Thursday, January 25, 2007

Big Show for Thursday

Live at the Midlands International Auto Show at the Qwest Center

Big Topics:
-Jays win over MSU
-Huskers nearly beat Texas
-Can Nebraska be a basketball state?
-Sean Salisbury...a racist?
-Reggie Bush about to lose his Heisman?
-Peyton's thumb
-A Super Bowl Survey that's a riot

We are currently working a few additions to the show but because I'm playing poker today before the show - this list is incomplete as of 11 am

5 pm -QB Zac Taylor and TE Matt Herian live for an hour taking phone calls.


Cory said...

Hey Matt, It's me Cory the "kid" you cut the Vegas deal with. Good luck with poker today. I'll be playing in the Main Event on the 5th. This time I won the seat outright. Look me up if you get the chance or checkout the website

Sean Weide said...


How did the poker tournament work out?

Red Sox Fan said...

I couldn't play like I would have...I was doing well but my show was at started at 12:30 so I intentionally lost. Oh well :)