Friday, April 6, 2007

The Anti-Dana

First Billy Gillispie told UTEP that he wasn't leaving, agreed to more money but never signed his contract. He jumped at Texas A+M right afterwards.


Gillispie recently agreed to a lucrative contract extension with A&M after being wooed by Arkansas, but he did not sign the deal. According to one report at the time A&M and Gillispie verbally agreed to to the extension, the new deal was going to pay the coach about $2 million annually, making him the highest paid of his Big 12 peers.

The Reason for AGAIN not signing after tellling everyone Aggie "I'm your man":

Kentucky has announced it will hold "a pep rally and a press conference" Friday afternoon to announce the hiring of the program's 21st head coach. And according to a source at Kentucky, Texas A&M coach Billy Gillispie is the man the Wildcats will introduce to Big Blue Nation.

That is why Dana Altman is one of a kind in the coaching business. Nobody turns down Arkansas and $1.7 Million Dollars for Creighton and Omaha expect Dana Altman.


Erik in Lincoln said...

He didn't turn down 1.7 million from Arkansas because of love, loyalty and veracity. The only reason he's coming back is because of unbridled issues at AU. He's not coming back because of family, friends, Creighton, not Omaha, not Bruce, not bluejay fans, not Travis (and this might sting your rapidly ballooning ego) not even for you. Dana is just as bad as all these guys -- god your show is quickly becoming Creighton's Sports Nightly Jr.

the_anti_blue said...

Well you are right about one thing... Dana Altman is one of a kind in one regard. I doubt there are too many people that would show up at a national press conference and announce they had accepted a new job without having done enough "soul searching" to determine if he actually wanted the job in the first place.

I think Dana's a great coach and a good guy but your well voiced opinion that he is so much above Gillespie and other supposed "snake-oil salesmen" is a bit misguided (not to mention biased by the fact that he is available to talk on your radio program and Husker coaches are not).

He screwed over Arkansas and made them look like idiots just the same way Gillespie screwed over the Aggies. Different situations and different reasons... but nonetheless they both voiced decisions that they soon after rescinded and instead went to where they each felt was in their best interest to go. Not all that much different, Matt.