Monday, January 8, 2007


Nice Bowl Season for the Little 11 huh? First Michigan gets ROLLED by USC. Now, Florida RIPS Ohio St. 41-14! Thank god for Wisconsin and Penn St or they would have nothing to say back.

I am a pussy officially for not going with the Gators outright. I took them with the points but should have taken them out right. I can't say I'm a fan but I do like Florida the best of any college football team. Year 2 for Urban Meyer he gets a title....

Congrats to Florida!!! 2nd National Championship!

Basketball in 2006. Football in 2007. Baseball too maybe?

Without Ted Ginn Jr, The Buckeyes had no answer for the speed of the Gators. All about SEC baby....Best Conference in America....and remember Husker fan - the only team to beat Florida was Auburn...the same team that beat the Huskers by 3.

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