Friday, April 27, 2007

Big Show Mock Draft Results

I want to thank everyone who came out and picked today at donahue' to come later.

1. Oak- JaMarcus Russell LSU
2. Trade up TB - Calvin Johnson GT
3. Cle- Brady Quinn ND
4 . Trade down Detriot - Adrian Peterson OU
5. AZ - Gaines Adams Clemson
6. Wash - Amobe Okeye Louisville
7. Minn - Joe Thomas Wisc
8. Atl - Laron Landry LSU
9. Miami - Leon Hall Mich
10. Trade up Denver - Patrick Willis Ole Miss
11. SF - Adam Carriker NU
12. Buff - Marshawn Lynch Cal
13. St. Louis - Jamal Anderson Ark
14. Carolina Levi Brown Penn St.
15. Pitt - Jarvis Moss FL
16. GB - Ted Ginn Jr. OSU
17. Jax - Reggie Nelson FLA
18. Cinn - Aaron Ross TX
19. TN- Darrell Revis Pitt
20. NYG - Paul Poluszny Penn St.
21. Houston - Chris Houston - Ark
22. Dallas - Dwayne Jarrett USC
23. KC - Joe Staley Central Mich
24. NE - Mike Griffin TX
25. NJY - Justin Harrell TN
26. Philly - Lawrence Timmons FSU
27. NO - Greg Olson Miami
28. NE - David Harris Michigan
29. Balt - Anthonly Spencer Purdue
30. SD - Steve Smith USC
31. Chi - John Beason Miami
32. Indy - Anthony Gonzalez OSU

Let's see who's right and who wins prizes!!!


zweifel said...
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zweifel said...

after 3 picks, we have #2, #3, #4, and #7 picks already busted

zweifel said...

Now after 6 picks 2-8 are incorrect and 14.... not looking so good for everyone, especially with AP and BQ still available.

rubes016 said...

So if I have this right Oakland, Buffalo, and Indy got their guy and spot right but Jacksonville got their guy right but spot wrong so does the player's spot count or just who the team drafted?

Red Sox Fan said...

Picks 1, 12, 17 and 32 are correct! Nice work guys

kevin said...

I will collect my winnings in the form of hookers and blow please.

oh wait, do we get real things as well?

I Love A's Rod said...

Despite his "lack of clutch hits", A-Rod is in the process of doing something very rarely seen before. Hate him, fine. But no matter how rabid a Red Sox fan you might be if you're a baseball fan you can't deny this guy is having as magical a start to his season as Roy Hobbs from The Natural (which was a book first by Pulitzer Prize Winning novelist Bernard Malamud long before it was a film. Read it.) Huskies Fan

Red Sox Fan said...

Sorry, 17 - right pick wrong team...3 picks right again this year.