Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Phillies are a MESS: Myers to the WHERE?!

As someone who spends a good deal of time in the City of Brotherly Love, I have to talk about what is going on with "Fightin' Phils". There was so much hope for this season for the team but it looks like the drought of Championships dating back to the early 80's will continue after the last few days. I know we are REALLY early into the season - not even a month in - but the white flag is already coming up.

Philadelphia is a very weird city. Being from Boston, it is hard for me to fully explain it except to say that they love to hate themselves and expect it all to fall apart. They are Red Sox fans on a continual loop of the 1986 season. Last night, we saw how ugly things can get with their baseball team.

When Charlie Manuel goes after WIP's Howard Eskin for no other reason than because he's frustrated and angry at his own team, you know the end is near for him. Now, the team has done the equivalent of Manuel's flip out by taking their "No. 1" Brett Myers and put him in the pen as a SET-UP MAN!

I thought Manuel was going to get fired, now it's GM Pat Gillick too.

Baseball pitchers have pride. They have an ego. No. 1 starters have that and swagger to boot. If you make Brett Myers the closer, at least you are saying that you trust him with the game on the line. You tell the fans that he is a very important member of the ball team and you need him in crucial situations. But when you demote him and put him as a set-up man you are saying that 1. He's not a good starting pitcher and no longer valuable 2. That Tom Gordon is still THE MAN in the bullpen. 3. You are in complete panic mode. What, does Jon Leiber give you a better chance to win every 5th day?

Let's list some No. 1 pitchers in the NL East: Tom Glavine, Dontrell Willis, and John Smoltz (was a closer) - would you EVER put any of them as a SET UP MAN! Myers has never been in the pen and will have no idea of how to approach getting ready, mentally getting set, and how to approach batters. The crazy story today I thought was Manuel vs. Eskin near fight, but by the end of the day - Gillick's pushing of the panic button should be what Phillies fans are talking about.
Edit: Myers made his first appearance tonight - was a bit shaky but no runs given up.

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