Tuesday, March 13, 2007

My Final Bracket

So I can't post my bracket on here in exact form...so here it is

Winners in Round 1:
Florida, AZ, ODU, MD, Winthrop, Oregon, UNLV, Wisconsin, KU, UK, V Tech, SIU, VCU, PITT, Gonzaga, UCLA, UNC, Mich St, Ark, TX, Vandy, Washington St, Texas Tech, Gtown, Ohio St, Xavier, Long Beach, UVa, Louisville, Texas A-M, Nevada, Memphis

Winners in Round 2:
Fl, ODU, Oregon, Wisconsin, KU, SIU, PITT, UCLA, Louisville, Nevada, UVA, Ohio St, Vandy, Gtown, UNC, Tx

Winners in Round 3:
Florida, Oregon, Kansas, Pitt, Nevada, Ohio St., GTown, TX

Winners in Round 4:
Florida, Kansas, Gtown, Ohio St.

Winners in Round 5:
Kansas, Gtown

National Champ: Kansas

Let's see if I'm right or not. Normally - Half the final 4. Half the final 2 - but I'm good at getting the National Champ....We'll see. Talk to you from New Orleans on Thursday.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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aaron said...

"Get over it?" I totally agree with you, but you do show your true arrogance and ignorance by just assuming that it is just husker fans bitching about this ticket deal. I have season tickets and I did get tickets to next years regional, but I also know a ton of people that are not Nebraska fans and are the one's bitching. Grow up Matt, your just a hater, and it truly shows when something like this comes up. You say it is about money and how you cant hardly blame them for doing it the way they did. Well isnt the NCAA tournament that way too. Like teams getting in that dont necessarly belong? GET OVER IT!!