Tuesday, April 3, 2007

The Latest Rumors On the Altman Story...

Ok, here is what I have heard tonight after freezing my ass off at the airport and at the Old Gym where the players met for their meeting with Dana.

1. The move back to Omaha had nothing to do with Bruce staying at CU. He was never going.
2. Dana just couldn't leave Omaha. He just wasn't feeling it in Arkansas
3. Arkansas was going to pay him $1.7 million for 7 years
4. All the recruits have been contacted and they are re-committed to Creighton
5. All players are still committed to Creighton next year

Press Conference tomorrow at 12 noon that will be carried live on Big Sports 590 and Action 3 News. Father, Bruce and Dana will all talk publicly.

We are still trying to work out who will do my show tomorrow. The Birthday Big Show Big Bus to KC is still a go for tomorrow with me on it.


AltmanFlipFlops said...

After all that has happened in the last few days are you sure Dana is committed to showing up for this press conference? Hopefully he won't back out

Sean Weide said...


Was Altman at the Old Gym or the Qwest Center?

Travis Justice reported on the 10 p.m. news that the meeting was not on campus.

RonMexico said...

Do actually know anything?

NUFan said...

There is a mad rush at the Goodwill store today for all of the Creighton fans to get their jays gear back. The good people at goodwill ask that you not overflow them with your recently purchased husker gear. Instead they ask that you hold on to it so that you all can jump on the husker band wagon next year, after Alex Maric dumps 40 on you and the jays lose by at least 20. Dana is a good guy, but you will need a lot more than him to be competitive now that Doc is in Lincoln. It was a good run, remember the good times.

sakhusker said...

Ronnie - if you are going to bag on someone for their supposed lack of knowledge... maybe you should try to use complete sentences.

I'm just glad that Creighton fan won't have the excuse of a first year coach next year when NU beats the Jays in their own crib. The days of beating up on Barry are long gone. Hopefully, Dana vs Doc will intensify an already good rivalry to new heights now that he is staying put.

Whatthe? said...

Oh, I just can't wait until two o clock today. Until Matt puffs smoke up every jay in town. Just like he does every fall for a different color of jersey. Don't sweat it Matt (although you had to be) Altman is back to save your Little Big Show and you will still have something to talk about from Jan. to March. But don't kid yourself and prepare because next March doesn't look good for the Jays or the JASKers. DORKS

sakhusker said...

I really don't know what all the fallout is about from the Altman side of things... the real loser here is Broyles having to come home from attending the Masters to try to find another coach when he's going to be retired before the new coach ever coaches a game for Arkansas. Doubt if Dana will be on his Christmas list anytime soon!!

Tom said...

I'm at best a casual Jay's fan. I think DA is great for Creighton, and I'm glad he's back.. for CU. I think that there were issues with family, but I also think there were issues at UA... lame duck GOD, GPA's.. something else..don't know.

I applaud his humility, and I hope that he can ramp up the recruiting in order to really compete with the big guys.