Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Pretty Cool Video

My family is pretty artistic. I'm not. But my cousin just entered this video to a contest that Pappa Roach is conducting for their next music video. The winner gets to direct their next video and get it on MTV I believe. The woman in the video is my mother. The little girl is my sister. It's pretty good....check it out.


rubes016 said...

Only one thing comes to mind after that Yippie Ky-Yay

I Love A's Rod said...

I do not think that the trans-genderization of the WNBA is in fact constiutional. Yeah, in case you haven't heard--women's basketball is going to allow male players. It's nuts. Should be the other way around. The bi-lateral unification of YKAM, or the yippy kai aye mother fucker foundation, suggests contrarian evidentiary peacability predicated on the jurisidiction suggestive of the blathering of morons. Bruce Willis