Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Changes In The Valley....

On today's show, Barry Hinson - Coach of Missouri St. claimed that more changes are on the way in the MVC for Head Coaches. 3 coaches have already been fired but he didn't say more firings were on the way. Instead, he believes that 2 or more coaches will be hired away by BCS conference schools. This caught the ears of a lot of people who are afraid of Dana Altman leaving CU. I still will maintain that Dana and staff are going nowhere but who might be on the move?

The obvious answer will be Chris Lowery of SIU. At 34, he's a two time MVC coach of the year who has just put SIU into the NCAA tourney for another year and has been ranked a school record 11th in the AP poll at one point this year. Bruce Webber and Matt Painter have both left SIU for Big 10 jobs - would Michigan hire Lowery? I think it would be a great move by them to grab him but they whiffed on the last young, hot named, African American Head Coach that they hired...would Lowery be a big enough splash?

Next would be Jim Les from Bradley who did an amazing job of rebuilding and reforming the Brave attack after the departure of 2 stars last year. The common theme with the first 2 names brought up - they played at their current jobs. That would make a possible suitor have to jack up the price to pry them loose but if they are wanted bad enough - Les or anybody would move on. I really don't know where Jim Les would fit except I know he is a very good coach. Anyone that hired him would get a firey coach who average fans have heard of thanks to last year.

The other option would be Mark Turgeon from Wichita St. However, he just signed a 10 year extension after last year's Sweet Sixteen run. He's from Kansas and I think he dreams of coaching his Jayhawks one day. With the current success of Bill Self - that isn't going to happen anytime soon so I don't expect him to go anywhere. You also have to factor in the 8-10 Valley record this year which would scare away most major programs.

Yet, there is a rumor going around that involves Barry Hinson. 3 coaches fired so far - could there be a 4th? Well, if Missouri St. doesn't make the NCAA tourney again this year - the Bears could make a move. As I type, Wright St. is leading Butler in the Horizon Championship. If that holds, the Horizon would have 2 teams in and the Bears would be out for sure in my opinion. Missouri St. is building a new basketball building and there is a thought that the Bears have gone as high as they are going to go under Barry. I, for one, would be sorry to see Barry go. He's been a wonderful spokesperson for the Valley and true gentlemen towards the Bluejay program.

Last year, the Big 12 changed 6 coaches. This year, the Valley might be around that number after it's all said and done. The Valley wants to be a Big Boy....well, so far, their AD's are acting like it.

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