Monday, April 30, 2007

Big Show for Monday

- NFL Draft overview
- Huskers have a great draft
- Pats are big winners
- Eagles, Chiefs screw it up again
- Brady Quinn money loss
- Death of Josh Hancock
- Gordon passed Dale at Talladega

2:15 - Stewart Bradley New Eagle
2:30 - Nick Athon Chiefs
3 pm - Fairways and Greens panel including CU Golfer
4 pm - Jay Moore, New 49ers

Chasing Adam Carriker and Brandon Jackson for today or tomorrow


I Love A's Rod said...

I do not think that the trans-genderization of the WNBA is in fact constiutional. Yeah, in case you haven't heard--women's basketball is going to allow male players. It's nuts. Should be the other way around. The bi-lateral unification of YKAM, or the yippy kai aye mother fucker foundation, suggests contrarian evidentiary peacability predicated on the jurisidiction suggestive of the blathering of morons. Bruce Willis

Bugaha said...

What's up with that^guy?