Friday, April 6, 2007

Big Show for Friday

- Gillispie to UK
- Huggins to WV
- Loyalty??
- OU recruiting scandal gets interesting
- Dice-K K's 10 Royals
- A-Fraud chokes again
- Gator players going Pro cry

Sound of Gillispie and Huggins Press Conferences
3 pm - Howard Richman KC Star
5pm - Steve Ryan


Matt_Was_The_WaterBoy said...

I loved your unprofessional screeching match with a caller today Matt!

Wow I'm impressed....did you scream like that when you did play by play for girls basketball too?

What position did you play in sports Matt?

Left out?

Royals 7

Red Sux 1

the_anti_blue said...

I agree it was a bit unprofessional and very hard to sit through... but the comment it provoked after the fact about the callers from Kansas was classic and well worth it. I was literally laughing out loud!! Keep calling 'em like you see 'em, Mattie!!