself. It's for the best.

My fault. This will be on the only place that I write on from now on. So bookmark the page and listen to the show...thanks for reading this.



The Massachusetts senator says this new deal to give the "Extra Innings" pay-per-view package exclusively to DirecTV goes against the very heart of the democratic process. "I am opposed to anything that deprives people of reasonable choices," Kerry said in a statement. "In this day and age, consumers should have more choices, not fewer. I'd like to know how this serves the public - a deal that will force fans to subscribe to DirecTV in order to tune in to their favorite players. A Red Sox fan ought to be able to watch their team without having to switch to DirecTV.


I am seriously nervous about this coming spring. If I can't watch the Red Sox, I'm liable to go insane! Literally, the Red Sox let me be normal here in Omaha. When I first heard about this, I really almost flipped out....I PRAY he wins this fight!!

Big Show For Thursday

Big Topics:
-Jays crush Bradley
-OWH Tom Shatel's on line thoughts about the Valley
-Kevin Durant- Best Player you've ever seen in college?
-Tie break for the Valley Reg. Season Crown
-More Valley vs. Big 10 debate
-Nick Saban apologizes for slur (told you it was wrong!)

2:30 - Chasing Tom Shatel
3pm - Kevin McKenna, Jays Assistant Coach
4pm - Dan Beyer, live in Miami FSN
4:45 - Look Around the Big 12 (4 writers)