Saturday, January 6, 2007

Sad Performance in Indy....

What the hell was that this afternoon? The Chiefs defense played their asses off vs. Indy and they lost! Ty Law and Co. gave the Offense EVERY opportunity to win the team's first playoff game in what seems like forever (1993) but couldn't....23-8 but its was 9-0 at halftime! Trent Green should have been pulled from this game at halftime. He KILLED KC today! 3 picks and couldn't find anyone open down field. Larry Johnson was taken out of the game and KC needed a huge effort from their QB. They didn't get it all.

For only the 6th time in NFL playoff history, a team outgained an opponent by over 300 yards of total offense!

After Herm Edwards said that Damon Huard would play if things didn't go well - he didn't pull the trigger and instead was the same ole Herm. The Coach of the Jets last year was the same with KC this year - WAY too loyal to his veterans. Huard needed to play today.

The game in a nutshell was when KC had the ball with 1:30 to play in the first half and couldn't even keep the clock running long enough to make sure Indy couldn't score again. Indy got a 50 yard FG from Benedict Arnold as time ran out.

Chiefs fans, get used this type of performance in the playoffs with Herm Edwards as the Head Coach. As I said before, they didn't belong in the playoffs and the offense played like it. They didn't get a first down til late in the 3rd quarter! Larry Johnson and Co. had 44 yards rushing! They needed around 100 more yards from LJ to win this game.

Peyton Manning played like he always does when it's a big the choke artist that he is. Indy now waits to see who they play...Let's hope Coach Bill gets a shot in the AFC Championship game to show Manning up again in the playoffs.

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