Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Live from Des Moines....

We'll be live from the Knapp Center today from 2 to 6 for the Jays game vs. No. 16 Drake.

The place is sold out. Some quick notes: The Knapp Center Nightmare Pierce Hibma is questionable with a deep thigh bruise. 2 Jays coaches (Fish and DRock) are out sick for the game tonight with the Flu. Both were not at shoot-around. No word if they will be at the game are not tonight.

Pregame at 6:30 pm on Big Sports 590 for those of you who want to listen to the game and not buy the game online.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

0-4 After 2nd KU Blow Out

84-49 = 0-4 Big 12 record for NU. What I thought was going to happen for NU Basketball....did. Now can they beat MU on the road? Doubt it. Nebraska may be the worst team in the Big 12 and I don't know where they get their first Big 12 win. 3 of the next 4 are at home after Missouri.....they have a shot a few wins there but Iowa St, Texas Tech and Kansas St are all starting to play better.

Jays are at SIU tonight....we are at the Cove at 144th and Maple for a viewing party starting at 8...see you there.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sam McKewon Article

Shawn Watson story - good read.

Bo Knows Soulja Boy...

My Audience Knows Me Well

I know a lot of you don't go to the Big Sports 590 message boards....probably a good thing for you....but this was written by Tim in Omaha and I thought it was a riot....good stuff:

Matt vs. Non Homer Boston fan:

who is the best baseball player ever?

Matt: Dood, Teddy Bahhlgame! best Eva!!

Non Homer Boston fan: Probably Willie Mays, or Babe Ruth - you might even throw Mantle in there.

Who is the best hockey player ever?

Matt: Bobby Ooooah!! Dood!!

Non Homer Boston fan: It's really one of three guys - Mario, Wayne or Bobby. I gotta go Bobby because he's the home town guy.

Who is the best basketball player ever?

Matt: Dude, Larry Bird - he did it all!!! He was the smahhtest playa eva!

Non Homer Boston fan: I'd love to say Bill Russel - 12 rings is hard to deny. But that was a different era with no free agency and teams that couldn't be broken up. So, you really have to go with jordan.

Who is the best QB ever?

Matt: Dooooooood.....come on, guy!! Brady's the balls! He's way smahta than anyone eva!

Non Homer Boston fan: I mean, the first name that comes to mind is always Montana. but you can't forget Unitas, Elway, Marino and even Farve. Brady may one day be in that conversation. But not yet.

Which team was most dominating in it's respective sport?

Matt: DUDE!! It's, ah, like the B's in the 1970's, the C's in the 1960's and those early 1900's Red Sox DOMINATED, dude....And this pats dynasty? Clearly the bets ever.

Non Homer Boston fan: Well, lets see - Montreal Canadians, 24 championships, Yankees 26 - so there's your answer there..You gotta go with the celtics of the 1960's - although the Bulls would make a good argument and you really have to consider the pro-NFL dominance of the Packers, no? Otherwise, the Pats actually have a chance to be one of the best.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Pats vs. Giants Part II

Pats 18-0 vs. the Giants....a team we already beat. Everyone will bitch about it but the Packers weren't good enough. I told you last week that the Giants were the best team in the NFC. I wonder if we are looking at 1985 all over again with the Pats playing the role of the Bears minus the Super Bowl Shuffle.

How ironic - the team that stood in the way of the Pats perfect regular season is now in the way of 19 and done. Same teams...same result

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Drake coming to town on a 15 game streak!

Drake will be ranked most likely after beating Illinois St. at home 79-73. HUGE game on Tuesday at Qwest Center Omaha!! Game needs to be a sell-out!!

More on the Jays game vs. Indiana St. but it looks like a 5 game winning streak will be going up against a 15 gamer on Tuesday.

0-3...where do they win?

Ok - more on this game later cause I'm at the Jays vs. Indiana St. game but the Huskers are 0-3 in the Big 12 after losing to Baylor 72-70 today. I said they would go 0-4 to start....make it 0-5 after they lose to KU and MU. But let's play a game....where do they win their first Big 12 game? I'm not sure it doesn't come until February. Predict away....

Great Stuff!

Fitzy is awesome! GO Pats.....oh, I've been sick so this blog hasn't been really a priority...sorry.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Jays Get Back To Form

Nice Win tonight by the Jays 77-59 over Evansville. They forced 19 turnovers while committing 0! from the point guard spot. Much better than the 10 they had vs. Missouri St. Jays are now 11-3 with an RPI of 47. Not bad at the mid-way point of the year. Now they go on the road for 2 games that are much needed. Wins over Wichita and Northern will go a long way to helping the Jays compete in the Valley regular season race. Indy St lost badly at Drake tonight so Jays picked up a game on them. Ill. St. is 4-0 and so is Drake. Jays are 2 games behind each in the race.

P'Allen tonight set a new career high for assists with 6. 1 turnover to go with 13 points and 5 rebs makes this back to back great games for the super freshman.

