Thursday, January 11, 2007

Big Show for Thursday

Big Topics for Thursdays:
-Husker Basketball fan coming back down to earth
-Barry Bonds gets caught again using drugs
-McGuire Highway might be no more in St. Louis
-More on BJax to the NFL?
-Carroll finally says no way to Dolphins

2:30 - Scott Wright-
4pm - Stacie Burns - Fox Sports Radio contestant for BD Dream Girl (scroll down for a pic of her) ---didn't happen, she stood us up, sorry
4:30 - Look Around the MVC (writers covering league)
5:00 - Gary Parrish -
5:20 - Ben Jacobsen - Head Coach of UNI

1 comment:

Curtis said...

South Alabama +4 @ Troy

I follow the show when I can, usually on ride home after work. Mark these down, winners.