Sunday, January 21, 2007

Hoping To Go 0-2 on the Day

Boy was I dead wrong about the Bears. Rex Grossman played like a JV QB (I don't care what Troy is saying about his game) as I thought but the Saints killed themselves. They are one year away it looks like. They gotta learn how to play in this game...the Eagles needed 4 chances to finally get to the big one....

Final - 39-14 Bears. Wow.

Lovie Smith becomes the first African American Head Coach to get to the Super Bowl. He's also the lowest paid - that will change in a hurry.

Now for the Real Game....Manning vs. Brady....and GOD I hope win win. I've got 22 years of anger to unleash on Chicago!

Boomer on CBS just picked the Pats...wearing a Bill Hoodie no less!!! That was F'ing hysterical! Marino took them too. Shannon took the Colts. Most of took the Colts for the record.


Cecilyxiong said...

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Husker Mike said...

Two thoughts:

(a) Patriots CHOKE.
(b) Peyton Manning is the MAN.

Curtis said...

so ummm... did anyone goto that site? i'm afraid to in case it is a "fun" site haha. My name is also Franco Di Giacomo... psyche