Monday, January 29, 2007

Stop The Madness!

So Nebraska almost beat Texas at home. Then Nebraska gets killed by Kansas in the next home game....I'm not even going to list the final score but as I type- its a 28 point lead for KU at the 9 minute mark of the second half. Does that mean the Valley is bad or CU isn't a good basketball team because NU beat the Jays who are in 1st of the MVC? Absolutely not and that illustrates a big difference with basketball and football.

You can't compare wins in November with those same teams in Jan/Feb. College Basketball is all about how you finish - not who you beat early. Just ask Missouri St. about that.

The Bluejays have developed behind their 3 seniors. Nebraska peaked in game 2. Talent wins out in the long some ways, that's why the NCAA tourney is so loved. 9 times out of 10 - Kansas beats Bucknell....but it is the 1 that everyone loves to see happen. I don't care to argue about "what if the Jays played NU now?". It doesn't matter. These two programs are in very different positions. But they are in the exact position I thought they would be - CU headed for the dance most likely - NU hoping for a prayer at the Big 12 tourney.

There are a lot pissed of Nebraska fans who thought they had a team that was going to compete this year. At 1-5, Nebraska will be lucky to win 5 conference games. We knew the year was going to go like this going into the season - it was the start that surprised everyone. This game vs. KU was a bit of an embarrassment but they are going to have games like this until Doc gets some players.

I can't say anything negative about Doc except that I think he overworked the team and they appear to be out of gas. They couldn't even come out with energy for national tv vs a Top 10 team. Nebraska is who we thought they were.....I'm not crowning them anything and the Big 12 will not let them off the hook.


aaron said...

Who ever thought Nebraska was going to be a contender for the Big 12, or even a NCAA Tourney birth at the beggining of the year or now is just an idiot. I am a Nebraska fan, and sometimes wonder if it is worth advertising, but I am so sick of all the Creighton hype. They are a good team, and play in an above average conference, but the way this radio station constantly crowns them king is a joke. You cant argue their record or who they have played or what if they played in the big 12. The bottom line is that there is atleast 4 teams in the big 12 maybe 5 that would walk through the mo valley. Nebraska is a below average team to say the least, and beat creighton. Oh ya they didnt have team chemistry when the played Nebraska, that arguement is old. But i guess thats what you get when you listen to that garbage. It should be called the bluejay radio network.

Red Sox Fan said...

Hey Aaron - did you read the entry at all??? I wrote that people who want to argue whether or not CU would beat NU or NU fans who want to hang their hats on a win in November is a IDIOT....thanks for proving the point.

Erik in Lincoln said...

Matt if what you are saying is true. That any team hanging their hats on an early season victory is, as you put it, an "IDIOT".....then why last week were you hyping up Missouri State's win over Wisconsin? Which oh by the way, was in November.

Red Sox Fan said...

Dude Please read:
You can compare wins in November with those same teams in Jan/Feb. College Basketball is all about how you finish - not who you beat early. Just ask Missouri St. about that.

Michael said...

People who had ANY thoughts of Nebraska going to the NCAA's this year were completely delusional to begin with. Doc is playing with Barry's boys and is getting every last drop he can out of them, and it's still not going to be enough. Give Doc 2-3 years to get things going his way with his kids and it will turn around...I hope.