Next game - Viewing party at the Cove - 144th and Maple for Jays vs. Wichita. See you there!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Prediction: LSU

I'll take LSU to win tonight 31-21 over Ohio St. Should be a better game than last year but home field and too much speed on defense will win the Championship for The Tigers.

I'll be at the Outland Trophy Dinner on Thursday for Glenn Dorsey here in Omaha. I'm looking forward to hearing Bo Pelini speak for the first time in person. I doubt he'll do an interview but it will be fun none the less.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Congrats To KU

Nice win tonight....too mistakes by V.Tech. KU showed that they belonged in the BCS - just not over Missouri. I was wrong about them....I hoped V Tech would roll....and they didn't.

How bad is Fox by the way? Yikes.....

Finally, and it's gonna be fun to watch this since I keep getting email about it:

RPI of Oregon - 61 9-4 - just lost again to Arizona St.
RPI of St. Joe - 62 7-4 (
RPI of Creighton - 63 9-3
RPI of Nebraska - 137 10-2

Vote for Lindsay!!

Miss November Lindsay Wagner for the Playmate of the Year. She will be on the show today at 4:30 to ask for your vote:


Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Jays Are Just Bad Right Now....

I'm exhausted right now so I can't write a lot but there isn't much to write except the Jays are not a good basketball team right now. They are hoping on 3's, turning the ball over like crazy, and not playing with energy. They look like a team that has hit a wall....and maybe they have. They went to Canada and were more ready than other teams they played in the pre-conference but those teams are now caught up and passing CU.

Down by 1 at the half, the same starting five that has been killing the Jays came out and turned the ball over 3 times....great way to start the half. Even with P'Allen in foul trouble - he needs to get into the flow more...and that means START!

0-2 to start the Valley with a game Saturday At Missouri St.....should make it 0-3. Then home for Evansville but after - back on the road for 2 more. Very real possibility that the Jays will start the Conference schedule 1-5.....and that's without AT Southern and AT Drake. If they lose on Saturday night - a win in the Missouri Valley Conference Tournament might be the only way the Jays see the NCAA Tournament this year.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year's Tidbits

- The BCS folks should be embarrassed. In particular, the Rose Bowl-Stuck-in-the-past folks for taking a 3 loss team in Illinois to play against USC. The Illini lost to Missouri. Missouri went to the Cotton Bowl today and FLATTENED Arkansas. Illinois didn't even belong on the same feild as USC today. Tony Temple against the USC D? Would you have liked to see that? Me too. BCS sucks and I hope Kansas, another team Missouri beat, is the next team to get crushed. Missouri should have played in a BCS game.

- The SEC is once again showing that it's the best conference in America. They are 5-2 on the year so far and if Georgia keeps up what they are doing - they should be 6-2 with the National Championship Game to come. The 2 losses - Florida to Michigan and Arkansas to Missouri. No shame in those losses given the conditions they were played in (Arkansas without a coach and Michigan was playing for Lloyd Carr). Michigan played inspired ball against Florida but still nearly lost. However, Auburn beat a ranked Clemson team. Tennessee beat a ranked Wisconsin squad. Alabama beat Colorado. Miss. St won their bowl game as did Kentucky who beat depleted Florida St. If LSU and Georgia win - which I think they will - There won't be anyone with a brain who can argue that the SEC isn't the best Conference in America.

- The Big 12 is having a nice bowl season which is a pleasant surprise. So far - 4-2 with 2 BCS games to come. Texas Tech pulled out a stunning win over Virginia today. Missouri wrecked Arkansas, Texas manhandled a Top 11 team in Arizona St and Okie St cruised against Indiana. The losses so far have been Colorado pushing Alabama and A+M's hard fought effort against Penn St. I want Kansas to get killed to further embarrass the BCS but Oklahoma vs. West Virginia is going to be awesome.

- The NHL should think about doing more special type games like they did today with Buffalo and Pittsburgh playing outdoors. Hockey is dying - we all know that. Any time you can get NBC to broadcast a game with 70,000 people attending is a good sign for the sport. Hockey is a niche sport but they still have their die hards. Events like today, even with poor ice conditions, is exactly what needs to happen in the future. I'd even say move the games around to other football stadiums in hockey markets to help sell the sport but it was a special day in Buffalo today.

- Strange not having a Husker bowl game to watch huh?

- 49-3. That's the combined record for the Red Sox, Patriots, and Celtics since the Red Sox went down 3 games to 1 to the Cleveland Indians in the ALCS. Thanks to Bob Ryan from the Boston Globe for pointing that out...but that my SICK!

- This is the first college bowl season that I'm watching in HD and man, what a difference. What did I ever do before my 42' inch Plasma :).

- Malorie Maddox of WOWT won the 3rd Annual Hottest Female on Local TV contest for the 2nd time on Monday's show. She edged KETV's Brandi Pederson by 1 vote. Action 3 News anchor Kerri Stowell came in 3rd. Thanks for everyone who voted on the Biggie Awards and participated yesterday in the voting process. Malorie passes along a similar thanks and she will be joining us on the air at some point in the near future to talk about it.