Sunday, March 4, 2007

That Was Fast.....BUZZ Kill

So would Dana Altman go to Iowa? At first glance - I'd say yes. However, I've thought about it for a bit and I don't think it would make sense. I think Coach wants to end his career at Creighton. Maybe I'm nuts - but he has it made at CU. Why would he go to a place like Michigan or Iowa? Money? nope. Happiness? please. National Championship? Ok, but is that what Dana is all about? He has recruited Iowa well but is Iowa a better job? Gary Barta or Bruce? No contest who Dana would rather work for. Life time contract or expectations to compete win right away in the Big Ten?

It's a shame that Dana will have to answer questions about Iowa but Rass got what he wanted....the Rumors beat Dana back to Omaha.

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craig said...

If Dana stays at Creighton I honestly believe he has as good if not a better chance to win a National Championship than if he left for Iowa and finished his career there. Any other year I might loose some sleep over this, but with the recruiting doors slowly swinging open, and roughly 16k people showing up in sub zero weather to see good basketball win or loose. Dana will be here for awhile, maybe not forever, but for awhile. Don't prove me wrong coach. ;)