Monday, March 26, 2007

Kobe, Better Than MJ? WHAT?!

Is Kobe Bryant better than MJ? The very question is stunning to me.

Kobe Bryant hasn’t won an MVP and won't.

Kobe Bryant hasn’t even PLAYED in an NBA Finals without Shaq's help.

Kobe Bryant isn't a team player. He's a selfish scorer who was once accused of raping a girl in Colorado.

And this chick is trying to tell ME that Kobe is a better player than Michael Jordan?

What the hell is it with woman sports writers? Do they think this crap up just to get people to read because they are in a man’s forum? Is ESPN Page 2 dying that fast? I know the whole thing can’t be on Bill Simmons’ head but if they are really paying this chick $200K/yr to write this crap – then the firing of the guy who used run was totally justified.

Michael Jordan was the best player in the league during his prime – no debate, no argument, no doubt. Can you say the same thing about Kobe? I’d think not. Is he better than Dwayne Wade when he’s 100%? Wade can win with Shaq too and has shown his ability to dominate. Is he better than Tim Duncan? At least he’s got multiple rings. Whatever happened to making your team better around you? I’d take Steve Nash in that department over Kobe any day of the week.

So Kobe scored 50 points in 4 straight games. Cool. Nice work. Do I care? Not really. Not like Mike dropping 63 in the PLAYOFFS on the road at the GARDEN vs. BIRD! Kobe would be the NBA's A-Rod if it wasn't for the rings that Shaq got him. Talk to me when he actually wins one without the help of a Hall of Fame big man. Mike’s got 6 with guys named Purdue and Cartwright.

So Mike didn’t have a great marriage. A lot of folks in this country haven’t been happily ever after, especially athletes. I can only name a few who have been accused a violent sex act only to never get it to trial because the witness decided not to testify. But, you know, Kobe did nothing wrong. And that rock the size of Pluto he bought his wife was because he was so innocent.

The NBA is tougher now than it was when Mike played? Are you serious? Really? That’s tough to prove with guys like Karl Malone and John Stockton standing in the Bulls way every year. Remember, Mike did play with guys named Bird and Magic. Where are those game changing type of players in this version NBA? I don’t care that 7 footers weren’t shooting 3’s back then. How many teams right now have 3 Hall of Famers in the starting line up? The Celtics did when MJ played.

This argument is a complete joke. Kobe Bryant is hated by a lot of fans and justifiably so. He’s the new Scottie Pippen. Scottie thought he was the reason why the Bulls won and thought that when got free of Mike, the banners would fly up. How’d that go for ya Portland? Sure, Kobe played a big role in winning 3 rings with the Lakers but we’ve seen what the Lakers look like with Kobe alone. Good team, not great.

Better than Mike? Hold your tongue Ms. Hill or at least pick it up off the floor to hide the fact that you think he’s hot and you are too short minded to remember his Airness and all he did in the League.

Kobe works for the company Mike built into a basketball power. And Kobe is still just trying to fill the void left by the best player ever. Too bad he won’t ever do it.


Bugaha said...

Who the hell cares? The NBA is irrelevant.

huckthefawkeyes said...

I couldnt agree with you more Matt. This guy hucks up 35 to 45 shots a night, not to mention the number of free throw atteptms he compiles. He should be scoring 50 to 60 points a night. He doesnt make his teammates better. He is an attention starved ego maniac.