Friday, January 12, 2007

Don't Have the Time To Tell You How Funny....

From the - Jan 12th.....This will make the show on Monday I promise!! I can't write my full take on here cause I'm out of town but this is too good!!! So F'ing Funny and Wrong! at the same time....

Sek Henry, a freshman guard on the Nebraska men's basketball team, has started 14 games this season for the Cornhuskers, averaging 8.7 points. The Los Angeles native is third on the team with 40 assists and has averaged nearly 30 minutes per game in the Huskers' 11-4 start.

How many people actually call you by your full first name (Seketoure)?
By my full first name? Damn. Probably one or two people. Coach (Doc) Sadler and everybody else calls me "Sak," but my mom calls me "Sek." I prefer "Sek," but everybody calls me "Sak," so I just get used to it.

What's been your most embarrassing moment on the basketball court?
I think the most embarrassing thing that can happen on a court is air-balling a jump shot. I don't even like to miss shots. I remember I (air-balled a shot) this year; it was like a 10-footer. I was like, "Wow."

If you were the coach and Coach Sadler were on your team, what position would he play?
He's kind of fat and big, so I'm going to have to put him at center. He can't play the guard because he's too slow. I don't think I'd put him in the game, though. He'd be like a big penguin on the court.

You guys were on the road a lot in December. What did you do to keep the mood light?
The funniest part is one time we were in Miami, and we were inside a hat store, and me, Ryan (Anderson) and Mike (Smith) went in there. The (employee) went up to Ryan and was like, "Oh, OK. You're Asian. How are you doing?" The guy thought he was Asian because of the way he looked. That was real funny to me. People say that to me, too, because of my eyes. I got slanted eyes, so they call me "Blackinese" or something like that.

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