Sunday, January 14, 2007

All About Brady Magic!!!

It was January, 2002 and I was in a casino in Tupelo, Mississippi with my friend TJ. I was the only Patriot fan in the entire place and walked in to watch the Patriots play the Raiders in the playoffs, in a blizzard at Foxboro. I didn't give us much of a shot....until Charles Woodson hit Tom Brady causing what I thought was a fumble....and then, we learned the phrase "Tuck Rule". Adam V. wins the game with a kick through the snow. Patriots win the Super Bowl vs. the Greatest Show on Turf with another Adam kick after Tom lead the team into position. 1 of 3.

Tonight is January 14, 2007 and I'm in Philadelphia, Pa - again alone watching my team in the playoffs vs. San Diego (I was suppose to be in Omaha but couldn't fly to Detriot for my connection). My team was down by 8 points with about 6 minutes to play. Tom Brady again is trying to lead his team to victory when he gets picked off for the 3rd time. McCree for San Diego has the ball and tries to make a play. All of a sudden, Mr. Everything for the Pats over this run, Troy Brown comes up huge. Mr. WR, CB, Safety, Running Back poked the ball away and the Patriots somehow recover. New England score 6 and then 2. Game tied at 21.

Was there any question Tom Brady was going to lead his team to victory? A 30 yard FG for the Pats by rookie Stephen Gostkowski put them up by 3. Adam who? is the main question now. Yes, an Iowa kid had a shot with a 54 yard FG attempt fall short...but come on - Brady Magic wasn't going to allow that kick to go through.

Final - Pats 24 Chargers 21.

Amazing win. Amazing game. They weren't the best team on paper but they were on the field today thanks to their California born QB. Now, it's on to Indy and Peyton Manning....Brady in a Dome. Bill vs. Peyton. I like our chances...but will pick us to lose of course.

I am now 1-11 picking the Patriots to lose in the playoffs with Brady. I look forward to being wrong again on Sunday! For the record, I was 1-3 this weekend on picks. Should be fun next weekend.

Go Patriots!


kevin said...

Do you ever work anymore?
you are like my father
work 1-2 days a week, fly out of town, golf, sunbathe, see some friends, get sloshed, come back into town one some hectic flight schedule through the worst airports ever so you can get in at the last minute just to work those 1-2 days again.

Keep up the hard work...and grats to the pats for winning, was a hell of a game for Brady and the crew.

-Kevin The Drunk

Michael said...

Remember, Matt -- head says Indy, heart says Pats. Use that when you announce your picks this week and I GUARANTEE you the Patriots will be heading to Miami.

Snowbound in Seward

Pete said...

Not much of a Pats fan, but the thought of Brady and Belichick handing it to Horseface Manning and the rest of the Colts once again is tantalizing.

Instead of avoiding all of the ESPN shows that will undoubtedly be slurping off Peyton and the boys as they must be required to do, I will seek them out this week because it will be all the more sweet when they get emphatically whalloped again on Sunday.

Pete in Omaha

Red Sox Fan said...

Play time over. I had vacation time to burn around the holidays thanks to 16 straight weeks of working 6 days a week. All used up....don't think I'll be off again for a while.

As for the Pats, thanks but we need to get rolling early vs. Indy.

Michael - head vs. heart debate is raging. Head says Colts are due. Heart says Brady won't lose to Manning

The Dave said...

For being such a Pats fan, Matt, it's funny to see that you're unable to spell "Vinatieri," (Check it, it's right).
I look forward to the Peyton, Harrison show this weekend. I wouldn't be suprised if they charge the Patriots for the offensive clinic that will be showcased. Too bad the greatest QB of all time, Peyton, will fall victim to the "Tampa"--errr--"Bear Two" defense in the big one.
Can't wait to see Urlacher raise the Super Bowl MVP Trophy, Feb 4.


Red Sox Fan said...

I didn't mispell it...just wrote Adam V. - liked it better.