Sunday, January 21, 2007

Am I Wrong Jim?

"For all of those who said Manning would never play in the Super Bowl - YOU WERE WRONG!" - Jim Nantz, Colt Fan

For the record - I never said Manning wouldn't go to the Super Bowl. I said he'd never WIN it! Last time I checked Jim, Manning hasn't won anything that matters YET!

I'd love to write a full blog on here about how much of an asshole Jim Nantz is (first the MVC bashing and showing how little basketball he watches and now cheering for the Colts outright during the game), but it would be perceived as sour grapes. But Mr. Golf Announcer today was totally unprofessional. He practically was gloating after the interception by Brady to end the game.

Congrats to the Colts - now go prove something. I like their chances with the way that Rex Grossman played today though. The Patriots for the first time, choked. Their D played like ass and like a basketball game - relaxed up by 18 and didn't handle the Colt run. Nice win for the Colts. They outplayed the Patriots and it was their day. Home Field is huge in the Championship round. The Patriots were exhausted at the end of the game and the home crowd kept the energy rolling for Indy.

I'm 2-12 now picking games involving the Pats in the playoffs.

Brady became human today. It finally all caught up to him. The interception vs. San Diego. The interception vs. Denver last year in the playoffs. And now the interception vs. Colts today. I love him for sure - he has 3 rings but he needs to go back to the kid who played in the Super Bowl in New Orleans vs. St. Louis. Stop trying to force things and be Superman all the time. Go back to being humble and taking what you can get. Dating Super models is great but I liked you better when you were that 6th round pick that came in to replace Bledsoe.

Bears vs. Colts.... I'll take the Bears obviously. Especially if Tommie Harris plays. Get ready for this story line - No Black coach had ever taken a team to the Super Bowl before this year. We have 2 this year - and they are friends no less. That might spare me from throwing up every time I hear a story about how touching it would be for Manning to win the Super Bowl.

Oh, and Jim Nantz is doing the Super Bowl Bears fans....enjoy that. I know I won't.


Daniel said...

Brady's always been "human" Matt. Here's an equation for you:

Brady - Vinateri = Jim Kelly

Curtis said...
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Curtis said...

lol, that equation is pretty funny. I was set on the Sains +3 alllll week until a day before gametime. I hopped on the -2 Bears but I stayed with my -3 Colts the entire week.

It looked REALLY scary at the half but I did not lose faith--i didn't have much either, though.

I go on to do research through the 3rd qtr (not watching) and come back to it... down by a TD, perfect! I knew right then it was ours.

I am GLAD Brady has choked finally. Now all those BS stats they show on TV, it doesn't tell you that the team around him was a lot better at those times also.

Things have changed out there in the East. Brady remains pretty good but the people who supported him have long gone and left him with a small core of good players.

Word on the street is -6 Colts to open? I'd take that against the bears... take it up to -10 possibly. Bears could pull it out so I'm not too set on that game.