Sunday, April 1, 2007

Closing Out Vacation Thoughts....

It's always sorta sad when vacation comes to an end. Your brain for the last 9 days has been on cruise control and the reality of life hasn't been around to bother you. Well, as I close out my vacation and get back to the grueling schedule of a 30 minute show tomorrow and then a roadie to KC for the Sox game on my 30th :), here are some closing thoughts that have entered my mind over the past week

- Vacation is great. However, it sucks when your girlfriend works nearly the entire time. I definitely caught up on my wandering around over the last week. I easily walked 20 miles this week - I might walk 20 miles in a month in Omaha and that's stretching it.

- Philly and Omaha are very similar when it comes to football - always on the brain. I have been listening to sports talk radio out here and when Takeo Spikes was traded here a few days ago - you would have thought that Tom Brady was coming to town to play. That's all people wanted to talk about. Not that he hasn't been a player for 2 years or that the Eagles still won't win because they aren't a team (they are a QB with 10 other players on offense). This town hasn't won anything in 23 years and it shows when they go bonkers for a Linebacker.

- I saw Dice-K for the first time in person yesterday. My mother and my Stepfather flew down from Boston to go to the game with my girlfriend and I. He was everything that I thought he'd be. How about striking out Ryan Howard, NL MVP on 3 PITCHES! Now, he gave up a 2-run homer to the next batter Pat Burrell, but everyone knows that Burrell will never do that in the regular season, so I was happy. Anyways, can you blame Dice-K for losing focus a little bit after blowing away Ryan? I mean, it was Dice-K's first game ever inside in MLB ballpark and he just K'd a guy who was the '05 NL Rookie of the Year, '06 NL MVP and hit 58 bombs last year. He froze him on a crazy breaking pitch and even smiled a bit after throwing it. Definitely the highlight of the week.

- The Red Sox won both exhibition games this weekend over the Phillies who paid them to come play here. How about that? Guarantee games in MLB like College basketball but unlike college - you lose them both at home with about half the crowd cheering against you! It would be like paying Duke to come into your building on back to back nights and having them bring the Cameron Crazys along. The Red Sox hammered the Phillies starting pitching and you would have thought you were at Fenway as they did. Cole Hamels - Mr. Next Big Thing gave up 4 homers on Friday including a bomb to hated JD Drew. Adam Eaton served up a cheeseburger to Big Papi on Saturday on his way to giving up 6 earned runs in 4 innings of work. The AL is SO much better than the NL and it was obvious by watching the back-ups play late in the game. No doubt guys like Joe McEwing would make the Phillies' roster but barely will play in Boston this year. However, it was the number of Boston fans inside Citizen Bank Park that impressed me. The Nation is still growing.

- It's Florida and Ohio State's world and we are just living in it. After watching UF kill Ohio St. in the BCS Championship we really have to see it happen AGAIN! Ok, sure it's basketball but do you really think that the Buckeyes are going to be able to handle Noah, Horford and co. on Monday night? Pssshh...Please. Greg Oden is great but he's not very bright basketball wise right now. He played 3....count 'em 3 minutes in the first half vs. Georgetown after picking up 2 really dumb fouls. Scary thing is - THEY WON THE GAME! Know why? G'Town couldn't handle Mike Conley Jr....know who can? Florida. Expect another Noah- standing on press row - Gator chomp celebration.

-Shouldn't Opening Day be holiday? Think about it - what other sports day has their ENTIRE fanbase smiling and feeling good about themselves? Royal fans are excited, Devil Ray fans are hopeful, and Nationals fans are argueing with the experts about their team and wondering "what if?". What other day in sports has the ability to make people believe the impossible? Nobody should have to work when feeling like that.

- Tell Philadelphia that "Why Not Us" is a Red Sox term that can't be ripped off just because Jimmy Rollins opened his mouth and forgot how good the Mets and Braves will be this year.

- Milwaukee is going to be my favorite National League team this year. While I was in Huntsville, I saw Ben Sheets, Prince Fielder, Ricky Weeks, and Tony Gwynn Jr. all develop at AA. I think they are ready to have a break out year. If Sheets stays healthy, the Beer City could be loving life this summer. (It's hard for me to be happy about this because I hate Bud Selig for what he did to The Extra Innings Package. Yet, the players can't control the fact that they have a jackass for an owner in hiding) They won't make the playoffs but it will be fun to watch them try.

- Baseball Predictions: Red Sox, Tigers, Twins, Angels in the AL for the postseason. I won't say who I like in the World Series....but come on - guess? But I know what you are thinking - Matt, come on we know you hate the Yankees but no New York? I have fought myself on this but have you seen their rotation? It's horrible! Who the HELL is Darrell Rasner????? That guy is in their rotation and you want me to put them in the playoffs? Unless they trade A-Rod this year - no way. The Sox might have Julian Tavarez but Schill, Dice-K and Beckett make up for it.

Mets, Braves, Cardinals, and LA in the NL for postseason. I like the Mets to get to the Series finally after last year's joke of a playoff ending. They should have beaten the Cardinals. They weren't that good but they got hot at the right time.

Baseball is BACK! Enjoy it!!! :)

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