Sunday, January 7, 2007

2 Nice Wins....

So Koy Detmer did was Romo couldn't do - hold a snap with the game on the line. Nice win for the Eagles....Now onto New Orleans. I just don't see how a team that nearly lost to New York, who was awful at the end of the year is going to walk into the Dome and beat the Saints. Coach of the Year Payton will have his team rev'd up and ready to go. But then again, Garcia and Co. continue to impress

As for the early game - REALLY nice to see my boys playing great defense in the 2nd half vs. the Jets. A big blow out win sends a nice message to the boys from San Diego that they better be ready. Time for the real genius to figure out a way to stop LT. Nobody could do it in the regular season but maybe they Pats can do in when it counts. Let's hope that Marty goes back to being Marty!

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