Monday, March 19, 2007

Big Show for Monday

- Jays season over
- Dana's future
- SIU, George Mason type run?
- How bout the ACC and Big 10!
- Tx out, A+M into Sweet 16
- Spring Football for Nebraska

2:30 - Pat Forde
3:45 - Brian Fish Creighton Asst. Coach
5:00 - Big Show Big 5 at 5
5:15 - Steve Ryan

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ekplueger said...

I just want to settle this dispute between UFC and Boxing once and for all. Simply put, UFC is for an audience that lacks patience and needs instant gratification. These are the same fans that watch Backyard Wrestling, the XFL, and download street fights from the internet during their free time. I would like to make a simple analogy that will bring my point to a close. Boxing is an art like playing the guitar. UFC is like playing guitar hero. Forget about taking the time and energy in learning how to play the real instrument, instead learn how to push a couple of colored buttons on a plastic guitar. Right away you can play great licks from Warrant and Motley Crue. All UFC fans need to get a life.