Monday, March 26, 2007

Vacation Thoughts...

One of the unfortunate situations of being in a long distance relationship is the fact that you often can’t take vacation at the same time. I’m off this week in Philly. She’ll be off for a week in April and with me in Omaha for it. So she is working this week and leaving me alone on the 29th floor of her building to do nothing but think. Here are some of my thoughts that are rolling around my head.

1. This Dana Altman to Iowa story is making me watch my phone. Whenever someone from Omaha calls me – I jump to answer it. My girlfriend is not enjoying this current behavior trait. She wants it over. I too, want to know but we aren’t going to know for a while. My prediction – Dana won’t go because he won’t deal with the Barta Search Committee.

2. Arkansas firing Stan Heath is just another example as to why the NCAA Selection Committee was nuts to put them the Dance. If your own fan base and AD don’t believe the team is a good – why in the hell did they? Remember – they got an AT LARGE bid after LOSING the SEC Championship game. Still can’t believe that one. Poor Drexel.

3. How long will it be until Doc Sadler is forced to answer the question as to whether or not he is interested in going to Fayetteville? Over/Under is one week.

4. Dice-K is going to be sick this year. I’m watching this AMAZING (kidding) spring training game between the Reds and the Red Sox on ESPN (0-0 in the 7th) and the guy is going to kill this year if he stays healthy. He had a bad game – and didn’t give up a run. He was pissed at the walks but just kept gridding. Then, after pitching, he ran the warning track like a man without arms. (Had to see it to get it). Can’t wait for Opening Day and then maybe April 4th in KC for his debut. Also, I'm going to the Red Sox vs. Philly game on Saturday here at Citizens Bank Park. 2 Sox games around my Birthday - I'll take that :)

5. This hair "bet" between WWE’s Vince McMahon and Donald Trump seems to me like a ploy to allow Donald to finally go bald. They both have picked wrestlers and loser has to shave his head. As a man who is losing his hair, I get the fear of the dome but if nature wants it that way – you can only do so much to stop it. Donald is a millionaire and he couldn’t prevent it. So he’s lying to himself about it. Not literally, but the comb over is awful. I think he knows the lie now after the Rosie fight. Remember when she took her hair and mocked the comb-over on The View? I think that’s when he snapped and got with WWE to do this “bet”. A Bet? Are you kidding? This is FAKE sports. The outcome is KNOWN! Why would anyone believe that this isn’t a set up. I think Donald wants to go Mr. Clean but doesn’t want to do it without a reason and cameras watching.

6. How bad is afternoon television? I mean seriously, who is entertained by E, Judge Joe Brown, the Price is Right etc. There is nothing on….glad to be in the afternoons and employed.

7. More to come as this vacation goes :)

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