Saturday, January 13, 2007

Wave rolling....

Like I wrote below - it looks like a Blue Wave is heading towards the Valley. Big win last night at UNI. Nate with 24....5-1 in the valley....RPI up to 25. Wichita will tell us a lot...but they Jays have won 5 of 6 and seem to be clicking.

BTW - Congrats to Nick Bahe and the way he has been playing lately. Off the bench, he's becoming a really nice weapon for Coach Altman.

OT - Iowa St. is leading No. 6 Kansas at Halftime right now. Very interesting game. A win over KU would justify the Husker loss this week. Nebraska won't get to see OKie St. this weekend it looks like as their game was postponed. Very tough part of the NU schedule might they might catch a weather break if that game is played later in the year.

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