Friday, July 25, 2008


This is a YouTube video of the brawl between Dayton and Peoria last night. You don't see the ball being thrown into the stands like it was but you see more of the fight than Sportscenter is showing:

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Live From Big 12 Media Days

Hi from Kansas City's downtown Marriot. We'll write a recap of day 1 and 2 later on tonight so keep checking back to the blog in the coming hours to keep yourself in touch with all the news coming out of the event. Remember to go to for all the sounds via podcast from the Media Days here in KC

Friday, July 18, 2008

DropKick Murphy Pics at Sokol

Thanks to a listener for these pictures....i was in the middle of that :). I didn't get hurt hurt on the side....but I'm happy to report that the shoulder is doing fine and I can move it around. DKM were amazing!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Battle Scars From The Dropkick Show

What a show!!! Dropkick Murphys were amazing....They played everything I wanted to hear however I dislocated my shoulder during Tessie....4 hours at CU medical after the show - full details today on the big show

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Men...You're Welcome

Anna at 27 has a great story on Anna K. at the age of 27. Really well done and it seems like she is really doing well away from tennis. Finally, a good story to a blessed teen who grew up to have a nice life.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Coldplay Show in Omaha Cancelled

This sucks! From a Coldplay website:

If you were planning on seeing Coldplay June 29-July 12, you are totally hosed, as no dates have been announced to replace the cancelled ones, and seem unlikely since the band heads overseas immediately following the North American jaunt. But you are equally hosed if you planned on seeing the band in Sacramento, San Jose, Winnipeg, Omaha, or their second show in Chicago, because those dates have been cancelled to make up dates in Boston and D.C. These dates may be made up when Coldplay return to North America in November.

Too bad for us....Their new album is amazing!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Trip Photos....

A few pictures for the final July 4th at the Stadium....

yes I'm a major loser for doing that :)

Coach Maker to Willams?

Wow. I come back from vacation and Coach Mike Maker is leaving CU. That's not the story - he never fit in with the current staff in my opinion. You could tell - he looked lost at times on the bench, not knowning what his role was suppose to be. He came from the Big East with a great resume, but it just never seemed to click for Coach. Each current guy on Altman's staff seems to have his role clearly defined....except the No. 2 position. We know that Coach Fish is the recruiter. D-Rock is young gun with desires for higher positions and helps explain what Coach Altman wants and Dana is the Captain of the ship. Where did Coach Maker fit? He didn't.

The real story is where he is going....Williams College? DIII? No scholarships. The only game that matters at that school is against BIG TIME rival Amherst College. The battles go back like 150 years or something. From Omaha to Western Mass....very interesting. Great school with hard working that seem to favor Coach Maker's style of a Princeton offense. I think he will do very well there. The guy can coach - there is no debating that fact.

I'd like to wish Coach Maker all the luck in the world. He is a GREAT guy and I will miss seeing him around town. Omaha just didn't seem to be his speed however and I expected this move for a while.

Now, it's time for Dana to do something with that No. 2 position. He needs to find someone who can recruit along with Fish. Who did McKenna recruit? Who did Maker recruit? Answer - zero. That has to change with the next hire.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Great Coverage By Equal?

How come the Omaha World Herald has run several stories this summer about Nebraska Basketball and yet, nothing about the Jays? Was I right when I predicted that the OWH will look to push NU basketball in Omaha in order to score points with Doc Sadler and Co. as they look to improve? Or is it just Lee Barfknecht's desire for NU BB to relevant? Or maybe it's the OWH goal to make a run at the LJS's coverage of everything red?

Take your pick- I do find it interesting that Omaha's team gets less attention in the down months but the team that has NEVER won an NCAA tournament game gets several stories written about them.....How about a preview of how the Jays will do to handle the coming hype that will be around the team? How about national writers predicting a big year? How about how the team will gel this year with the new faces?

I guess our largest paper just doesn't think CU is that important right now......

Thursday, July 3, 2008

311 Didn't Disappoint

Great Show last night for hometown kids 311. My 7th time seeing them was memorable. Storms didn't bother the show and they sounded as good as the they did in the mid 90's. They went a little on the soft side with their set selection which was surprising but given the size of the crowd and how rowdy it was - it was probably a good thing. The crowd drank the place dry of 2 huge beer trucks by 9 pm :). Great night.