Tuesday, January 30, 2007


I originally posted this directly to the blog. But after thinking about and waking up and realizing that I probably shouldn't have it on here since the blog is linked from Bigsports590.com (i like my job a lot and I don't want be dragged into my bosses office) -here is the link to what I'm talking about below:


THE FUNNIEST THING OF 2007!!!!! I cried watching this but if you're under 18 don't watch!! Be REAAALLLY careful - Not Kid, work, or Wife friendly!!!! Every Patriot fan should watch this!

Enjoy :).


Michael said...


aaron said...

I am not a fan but that is funny. When a team loses all control, and a lead like that, it's almost embarrising. I listened to you last week on Todd n Tyler, and I agree that we need more announcers(jim Nance) that are not bias towards one team or the other. But you failed to mention one guy that I think is brutal. Scott Schumaker, I get that he is a creighton guy but its almost ridiculous some of the stuff he says during a game. It is about as bad as Matt Davison. I do have to give Travis some credit, I think he does a pretty good job. I guess there is not any good ones left.

Red Sox Fan said...

I'd say that Action 3 is not like CBS national. I don't see too many fans of the Missouri St. watching the game in Omaha.

That's the difference...Davidson is broadcasting to a Husker crowd...as is Scott to a Jays audience. It's like radio on tv.