Tuesday, April 3, 2007

I Was Dead Wrong About Bruce....

The AD of CU is going no where. This was confirmed to me via email after Bruce read this blog. He wasn't very happy with my opinion of the situation but I'm really glad he chose to clear it up completely. I still believe that he could have killed the story yesterday on the podium when he was asked about Arkansas but I'm really glad he killed it today:

Matt, you drew conclusions that seemed perfectly logical to you. Butyou were very much in the wrong. I was not going to Arkansas, I am notgoing to Arkansas, I will not go to Arkansas. And I would challengeyou, in the future, to make a better effort to look at the entire beastbefore you draw your conclusions. And, if you are going to draw harshconclusions based upon you level of information, make certain you haveasked the harsh questions. You did not ask me if I were going toArkansas. My answer on friendships was a very open answer--I have beenfriends with Dana for 13 years...we have together poured our hearts andour souls into this program for 13 years...we have spent more time witheach other in the past 13 years with each other than with our wives(sad,but true). Our friendship will not end...nor will it change....the onlything that was to change was the business relationship...he would becoaching in Arkansas and I would be AD-ing in Omaha.

I want to thank Bruce for that information and I apologize for any inconvience I might have cause him. I'm really happy he is staying at CU.


kevin said...

You had to take SOME journalism courses in college...you should a known to do your extra work before reporting something that big.

none the less...hope you didn't piss him off so that he won't chat with you again.

Red Sox Fan said...

opinion is not a report my friend. Read what I wrote again.

Upope said...

you really backed down. Wow

why am I on your blog.