Wednesday, January 3, 2007

If Soon...When?

Callahan reiterated Monday that Nebraska is closing the gap. He also said "We weren't ready to be a Top 10 team just yet," which drew disagreement from Stewart Bradley, "That's not how we feel" Bradley said. "That's where our record puts us, I guess. But we're a couple of plays away from having a really different season - OWH

After the Cotton Bowl, Coach Bill Callahan accepted defeat in typical fashion. Gone was the emotional coach that we saw after the Oklahoma game. Callahan apologized for the way his team played, for the way he coached and for not having his team ready to play in the Big 12 Championship game. This time, it was almost as if he knew the outcome before the game was ever played and was content with a 3 point loss to an SEC team.

Callahan is telling everyone how close this team is to being great. That very well might be true but I want you to the dream for a second....dream to next year....At Wake Forest, USC, At Texas, heck Oklahoma you think this team is going to win 10 games next year? Well, that is what they are going to have to do in order to justify his comment: We're getting there," Callahan said. "And it won't be long, believe me". 5 wins to 8 wins to 9 wins to ?????. It's time to start to judge Callahan for real in 2007.
Yes, there is a lot of talent coming back but something about this staff really concerns me. The personality of Nebraska right now is undetermined under Callahan. At times, they play great but other times its like they are thinking too much and not reacting. Don't be fooled - this team was talented. This team had chances to be better than 9-5! After the Auburn game, I wanted to see more emotion out Callahan because they were shut out in the 2nd half AGAIN! I wanted to know that he thought the Huskers should have won that game given the way the Defense played. Instead he acted like he knew the end of the movie before the rest of us saw it.

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