Friday, January 19, 2007

Big Show for Friday

Big Topics Today:
-Jays win ugly over Bradley
-Jays' big game vs. SIU tomorrow night
-AT nominated for Senior Award - but not Nate?
-How bad do you hate SIU?
-Are you a Manning guy or Brady guy?
-Huskers vs. Colorado Tomorrow
-Is Doc Sadler trying to run off players?

Guests Today:
2 pmish ? - Dana Altman -Coach of the Jays live....was suppose to be recorded (pending)
3 pm - Tim Layden - SI NFL Senior Writer live from Chicago
4 pm - Doug Elgin - The Commish
5 pm - Robert Crow - Southern Ill.writer (Lowery won't talk to us)
5:30 pm - Replay - Dana Altman - HC of the Jays

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