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Something I Wanted To Share

Below is something off of I wanted to post this because I think it is something that needs to be further understood about me and how I feel about CU. I hope this helps to clear up some things....Pregame Tomorrow at 11:30 am live from Jobber's.

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For Matt P.« Thread Started on Today at 10:44pm

I was reading through that long argument about CU/NU Matt P. our fans, etc....Well I went back and looked at the last 12 years of CU basketball (I think that is about when Dana started). Anyway, in that time they have TWO NCAA WINS! They have 6 losses and 5 years of NO NCAA...I'm not comparing them to NU by any means, but why do people around here for some reason think CU is so great? The farthest they have gone in Dana's time here is the 2nd round of the NCAA....I personally don't think that is so great?

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Also, yes attendance is great and you have a nice facility, but most of the MVC teams DO have good attendance because for one thing a lot of them don't have football to compete again so basketball season is our football season around here. Fan base does not mean they are good. Hell the Backstreet Boys were selling out every arena they were going to along with Milli Vanilli (spelling?) but does that make them good?

My reply:

You have pointed out what many people who cover the team talk about - when does the team go to the next level? The Jays under Dana have won regular season crowns, mvc tourney crowns and upset large teams like Florida in the dance. They have sent players into the NBA and they have sent players overseas to play professionally. But I think a lot of people want to see the team go to the level of a Gonzaga. The potential is there.

The Jays have a tremendous home court record and an awesome fan base that loves Dana dearly. Dana is paid, by all accounts, better than some Big 12 schools (like Doc) pay their coaches. Dana has built this beast that is Creighton basketball. Yet, this year, with 3 seniors - they have been up and down. Tomorrow, they have a game they must win. They lost to Indy St. already at their place and need to even it up. They are in 1st place in the 4th best conf according to RPI. They must win out at home if they are going to win the MVC.

Why I think Dana is so great is that he helped build the MVC to what it is today with Doug Elgin. You will not hear Doug talk without bringing up Dana and his ideas for the conference. He is the Dean for a reason. The MVC is being talked about from coast to coast. 10 years ago, many couldn't tell you where one school was located.

Yes, the Dean hasn't had a run like George Mason or Wichita...yet. But ask anyone who knows basketball - and they will tell you that Dana Altman does it the right way and could be doing like at a very large school if he wanted to. The man loves Nebraska - he loves Creighton and he stays when so many have left (Bruce Webber, Matt Painter etc.). Everyone in this state should love that about Dana.

I love Dana for his passion. His dedication to the student athlete. His desire to be the best and demand the best from his players. The respect he commands. His honesty and up front way of speaking to the media. His availability to media members who cover his team. I love the way his team plays without blue chip athletes. I love the fact that the kids he recruits are going to be something even if basketball doesn't work out.

You wanted to know why Dana is so great...well, there you have it. It's not just about wins in the Dance...the whole body of work comes into play. But yes, it is time for his teams to start winning games in the Dance on a consistent basis.

I am a Dana Altman fan. I will never hide from that fact. That is why I like covering the Jays...not because I'm a fan of the team but because I have the utmost admiration for their coach

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