Saturday, January 13, 2007

1-1 on Day 1 on Divisional Playoffs

Let's talk about the positives first. If you scroll down - you'll see the predictions for the playoffs
I said Saints 27 Eagles 24....Final Score:

Saints 27
Eagles 24 :)

Great win for the city, the state, and the franchise. After rumors of the team going to LA in the future, the Saints are in their first NFC Championship game. I think they should be thanking their lucky beads for the win after the play-calling by Head Coach Sean Payton late in that game. The Eagles couldn't stop Deuce McAllister - so SOMEBODY explain to me why the Saints were passing so much late in the game? Then, an off-tackle counter pitch to Reggie Bush? Fumble happens and the season was almost lost....

The Birds seemingly ran out of gas on the ensuing drive but they were without Shawn Andrews, their starting Guard who hurt his neck in the 1st half. On 4th and 10, his replacement, Scott Young was called for a false start. What killed - the Eagles got the first down on the play! Didn't count though. Eagle Head Coach Andy Reid didn't have the balls to go for it on 4th and 15 and put the game into the hands of his D for some reason. Saints ran Deuce!!! AND WOW first downs! Amazing what happens when you do what is working. Ball Game - Saints win.

Congrats to Brian Westbrook on a great season....but the Saints are a team of destiny (regardless of the headline this morning in the Philly Enquire). Great game for Reggie Bush and Deuce running the ball...Awesome 1-2 punch that proved to be too much for Philly.

As for the 1st game today - I was wrong. Baltimore couldn't score and Adam V. was awesome for Indy. 5 for 5 on kicks, tying a playoff record, including one off the cross bar and one off the upright...the guy is just money in the postseason.

And now I am praying for a Patriots win. If we do, we are going to the Super Bowl - Peyton Manning in the AFC Championship game vs. Tom Brady - PLEASE!!! You know what I always say - No Manning will ever win a Super Bowl. RCA Dome won't matter....but I think SD will win though and host the AFC Championship game.

Let's go Pats tomorrow though!

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